gJoolz Gifts Summer Catalog 2023

Summer 2023

Hi, we are Gail and Bill Zona, the artisans behind gJoolz. We make all our gifts in our Amesbury studio. Bill is the woodworker. Gail makes the glass and does designs and laser-engraving. We love making gifts that bring smiles to faces! FAQs ORDERING Email gail@gJoolz.com . Call 855.424.2769. Visit www.gJoolz.com. Orders take 1-2 weeks.

Let us know if you have a tight deadline and we Will do our best to meet it for you.


Design, graphics, all engraving, gift box (see below), hand-written gift card, and shipping!


We can laser-engrave text and images on the front, back and bottom. Just ask!


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