King's Business - 1914-06



A home for our Jewish workers. On the afternoon of the last Sunday in April an interesting service was held in the new home of our Sister Mansoh, who has tor five years had charge of our Jewish work. The home is upon the east side of the city and is situated in the midst of a large Hebrew population. It is not a mission, but a home, where with her mother and brothers, our sister will have the joy of inviting her Jewish friends and of present­

ing to them the Lord Jesus Christ as their Messiah. There was special music by Miss Mac- laren, an address by Mr. Sammis, the dedi­ catory prayer by Dr. A. B. Prichard, and the ministration of the Lord’s Supper by Dr. Torrey. A number of the friends of Israel were present and we have the faith to believe that it inaugurated a new era in the work for the people from which sprung our Lord and Saviour.

The Christian Life. (Concluded from Page 317) H E held the Lamp o f Truth that day, So low that none could miss the way, And yet so high to bring in sight That picture fair, the world’s great Light, That gazing up, the Lamp between, The hand that held it scarce was seen. And bade him drink when sick and faint. They drank—the pitcher then between, The hand that held it scarce was seen. He blew the trumpet soft and clear, That trembling sinners need not fear, And then a louder note, and bold, T o rouse the souls in Satan’s hold— The trumpet coming thus between, The hand that held it scarce was seen. But when the Captain says, ‘Well done, Thou good and faithful servant, come, Lay down the Pitcher and the Lamp, Lay down the Trumpet, leave the Camp, The weary hand will then be seen, Clasped in those Pierced Hands—naught between.” He held the pitcher, stooping low, T o lips of little ones below, Then raised it to the weary saint,

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