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Summer’s finally here, and I’m sure many of our readers are gearing up for some well-earned vacations. Wherever you go and however you travel, I hope you make some amazing memories with your loved ones. For myself, the lines between family vacations and business trips have blurred. Often when I’m asked if I’m traveling for business or pleasure, I’m stumped. My line of work requires quite a bit of travel to stay on top of things. There are conferences, seminars, tech demos, and a hundred other words for what most would call “mind-numbing meetings.” The upside is that these events are often held in fantastic locations. Earlier this spring, I attended such an event at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida. Of course, Julia and Sophie had a fantastic time enjoying the beach, while I spent most of the trip in an air-conditioned boardroom. Still, our lodging was nice. This is the duality of my travel season. Just a week after I was sleeping at the Ritz, I found myself spending the night huddled on the floor of the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, as a result of a redirected and canceled flight. Needless to say it was not quite the five-star experience that I had the week before.

and 260 pounds, I’m not exactly built to fly. But the truth is I wouldn’t dream of missing these events.

Despite my many travel woes, I find these business trips incredibly energizing. Yes, the presentations and panels aren’t what most would deem “entertaining,” but I’ve always enjoyed them. I come out of those conference rooms having found new perspectives, innovative tools, and a greater understanding of how I can help you, my clients. Indeed, my role in the lives of my clients makes it a moral imperative for me to stay on the cutting edge. At least that’s how I see it. Some advisors may be content to lean on their experience alone, but in this day and age, yesterday’s wisdom is today’s popular misconception. The moment I stop learning is the moment I stop being the guide you deserve. So at the end of the day, I’m happy to board that plane, to sleep on that carpet, and to sit in those overly frosty boardrooms. When it comes to stewarding the lives of my clients, the destination matters more than the journey.

My stay on the airport carpet was while I was in route to a conference in Dallas. A


week after that was a meeting of the minds in Washington, DC. Now, I get a couple weeks off for good behavior — I never thought I could miss my own bed so much. But soon I will be off

again to Cleveland. This constant jet setting takes

its toll. At 6 feet, 4 inches

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By Taking a Break From Your Phone

Setting some time aside to be with family is important, but it can be difficult when everyone is always on their cellphones. Constant cellphone use has become a global problem, and the habit is hard to break because we rely on mobile devices heavily for work, school, and keeping in contact with friends and family. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that can reduce how often you’re on your phone and minimize distractions. SIEMPO After you install Siempo on your phone, it will ask which apps are likely to distract you. Once you select them, the app will move those apps away from the home screen and place the important ones, such as the messaging, contacts, email, and calendar apps, on the first screen. You can also designate times for specific apps to be used throughout the day. STAY FOCUSED Stay Focused is like Siempo, but there are some significant differences. You can set times to access certain apps and put the most distracting ones on lock. Stay Focused also has a “strict mode” that prevents you from uninstalling it, so be sure to think carefully before activating the lockdown because you won’t have access to those specific apps until the timer runs out. FOREST In the time that Forest takes control of your device for a set time limit, the app starts growing a tree. Once the tree is fully grown, your time is up, and it joins the other trees that were grown during other breaks. If you pick up your phone and try to access an app, Forest will send you a

notification asking you if you want to kill your baby tree by giving up. Who says guilt isn’t a good motivator?

BESIDES APPS Aside from using these apps, silencing your phone and putting it in another room, leaving it in your car if you’re out at dinner, or keeping it in your purse or back pocket during a social event can also reduce your screen time. Having your phone out of sight and out of reach will keep the temptation of pulling it out at bay.

Spending time with your family is crucial, and with these apps and tips, you’ll enjoy each other’s company without too many screen distractions.



• Find out how Arturo de Modelo ended up in the hospital. Hint: Cigars and hornets don’t mix.

JUNE 20 Dealing with the extraordinary cost of college education.

• Learn a little bit about living wills and family politics.

JULY 18 Estate Planning 101, what you and your family need to know.

• Render your opinion, affect the course of events, and enter our drawing for a $25 gift certificate. You can find it at or better yet, type the following URL: PilotMysteryCh1

AUG. 15 What is a self-directed IRA, and should you have one?

