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for my own T will do what I please with ii and I please to give unto this last even as unto thee,” “ Is thine eye evil because I am good?1,’ ; That is an evil eye which views the least of God’s gifts too small; or the greatest of God’s gifts to another too large; or who calls intq judgment the. Sov­ ereign good pleasure of God to have mercy upon whom He will. With the later la­ borers the “good-man” dealt in grace. They obeyed his call, they trusted his righteous­ ness, they tasted his grace ; they supposed that,-they should receive less but “the half was not told them.” V. 16. “So then the last shall be first, and. the first last .” ... .“ .S'p”—They who ffijijj the Pharisees count themselves righteous; like the rich ruler would do something to earn eternal life; who, like Peter (but his heart was sounder’ than his-head), ask, “ what shall we get for our'sacrifices?” shall III. T he C onclusion . 1. called “ The Wayd’ “'And they were in the way going up to Jerusalem.” It was “the way of the Cross,” and it led home to the Father’s'house (John 14:1-6) to the New Jerusalem. •2. Jesus Leads. “Jesus was going be­ fore them.” Blessed truth ! In all things he hath the pre-eminence even in the Cross, and because of the Cross He goes before to the Cross’ and before into glory whither our Forerunner hath for us entered (Heb. 6 :20) ; and He ’is before us for us. But He goes ’before them Only who are behind Him ; the forerunner ' only of them that follow” going up to (the New)' Jerusa­ lem. 3. His Mood: They were' “amazed,” “afraid.” Such was His mood, His mien, His manner -astonished and awed or terri­ fied them. No plummet can sound “the

be last, i. e. rejected ,,(Luke 13:28-30). 2 . “Many be called but few chosen” (o r “choiceTones?” ). The multitude o f pro­ fessed laborers are called, those who labor in love are the chosen and the minority. N otes . . 1. "The Master callcth for thee.” 2. “Go work in my vineyard.”. , 3. ’ Do not ask what you shall get. 4. A t whatever hour 'ii may be, go'now. . 5.. If .it is your eleventh hour got ' 6. Let them who are in the eleventh hour pray thé Lord to let them be fruitful in this last hour, .. Tjb'T 7. Doubt not but that all the willing^shall, get their shilling (2 Cor. 8:12). . 8. , Men who are willing to work, find offer themselves in the market place, though no man hire them, should have their pay from the common treasury just as those who “get.a job.” The “I Won’t Work” man deserves to starve. mind of the Master” as He drew near the Crisis. He walked apart at a little distance in space at an infinite one in spirit: ’ Na­ poleon would pace with folded arnis and knit brow while his officers* watched him in awed silence. Jesus was meditating the battle before Him. What thoughts noW clouded, now tendered, now transfigured His aspect we .cannot:. Jell. He was “ in the way,” “the Bloody .Way,” they called the Jericho road, but Ijfis was the trail of blood from Abel’s altar to the reeking courts of tabernacle and temple on to Cal­ vary. Doubtless Jesus was 'tracing; ‘ this path and perhaps scanning the vista open­ ing into glory. beyo'nd.' TJ'esuS" was’ “ every inch a king,” and/mefT aré awed by His majesty. Many a'Jime rías' the writer been . “ lost in wonder,.Tove and' praise” at the contemplation o f His awe-inspiring Person. “And he took them and began to fell them,” etc. Evidently iihfolding the theme of His

LESSON II. — July 12.— t G reatnbss T hrough S ervice .— Mark .10 :32-45. ■ G olden T e x t :» The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and' to give his'life a ransom for many .—Mark 10:4S.. y I. E very I nch a K ing .” • 1. “ The Way.” Christianity was early

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