Merlino & Gonzalez - February 2020

February 2020




MEET STEPHANIE DiANGELO Her Perspective on Life Enriches Ours

I believe my passion for investigating how things work and learning in general stems from a lifelong hobby of photography. While I was growing up, my parents avidly snapped pictures and recorded videos of me and my brother, and I’ve followed suit. In elementary school, you could always spot me with a Kodak camera in my pocket, and since then, photography has become a way for me to express myself and my creativity. I go out on the street and photograph whatever moves me, but I also have a real love for event photography. There’s something so special about recording life events through pictures. Those photographs become windows to the past, a way to recall special moments in life. That’s a powerful thing.

Stephanie DiAngelo is one of our newest paralegals. Since starting in August, she has charmed her way into the hearts of clients and colleagues alike. Her perpetually positive outlook and can-do attitude are a winning combination and bring a lot of value to what we do. Next time you’re in the office, take a minute to stop and chat with her. You’ll be glad you did. –Kenneth A. Gonzalez I was born and raised in Staten Island, and even though I’ve spent most of my life in New York, I’ve made sure to live it with plenty of variety. Prior to jumping into real estate law, I held various customer service jobs, including retail and front desk positions. But the most exciting job experience I had was in interior design. I love helping people find ways to feel inspired by the space they live in. So when I was looking to change things up, real estate law was naturally enticing. While I have a lot of experience with how professional offices operate, I am a newcomer to real estate law and still have a lot to learn. It’s been such a joy to discover that some of my best educational moments have come from our clients. Hearing the questions they ask helps me work on finding solutions for them and teaches me about the questions I should be asking in return. This kind of dynamic is what makes lawyers so effective at what they do; they know what someone needs before the person even realizes they need it themselves. I also connect with our clients because I used to think about law the same way most of them do when they first reach out for help. It can be very intimidating. Real estate law can get overwhelming when you don’t completely understand it. But in our office, everyone takes the work they do very seriously, and they do it in such a positive way that you can’t help but feel you’re in the very best of hands. Our approach is calming for both clients and staff.

My love for photography also comes from the traveling I’ve done. I’ve studied abroad in Italy and have visited a lot of states with my family. My boyfriend, Tom, and I strive to do as much exploring as possible, and our goal is to visit every single state at least once. These experiences have helped me become more understanding of the world outside my own perspective. When it comes to working in law and helping people through some of the most challenging decisions they may ever have to make so far, I’ve found my unique perspective invaluable. I can’t wait to keep connecting with people and doing my best to help them. –Stephanie DiAng e lo



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