DuPont Wealth - June 2019

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19 JUN



Summer’s finally here, and I’m sure many of our readers are gearing up for some well-earned vacations. Wherever you go and however you travel, I hope you make some amazing memories with your loved ones. For myself, the lines between family vacations and business trips have blurred. Often when I’m asked if I’m traveling for business or pleasure, I’m stumped. My line of work requires quite a bit of travel to stay on top of things. There are conferences, seminars, tech demos, and a hundred other words for what most would call “mind-numbing meetings.” The upside is that these events are often held in fantastic locations. Earlier this spring, I attended such an event at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida. Of course, Julia and Sophie had a fantastic time enjoying the beach, while I spent most of the trip in an air-conditioned boardroom. Still, our lodging was nice. This is the duality of my travel season. Just a week after I was sleeping at the Ritz, I found myself spending the night huddled on the floor of the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, as a result of a redirected and canceled flight. Needless to say it was not quite the five-star experience that I had the week before.

and 260 pounds, I’m not exactly built to fly. But the truth is I wouldn’t dream of missing these events.

Despite my many travel woes, I find these business trips incredibly energizing. Yes, the presentations and panels aren’t what most would deem “entertaining,” but I’ve always enjoyed them. I come out of those conference rooms having found new perspectives, innovative tools, and a greater understanding of how I can help you, my clients. Indeed, my role in the lives of my clients makes it a moral imperative for me to stay on the cutting edge. At least that’s how I see it. Some advisors may be content to lean on their experience alone, but in this day and age, yesterday’s wisdom is today’s popular misconception. The moment I stop learning is the moment I stop being the guide you deserve. So at the end of the day, I’m happy to board that plane, to sleep on that carpet, and to sit in those overly frosty boardrooms. When it comes to stewarding the lives of my clients, the destination matters more than the journey.

My stay on the airport carpet was while I was in route to a conference in Dallas. A


week after that was a meeting of the minds in Washington, DC. Now, I get a couple weeks off for good behavior — I never thought I could miss my own bed so much. But soon I will be off

again to Cleveland. This constant jet setting takes

its toll. At 6 feet, 4 inches

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