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JUNE 2018

Sometimes Compassion Means a Fight MY DRIVE BEHIND THE LAW

S ome of you may not know that when I went to law school, I had every intention of becoming an international lawyer. My father was an international pilot for Pam Am, and I was lucky enough to travel all over the world. I was sure I would spend my years as an attorney traveling the globe, solving complex problems for multinational corporations, and experiencing life’s great moments. But things changed when I took a “temporary” job at a midsize law firm in New Britain right after law school. That firm handled all kinds of matters for all different types of people — from rich to poor, and every kind of background imaginable. After a few months, I inadvertently stumbled onto the realization that I love dealing with “regular” people and helping them solve their problems. My world took on a new perspective. I realized that I could either traverse the globe and be a small fish in a huge pond, or I could help clients right here in my own neck of the woods. The decision was easy. I liked the idea

of staying in CT and being close to friends and family. Over the years, the gratification I’ve received from helping hundreds, if not thousands, of Connecticut families has been unbeatable. I love helping my clients learn the law, and educating them on their legal options, so we can work together toward finding solutions. I emphatically believe that creating informed clients, who are able to make informed decisions, is a vitally important part of being an attorney. Our goal is to help every client learn the law well enough so that they understand their options. We will spend as much time as it takes to be as sure as we can be that you understand every document we ask you to sign, and that you are comfortable when you leave our office, knowing exactly what direction we’re taking, and why. Love for the law isn’t my only passion in life. I have 5 1/2 beautiful children. Yes, that’s right — I have half a child. We were fortunate enough to bring a Chinese exchange student into our home a couple of years back and Xijuan (or “Dora” as she’s known here) will be with us for another year before she heads off to boarding school. We also have three dogs, “When you walk into our law firm, you’re not a client; you’re our partner.”

two cats, and a rabbit on the way. So it’s a busy household for the Becketts.

When you walk into our law firm, you’re not a client; you’re our partner. Every step of the way, you are an integral part of the case and its success. Whether it’s real estate, probate, estate planning, or bankruptcy, we’ll teach you and your family the law and will ask you to teach us about yourself. By working together, we will achieve the best possible outcome. –Suzann Beckett

Perhaps the greatest compliment you can give our firm is a referral. Referrals are our favorite way to grow our firm, as we are very choosy about the clients we work with. We find that our clients tend to refer friends/ family who hold similar values, and those are the ones we most enjoy helping. If you know someone who would benefit from our services, please ask them to give us a call.


Peace of Mind. Not a Piece of Paper TM


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