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might seem in comparison to a hurricane. Help us build the Pinnacle brand as a company that stands for fairness and is free of self-interest. Make sure your moral compass always points up and that you have integrity. You can start by practicing excellent customer service and becoming an advocate for those who really need help at our properties. Be responsive to residents rather than turning a blind eye because you are tired of dealing with adversity. Find a comforting solution for the person who is being threatened with eviction, or enormous fees for not being able to pay their rent. If you put the proverbial shoe on the other foot, you just might become a hero in my life--all of our lives--by making this company and our world a better place through your kindness. It is true that Senator John McCain will live in infamy for the decisions he made on behalf of others. The same can be true for you. And if we do this together, our company will not be the only thing to rise up.


Only a short time ago, there was ongoing coverage and conversation about the death of Senator John McCain, a role model deemed to be a true American hero. Even if you didn’t agree with his politics, you can’t dispute that he did a few great things most people would not have had the courage to do. Accepting torture to gain freedom for others was both extraordinary and inspiring. But you do not have to be a courageous soldier to acquire hero status. Now my statement is in no way meant to demean Senator McCain, so bear with me. A hero is defined as someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. Putting that definition in the context of everyday life, there are many heroes among us. First responders. Mothers. Clergy. Coworkers, in fact. A year ago we were talking about the amazing things our own team members did in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a monumental event in the history of Pinnacle. We witnessed true acts of heroism in both simple and grandiose ways. Tragedies aside, many of our coworkers put their energy into causes as big as homelessness and as small as a million other circumstances that require genuine and often uncomfortable effort every day. The point is, let’s all make a commitment to fight a good fight for a just cause, no matter how small it

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