King's Business - 1914-06



.O ne of the» strangest meetings held in Los Angeles is our Vesper service, con­ ducted each Sunday afternoon in a down­ town hotel, which is patronised largely.) by. theatrical people. Not many of the guests attend, but as the music begins, doors are., softly, opened and little groups gather oil. the stairways. God takes the gospel mes­ sage and the old familiar hymns up and down the elevator shafts, through the long windows and over transoms straight into hearts that have long been closed to Him and fighting even the memory of “home days.” Twice chorus girls have accepted the invitation to come in and sing for us. One of two sisters said, “ M y ! It has been a long itime since we have sung music like that. Our mother died when I was fourteen. My sister and I have been on the stage ever since, but we can’t forget the old bed-time hour when seven of us used to kneel around mother’s chair, but I have never knelt in prayer since. Mother’s Bible was sold with the books .when the home was broken up. I have often wished I had it.” That afternoon she did kneel while the Bible woman asked her mother’s God to speak to the tired heart of the girl as the pleadings of human lips seemed to fail. A new Bible was placed in her hand and she promised to make room for it in her trunk. Some day she will turn to it in an hour of trial, and God’s Word, which cannot return to Him void, will without fail give the guidance or comfort needed. Our faith has even claimed that by its illumined message this wandering heart might find the Home-land. Partial Report of One Month. The Bible women report in'part:'- Calls, 875.:—Accepted Christ, 36—Special interviews, 514.—Full surrenders, 16.—Bible classes, 105.—Backsliders reclaimed, 2,—* Minimum attendance, 1549.—Personal deal­ ing letters, 31.—Meetings, 55.—Bibles, Tes­ taments and many tracts given.

Saviour. The hard lines seemed to smooth out, the eyes grew soft and looked one square in the face, and one day soon after­ ward she said, “ The last cord is cut that, hound me to hell.’’ L ast month one of our Bible women spent her time very profitably in two cities among many relatives of her own to whom she desired to go as a missionary. The Lord brought an old man of seventy-five years face to face with his sin and indif­ ference and then gave him a glimpse of the Saviour who longed to give him deliverance from them. It was almost too late, but the victory was with Him who loved us' and bought us. Many meetings were held and the reports are gratifying, but we are glad to have our worker back in the reg­ ular visitation and class work which He is so greatly blessing in every part of our city. B y work in a cafeteria a widow was supporting an aged mother and two chil­ dren. Her work precluded church attend­ ance, which made her susceptible to the in- sidjous arguments of an Eddyite friend. When the old mother became seriously ill, it opened the door for the Bible women’s ministry. A nurse was supplied by the worker’s own ¿hurch, with consequent grat­ itude in the home and special prayer was offered for that household at the Bible wo­ men’s Tuesday Conference and prayer meet­ ing. His ear is never heavy and His re­ sponse came quickly, and now the little mother is attending the church which she has neglected for several years and her heart is humbly but gratefully turned to her Saviour, whose guidance she seeks for all her loved ones. Word has come from relatives in Idaho who will give her a good home and help her. with her children, so she will go to them, freed from false doctrine, determined that by God’s grace, her whole family shall serve the Lord who gave her such complete deliverance.

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