All starting at noon on Facebook Live.

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We’re all familiar with the classic vows, where couples promise to stand by each other “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.” These are moving, admirable words on loyalty, but rather than submit to destitution or be caught off guard by illness, why not vow to steward your wealth responsibly with your partner? VOWTO BE READY FOR EMERGENCIES Earlier this year, it was reported that 40% of Americans don’t have enough money set aside to cover even a $400 emergency. This is why it’s vital to have at least six months’ worth of living expenses saved in readily accessible accounts to have cash on hand when your family needs it most. For more life-altering events, like an accident that leads to a permanent disability, it’s important to have life insurance that adequately shifts this unexpected financial risk away from your family. Remaining together in sickness doesn’t have to mean going bankrupt. VOWTO BUILD AN ESTATE PLANTOGETHER It can be hard to get started on an estate plan, and even harder to revisit one you made long ago. But taking the time to ensure both your and your partner’s last wishes are in place can save a lot of pain and anguish down the road. Remember: Beneficiaries listed on retirement accounts and insurance policies take precedence over wills or trusts, so it’s worth dusting off those old 401(k) documents and making sure you don’t still have an ex-spouse listed to receive funds. FINANCIAL VOWS


Communication is an important part of any relationship, but even the best couples can struggle to talk about money. In the long run, it’s important to keep one another in the financial loop to better plan for the future. Who’s in better shape to invest? Who should take on paying the bills? What do you want your retirement together to look like? Whether you are rich or poor, taking the time to answer these questions can lead to a happier marriage.



Inspired by Saveur Magazine

Nothing feels more paleo-appropriate than digging into a giant rack of beef ribs. This largely hands-off recipe requires plenty of hands-on eating, making you feel like one of our cave-dwelling ancestors.


1 5-lb. rack of beef ribs

Kosher salt and black pepper, to taste


1. Heat a charcoal, wood-burning, or gas grill to medium-high. Once heated, move heat source to one side or turn off half of the burners to create an indirect heat zone. 2. Season ribs with salt and pepper and char on the hotter side of the grill, turning occasionally, for 12–15 minutes. Once charred, transfer to the other side of grill and cook until the thickest part of the rib reaches 130 F, about 2 1/2–3 hours.

3. Let meat rest for 15 minutes. If desired, serve alongside grilled veggies.

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Nature Photography Day is June 15, and it continues to garner enthusiasm with each passing year. It’s been designated by the North America Nature Photography Association as a day to promote the enjoyment of outdoor photography and to explain how nature photography can advance conservation efforts locally and worldwide. Almost everyone has access to a sufficient camera with smartphones, but not everyone knows how to best capture a beautiful nature scene. Here are some tips to help! FINDTHE ANGLES Landscape photography isn’t about appealing to someone else’s sense of style; it’s about shooting what makes you happy. Take some time to study the work of other nature photographers you enjoy. What angles do they use? What colors do they coordinate within the frame? How close do they get to their subject? Try something different. Go against the grain, use a different angle, shoot a close-up where others would shoot wide angle. Find a good starting place and experiment a little. HARNESSTHE LIGHT Nature photos often look great in the morning or evening light, but the type of lighting you use is often dictated by the scene you are trying to capture. It’s generally accepted that side-lighting, where the sun is coming from either side of the camera, is the most desirable for landscapes because the contrasts between light and shadow can add depth to your photos. However, front- and back-lighting — where you shoot

away from or into the sun — can also produce nice photos. Similar to angles, try experimenting until you find something that looks good to you. CROP FOR TEXTURE Sometimes the difference between an amazing shot and a mediocre one is distance. When photographing nature,

try zooming in or moving geographically closer and

cropping close on your subject. This could be tree bark, a leaf, the forest floor, or a lizard’s skin. The fine details of your subject can often create stunning images. In your quest to snap the most Instagram-worthy shots, the most important thing to remember is to respect the animals and the environment. Be sure to bring bags with you to take any garbage or other waste with you, and stay on designated trails while exploring. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be taking incredible nature photos in no time.

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