FACILITIES PLANNING Spring is in the air, with very warm days and warm nights to enjoy on our Outdoor Resort patios. Facility Planning (FPC ) is pleased to introduce our newest member, P ENNY B RADLEY . Penny gave a wonderful presentation on her experience and desire to be accepted as a Committee Member. Welcome, Penny! The FPC has had several very productive meetings, including one on the kitchen functionality and replacement of appliances. The Kitchen Focus Group, headed by Committee member, A LICE H EUPLE , will be meeting with General Manager, C LINT A THERTON , in the ES kitchen. Appliances that have reached their peak usage and especially the dishwasher, freezer and fridge are no longer functioning and this now becomes a health issue as well. The Committee focused on putting together a screening priority process to identify the highest priority projects. D ENNY B LOOM was on hand to introduce the screening prioritization spreadsheet and the challenge of using the criteria. These projects include the following:

to spread the word, while you are at home this Summer, about Outdoor Resort to your friends, neighbors, RV Club, Tennis Club, Pickleball Club, and Golf Club. Tell them about the amenities, activities,

and friendly people at ORPS. Invite them to visit and consider renting and/or buying a lot.

Owners are our best sales ambassadors for ORPS. Do your part in bringing our wonderful Resort to the attention of as many people as you can!

ORPS Ad Hoc Marketing Committee


 Dog run in the maintenance yard area;  Land acquisition and potential future uses;  Pickleball courts;  Wharf and restroom, hole #12.

The ORPS Emergency Preparedness Committee is operating an amateur radio system to communicate with the Cathedral City Fire Department and the Riverside County Emergency Operation Center thru the local Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) during a major disaster. RACES is the volunteer amateur radio operator organization activated by Riverside County to provide communications between county, municipal, gated communities and other Command Centers during a major incident when telephone services are not available. The ORPS RACES Communication Center’s function is to relay information, status and requests for aid to the Cathedral City and the Riverside County Emergency Operations Centers. This will most likely be the primary communications means for ORPS if a severe earthquake occurs and the telephone system is either out of service or saturated with non-essential traffic. If you are a licensed ham radio operator, join our group and learn about the many local ham activities. If you would like information on how to get a license, we can help. For more information, contact: R ICH W RIGHT , Lot 447; G ARY S HARP , Lot 454; J IM K OSKI , Lot 394; R ON G OOKIN , Lot 1153; or leave your name with S USAN in the Board Office. The RACES NET is Thursday, 1900 hours at 145.200, 131.8 pl.

These Capital expenditure items will come to our Resort, only through fundraising events. Are you interested in Fundraising for these new amenities in our Resort ? We encourage your participation. Please contact FPC committee members. Feel free to share your input at:


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