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So, you got into business to provide a better product and service. Every once in a while, someone takes that for granted, leaving you with unpaid rents and receivables.

It’s important not to lose focus. Keep providing that better service! There are many more clients who appreciate your product than not. Sooo… for those that don’t ... that’s where we come in. I had a landlord mention the other day, “I didn’t get into this to chase past dollars. It’s so infuriating when I open that drawer and see that lost money just sitting there!” We will pursue that recovery … after all, that’s why WE got into business. We have integrated prescreening services, receivables management, service of process, collection recovery, and asset seizure. These tools serve you when they are needed. Nothing says “be my valentine” like an auction on a recovered asset. Ohhh, yes! Fall back “in love”with being a landlord by having solid processes in place and hiring a professional to support you.

MAKE THE MOST OF FEBRUARY Why the Shortest Month Is the Hardest for Business Owners January is over, along with the hustle and stress of shopping for the holidays, sending out W-2s, and preparing for the year’s close. But for some business owners, the shortest month of the year isn’t a time for celebrating. With festive decorations put away and no holidays to anticipate, customers and clients may be feeling the gloom of winter. Many may also be holding their wallets a little closer as they recover from the December spending purge. To top it off, tax season is in full swing, but this year, you have 29 days to make February count.

It will be a “best day” when you receive a recovery check from your friend Dan.

How do you do it?


There’s an old saying about only two guarantees in life: death and taxes. You know tax season is around the corner and your books are up for an intense examination to close out the year. Tax Day, April 15, 2020, and the filing deadline for S corporations, March 15, 2020, will be here before you know it, but if you prepare now, you can enjoy a steady and easy spring.

Have a great month!

January was the perfect time to wind down from the holidays, collect your plans, and ensure your employees have what they need to file taxes. Now, devote February to compiling

- Dan Larson

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