As we roll into March, it always strikes me to be a time of change throughout the Resort. We transition from winter to spring and owners, be it golf, tennis, pickleball, cycling, etc., are out enjoying the great weather.

HOA very important to us as Owners! Understandably, we wish the amount of fees we pay to remain as low as possible. At the same time, we have external forces that drive us in the opposite direction; Fees are

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those of increased employee health care costs, increases in minimum wage, Cost of Living increases for employees, and contractor increases reflecting their increasing costs. The Board, the Finance Committee and management have worked to examine all areas of expense and made reductions where possible without reducing services. An increase of $3 annually to HOA fees until we reach a level of 70% funded is currently Board policy. The forecasted time to reach the target funding level is the 2020-21 fiscal year. Add to this situation the desire by some to develop new facilities or expand existing facilities beyond what exist today will require additional Capital to be accrued through HOA fee increases, assessments or fundraising. In short, we cannot absorb the increased costs without either increasing fees, decreasing services or finding other sources of revenue. What other sources of funding are available? Increasing fees charged to non-owners for the use of facilities, such as racquet sports and the Fitness Center, and move to a model where we have increases in User Pay for Owners rather than continue to run ORPS as an all-inclusive Resort, where all things are included in HOA fees. If we believe there is a correlation between HOA fees and sale prices of property then we must explore other ways to sustain this Five Star Resort than maintain the current funding model. This problem should be faced squarely now rather than kicking the can down the road for others to deal with in future years. If you have suggestions on moving forward in a positive way, please send them to the Board.

On the business side of the Resort, we are busy finalizing the budget for adoption and getting ready to welcome in new Board members. This year we have some additional changes on hand. We have started with the issuance of our new picture ID prox cards . We are starting with Phase 1 and working through Phase 8. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time it takes to do the prox card conversion, some of you may not be scheduled before you leave the Resort for the season. In those cases, the photo ID prox cards will be issued upon your return. More details will follow how we will schedule these as we see how many have been issued closer to the end of the March. Many of you have had the chance to meet or hear from our new Post Commander C OREY . The feedback has been fantastic and is well deserved based on his experience and professionalism. With Board and Management support, Corey and his team will be diligently enforcing the rules that may have not been as strictly enforced in the past. Citations and possible fines will be issued for speeding, running stop signs, illegal parking, dogs off leash and other offenses. With the adoption of the Board’s new policy, citations are able to be paid without having to go through the entire notice of a hearing process. This will enable Security to issue citations without taxing the Board with numerous hearings. Owners will still have the opportunity for a hearing if they would like, but if they acknowledge the violation and simply wish to pay the fine, they can do so without a hearing being held. We thank you all for your cooperation as we move forward to implement these changes to make for a more safe and secure Resort.

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