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Greetings once again. As I write this article, I feel the warm friendly sunshine of the Desert in February. Hearing the folks out recreating and having fun, the birds singing up a storm and my own anticipation of a good time today golfing with the fellows on our fine course. What could be better? Dinners and dances most every weekend, sport events on the calendar every week and if you are so inclined.... just sitting by the pool with friends. We are truly blessed to be here and have a piece of this Paradise. Always at this time of year your Board wrestles with our budget and the tough job of holding down the dues for the membership. A difficult task to say the least. You all can attest to the fact that nothing escapes the creeping up of costs these days. As we evaluate, discuss and agree on the various components of our operations it becomes evident that our dues must go up. The Board has recognized that this is an Ownership Resort and as such, there should be an inherent advantage to being an owner since as an owner we make an investment in the community with our lot purchase and the value of our 1/1213th share of the common area valued in the millions of dollars. The obvious costs are landscaping, security, administration, housekeeping, maintenance and utilities. Monies are also set aside for Reserves which are very important to maintain this as a prime property and Capital which is less important. We, with our dues, subsidize many other amenities and activities within the Resort that are discretionary. Will we continue to operate as an all inclusive Resort and watch our dues rise annually to a point where they become a negative to our perceived value and to our competition? These are questions we must ask ourselves as we move forward as a Resort community. Stay tuned while we discuss and debate and, of course, your input is always welcome. We recently established a Marketing Committee that is up and running and generating lots of great ideas that can be implemented quickly. What has also come out of our sessions is the realization that each and every one of us are the best possible promoters of ORPS by just sharing with family and friends the great lifestyle, good times and real value that we have here. Remember back to when you bought here and how easy it was to make the plunge and after years of good times and great memories you keep coming back. Share! Share! Share! Spread the enthusiasm! This is wonderful place !

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