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Apples, Leaves, and Football Fall in New England

AS YOU MAY KNOW, my summer vacation this year took me up to the wilds of Alaska. The trip was phenomenal. I’ll never forget the wildlife, whitewater rafting and exploring some of the most pristine, untouched land I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Even from a train car on the Alaskan railroad, it’s hard not to have to catch your breath. Returning from Alaska felt like a fitting conclusion to a wonderful summer. With the air starting to cool, I feel fall approaching, and that always means a few things for me. First, it’s apple season. We love to go apple picking. Even though produce at the markets seems to be getting better every year, it still doesn’t compare to the feeling and taste of pulling an apple from a tree and biting into it. The crispness, the combination of sweet and tart … that to me is fall in New England encapsulated into one bite. Of course, some of those exceptional apples end up going into a variety of baked goods. As the temperatures cool off, baking is my favorite way to heat up the house. You can bet that we’ll have plenty of apple crisp, apple pie, and applesauce on hand during the coming months. Maybe I’ll also try my hand at some apple turnovers. It would be fitting, given that the leaves are turning over as well. Not everyone relishes the frigid New England winter, but I’ve never met anyone who isn’t captivated by the beauty of our region during the fall. The leaves transform into a palette of autumnal colors, and the air even begins to smell different. My daily walks with my husband are always a joy, but maybe never more so than when every day brings with it a new shade in nature. Learn how to win a $25 Gift Card inside this issue! PROFESSIONAL PT PATIENTS, ENTER TO WIN!

Now, I know you’re probably reading this thinking, what about the Pats? Don’t worry, we’re huge Patriots fans, and fall wouldn’t be the same without watching them every Sunday. It’s been a golden era since we won the Super Bowl after the 2001 season, but I can still remember the days when being a Pats fan wasn’t a never-ending string of glories. The old Foxboro Stadium — with its metal bleachers and middling teams — is fun to think about now, but I’m in no rush to get back to those days. Hopefully even after Brady and Belichick ride off into the sunset, we can continue our winning ways. Before I sign off this month, I want to wish everyone a happy Halloween and a wonderful start to the holiday season. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we have

Getting ready to board the Alaskan railroad on a trip through Seward to Girdwood.

Me playing moose.

My husband, Ken, and me whitewater rafting in class 3-4 rapids in Denali National Park where the water was 33 degrees.

This is me holding a newborn puppy at Happy Trails Kennels. The owner Martin Busey won the Iditarod four times and raises sled dogs.

a long, mild autumn before the snow comes. If not, I’ll have to save some apples to bake as a reminder of one of my favorite times of year.

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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