The Livewell Collective - July 2018


JULY 2018


As I write, I’m getting ready for my second-favorite holiday of the year — after Christmas, of course. The Fourth of July combines patriotism with a celebratory atmosphere at the peak of summer. It’s a great time to cut loose and enjoy the freedoms we sometimes take for granted in this country. You can bet I’ll be doing my part to make the day as celebratory as possible. Of course, as an entrepreneur, that means I need to work twice as hard ahead of time. As any affiliate owner will tell you, when you’re your own boss, there is no weekend. Not only do I have to get everything in my professional life squared away before July 4, but realistically, I also need to keep July 5 in mind, as well. If this year’s celebrations are as good as I hope, I’ll need a day to recover! I also try my best to prepare my body for the aftermath of the Fourth, since I fully expect to put on 5–6 pounds in beer and hot dogs before the day is through. At the very least, I do “The Seven” the day before the holiday.

were killed by a suicide bomber while attempting to gather crucial information for the fight against Al Qaeda.

“The Seven” honors the sacrifice of those seven brave men and women who put their love of country ahead of their own personal safety. Consisting of seven handstand pushups, seven 135-pound thrusters, seven knees to elbows, seven 245-pound deadlifts, seven burpees, seven 2-pood kettlebell swings, and seven pullups, it is both a symbolic and challenging workout. As with “Murph,” as you lift, thrust, and pull your way through “The Seven,” you really reflect on the courage and sacrifice that makes our nation possible.

“After such a physically and emotionally exhausting workout, you really earn the hot dogs and beer when it comes time to celebrate .”

In case you aren’t familiar with this particular hero WOD, here’s a quick breakdown. “The Seven” is a workout honoring the

Needless to say, after such a physically and emotionally exhausting workout, you really earn the hot dogs and beer when it comes time to celebrate. Most years, I spend the Fourth with friends and family, preferring to skip the crowds if possible. Still, it’s great to see so many people out and about celebrating America in the way they choose. And what could be more in the spirit of Independence Day than that freedom to celebrate? As we honor the ideas set forth in the Constitution and the generations of brave men and women who risked everything to defend those values, it’s only fitting that we take the time to enjoy life, liberty, and happiness in our own ways. For some of us, that means an intense workout; for others, it means having a beer with friends. For me, it means both. –Dave Colina Founder, O2

sacrifice of seven CIA officials who lost their lives in

Afghanistan on Dec. 30, 2009. Officers Jennifer Lynne Matthews, Scott Michael Roberson, Harold E. Brown Jr., Darren LaBonte, Elizabeth Hanson, and security contractors Jeremy Jason Wise and Dane Clark Paresi


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