C+S May 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 5 (web)

files of a sub model are automatically assigned to the sub model via the floor. Successful experiment Overall, the BIM pilot project Helgolandkai can already be considered a success. Christian Tiedemann, BIM designer WK Consult, said: "Thanks toAllplan, several problem areas in the model could be identi-

fied and solved that would not necessarily have been noticed in a pure 2D design for a linear structure of this type" In particular, collisions of components – especially the anchors, both among themselves and to the existing structure – could be successfully avoided. The quantity take-off was clearly more error-free and easier than in a conventional, manual way.

View of partial models (design planning). Photo: © Wkc

Loaded design models of sheet piling, anchoring, waling, and concrete beam, including reinforcement and equipment components. Photo: © Ludwig Freytag


may 2021


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