King's Business - 1914-06



“It is a scandal of our day and a marx of our deficient spiritual culture that there should be theological professors denying the most essential Christian truth, the Divinity of Christ. This liberal theology is a part of the one-sided intellectual way of thinking which is stimulated by international Jewry, whose interest is to take from under the feet of our people their support faith. What is the organ of the liberal theology? The Jewish Berliner Tageblatt. These Jewish nomads are the prophets of international liberalism. .What they call progress and en­ lightenment is dissolution, corrosion, and breakup.” T he R ev . E dward P eck , who labors in Bafhn’s Land Among the Eskimos, has so won the affection of these people, that when Having, he was surrounded by both men aiid women, who proffered him their knives aiid asked him to cut their flesh very deeply that they might always bear the scars as reminders of their loved teacher. Mr. Peck lives in nearly complete isolation on Cumberland Island. The mails come on a little whaling vessel which visits his sta­ tion but once a year. Native preachers and teachers, whom Mr. Peck has trained, thread théîr way to distant and isolated Eskimo settlements all through this north­ ern waste. Mr. Peck has one Sunday school o f 190 children gathered in a single snow house. He has received into his home, each day for 224 consecutive days, a different Eskimo family,- in Order to give them in­ struction and guidance. He has baptized as many as twenty-four adults in two days. . L ord K itchener declared in 1912. that "there '.is now hardly a poor man in the Sudan, a few years a g o . supposed to be worthless!” .The state, is- self-support­ ing ; cotton and sugar cane are being largely .raised; irrigation schemes calling for $ 2 Sr 000,000 are under consideration. Slave- raiding has ceased, though domestic slavery still exists. Among the Arabic-speaking -peoples education’ is desired; and slow but distinct moral improvement i'is discernible. ‘ This is Christianity’s hour, especially, among the pagan negro tribes. Mohamme­ danism is rapidly spreading among them.

One hundred villages have been de­ stroyed, 12,000 houses burned and dyna­ mited, about 8000 men, women and children shot, stabbed or burned to death, and prop­ erty worth $ 10 , 000,000 annihilated. T he Protestant Churches of Japan are pretty well federated. There is one Feder­ ation; of Churches, made up of Japanese, and another Federation of Missions, made up of missionaries of the different denomi­ nations. Dr. K. Ibuka was last January the representative of the former to the meet­ ing of the latter, and he had seen the prog­ ress of Christianity from the time when Christianity was a forbidden religion, and he was a member of the first little Christian church. He has seen the little band of mis­ sionaries grow to hundreds and the con­ verts to tens of thousands, and he declares that. to Christianity belongs the future of Japan. O ne night I was called to a woman in distress living in a village ten mile? distant. After making the patient as comfortable as possible in a little mud room, ten by six feet, with no other furniture than a mud floor and a low cot covered with musty rags, I asked where the baby was. Someone pointed to a heap of ashes in the adjoining court. ■A filthy basket under a stone par­ tially covered this. My first impulse was to remove the stone and uncover the basket. There lay, just as it had come to the cruel, cold world, one of the little ones whose angels do always behold the face of our Father in heaven. Sadly, and .with feelings that cannot be described, I replaced the basket over the little victim of false reli­ gion and poverty. Will its silent cry enter our ears unheeded i—Mina McKenzie, M. D., Fatehpur, U. P., India, in the Miss, Rev. A n eminent German doctor who returned from liberalism to orthodoxy attributes the modern rejection of the Deity of our Lord Jesus to, or largely to, Jewish influence. He says:

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