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2015 NJAA C onference & E xpo By Tina Brannon, Clean & Polish Building Solutions Time to spring clean your building

winter offi- cially gone, it's time for build- ing and facil- ity managers to do a little spring clean- ing. While the prac t i ce o f spring clean- W

ith theweather in the eastern U.S. finally warming up and

building's exterior to ensure it looks great for the summer and you catch any potential problems early on. Here are a few areas you should include in your spring cleaning. Wash the windows With all the rain that spring can bring the East Coast, you may think that your building will be spotless all season long, but the truth is that rain can actually lead to more stains, spots and streaks. As rain pours down, it can bring miner- als along with it from your sub- strates, the roof or the water itself. These minerals can then

streak and stain your windows with unsightly water marks when the sun dries them out. Talk to Clean and Polish Building Solutions about cleaning your windows regu- larly throughout the spring and summer. They can also take a look around the windows to see if there was any ice dam- age from the winter. With the summer sun just around the corner, it may be a good idea to talk about UV-limiting window films as well, which can protect your tenants and your wallet by reducing cooling costs. Clear off the roof & gutters In the winter, cleaning your roof can be difficult. With snow and ice, certain areas may be inaccessible. Now that it's spring, you can have your building cleaning company re- ally clear out your gutters and roof to ensure that water will drain properly. This can help prevent serious water damage, leaks and possible collapses. Additionally, it will give you the chance to look for any other possible problems that may have occurred over the winter and take proactive steps to repair them before issues arise. Clean the HVAC system Like your roof, your heating, cooling and ventilation systems can become covered, clogged or dirtied over the winter. The spring is the perfect time to clear out and scrub down these expensive pieces of machinery so that they'll run smoothly when the temperature rises. Tidy up surrounding areas It's not just your exterior and the windows that need cleaning. The entryway, your sidewalk and the landscaping need a revamping this spring. Have Clean and Polish power wash the sidewalk, walkway and other nearby areas, such as the parking lot or garage, to get rid of any leftover salt, sand and grime left behind from the winter. This is also a great time to examine the facade and en- tryway to see if they're in need of cleaning or maintenance. Additionally, you'll likely want to plant some new greenery. Think about pests Taking preventative mea- sures against insects, spiders, rats and birds is like taking preemptive steps to clean your building. These pests all be- come more active during the spring, so be ready to stop them from getting a foothold in your building and causing a mess inside or out. n

Tina Brannon

ing usually refers to tidying up at home, it can absolutely apply to commercial properties. This spring, make sure you clean every aspect of your

Keep your building shimmering all spring long

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