C+S May 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 5 (web)



THE COVER Connecting Jacksonville with the Future – story on page 10

CHANNELS ENVIRONMENTAL + SUSTAINABILTY 12 Climate Pledge Arena 14 New Geocell-Reinforced Concrete Technology Paves the Way for More Resilient Infrastructure STRUCTURES + BUILDINGS 16 Challenge Accepted: Haugland Group Constructs a 110-Bed Alternative Care Facility for COVID Patients in Just 21 Days TRANSPORTATION + INFRASTRUCTURE 18 Rigid Inclusion Support of Roadways 20 Reimagining Resilient Transportation: NYC Ferry System 22 Women Leading the Way at the Kansas City International Airport 24 Reinventing America’s Busiest Transit Hub WATER + STORMWATER 25 Trenchless Projects in the Borough of Queens Minimizes Disruption 26 Helgolandkai: BIM Pilot Project in Port Construction SOFTWARE + TECHNOLOGY 29 Filling the Gaps in the DOT Data Flow 32 Three Ways Digital Twins Are Transforming Other Industries Right Now 34 Digital Tools Deliver Flexibility and Intelligence to Roadway Redesign Projects 35 Shifting the Needle: Increasing BIM adoption for Horizontal Infrastructure Design, a Long-range View SURVEYING 38 Sustainable Shipping gets New Berth 41 Blair, Church & Flynn Strengthens Surveying Leadership with Investment in GNSS Innovation UNMANNED SYSTEMS 43 Cutting the Cost and Time for Stockpile Surveys in Half with Drones 45 More than Just Cars on the Road: Making Autonomous Vehicles Work for Us Anywhere, and Everywhere departments 8 Events 47 Benchmarks: Zweig Group Publishes 2021 Valuation Report of AEC Firms 48 Reader Index Columns 5 From the Publisher: The Road Less Traveled Chad Clinehens 7 Looking Back, Moving Forward: Luke Carothers




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