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MARCH 2019


“DAD! ARO’S WHEEL LITERALLY CAME OFF!” David and I were at the annual Pinewood Derby race for his Cub Scout Pack. It amuses me that a kid who’s only six uses the English language so well. In this case I think it was by accident, but it makes me smile nevertheless. Aro is a member of David’s Tiger Den, and while his car was racing to the finish line in an early heat, one of the wheels came off — literally, like David said. Aro’s Dad rushed into action, grabbed the wheel, grabbed the car, reinstalled, inspected and … good to go. Crisis averted. Cub Scouts is something David and I do together. Call it father-son bonding at its simplest. David is really into it right now. This is his second year, and there’s no sign of slowing down. When I was a kid, I think I made it partway through my second year before the thrill was gone and I started doing something else. Being a parent of a Cub Scout is giving me a very different perspective, and I find myself wishing I’d liked it a bit more when I was younger. Though I didn’t want to, I recently got more involved as a leader for David’s Tiger Den. It was against my better judgment, but in the end I said yes. It’s yet another commitment in a life that’s already overbooked with work and other commitments, but that’s a different story for a different time. For now, I am really enjoying it so far.

not only to be proactive to prevent problems from coming up, but also to be ready to react when the unexpected happens. Winters are a good test, since so many problems pop up in the Northeast this time of year. Overall, while it is really tough for everybody when a wheel comes off, it can also be rewarding

because this is when we shine and really deliver for you, our client. When we navigate a sticky

situation and get everything rolling again, we know we have honored our promise to provide peace of mind.

My wish for you and the property we manage for you is that a wheel never comes off. But if it does, we are here, and we are ready to get everything rolling again.

It’s funny how many things in Cub Scouts “rhyme”with my work and my life.

Let’s take the Pinewood Derby, for example. Sometimes with the houses we manage, a wheel comes off, so to speak. In other words, sometimes things break. Sometimes pipes freeze. Sometimes tenants who have been great lose work and get behind in payments. Problems are never planned and rarely predictable. But problems do happen, and when they do, we jump into action like Aro’s Dad to fix the problem and get things rolling again.

With appreciation,

P.S. David ended up getting the “Car Most Likely to be Made by the Scout” award. This is a picture of him and his sister, Evelyn, eight, showing off their cars and his award. He was over the moon. I am super excited for him!

Our job is to provide you with peace of mind! That’s our focus, and all our people, systems, and processes are aligned with that goal. In a business like this, we need


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