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lows. He had but a little season, a journey to Bethany to the cross, to the mount of His ascension. Can you not imagine him in those few days calling upon blind men to come, reciting the story of his own healing and pleading the merits of Jesus’ power and love. He is no longer a beggar, but a bene­ factor. Jesus does not now wait for men to cry to him. He calls to them, “ Come unto me.” No need to cry for mercy, for it is manifested on the cross. It is not now the blind man pleading for sight, but the Son of God pleading with men to receive their sight. Hear him say, “ Him that com- eth unto me, I will in no wise cast out.” to see her, for I want to tell her that I do love Jesus now.” 4. How to Speak for Jesus. (1) With­ out fear or shame (read Rom. 1:16). It was a little boy who wrote: “Ashamed of Jesus! that dear Friend On whom my hopes of heaven depend? No; when I blush be this my shame, That I no more revere His name.’’. (5) Prayerfully. Without the Lord’s help we shall not know what to say nor how to say it, nor will it do any good. “ I will give you a mouth and wisdom,” He says (Luke 21:15). ( 6 ) Lovingly. A little girl with her father waiting for a train, saw a prisoner going with an officer to prison. She so pitied him in his sin and loneliness that she ran to him with tears in her eyes, looked into his face and cried, “Man, God loves you,” and away she was borne on the train. But that loving, faithful and true word saved him.

into the kingdom of the Son o f God’s love. “ Thy faith hath saved thee.” Not his con­ dition, not his need, not his cry, not his earnest, determined effort, not his sacrifice in giving up his garments, but his faith. Salvation and faith are twins. They marcn hand in hand. “By grace are ye saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” He followed Jesus in the way. The rich young man did not yield his all, but with­ out any command this man followed him. This is ever the way of the true disciple. The way of Christ is his way, He knows the voice of the Shepherd and Him he fol­ Sunday, June 21—Romans 1:16. When and How to Speak for Christ. 1. A t Our Conversion. Salvation is through confession (read Rom. 10:9, 10). The sign of salvation ;is confession that Christ is God’s Son (read Acts 8:37). The Church stands on that (Matt. 16:17, 18). Thousands have suffered torture and death for confessing Him, when silence would have saved them. They preferred to die rather than not to speak their beloved Lord. They would wear His uniform even if shot for it. 2. When Asked About Him. See what Peter said about this (1 Peter 3:15). Peter knew how bitter it is to deny Jesus (Matt. 26:69-77). If we would be ready we must know Jesus, and live Jesus, and be able to say, “ If thou shalt confess . . . thou shalt be saved” (have the Juniors learn Romans 10:9, 10; and John 3:16, on the spot). A. 'child can understand and tell that. 3. When W e Have, or Can Make Op­ portunity. A sweet little girl on a train asked a gentleman, “ Do you love Jesus?” “ N o; I am afraid not,” said he. Long after when in her city he called. Her mother told him that Mary was now with her Saviour. The man said, “ I am sorry not

Junior Endeavor Topics By J. H. S.

Never be afraid to speak for Jesus, Think how much a word can do; Never be afraid to own your Saviour, He who bled and died for you. Never be afraid, never be afraid, Therefore never be afraid,


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