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July 2019

My Two Interests in One Pursuing a Career in Law

I want to welcome all of my readers to my first newsletter edition. I’m very excited to get started on this, and I want to thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope it contains information you find interesting and useful. For our first issue, I want to write about my background: why I became an attorney and how important it is to me to have my own firm. Law is my second career. For my first career, I worked as a software consultant for a decade after college. (Young adult readers: Travel jobs are fun, but the routine will get old.) When my son was born, I craved another profession that would allow me to spend more time at home. I had always been interested in patent law, so I applied to law school at SMU. After four years of working full Facebook makes you immortal. In 2017, the legislature recently updated its Statutory Durable Power of Attorney form to include access to social media. Now, the Estates Code allows a court to order social media to grant access the deceased’s digital assets. In other words, your social media accounts don’t disappear after you pass away. Oh, and by the way, you can get served (substitute service) with a lawsuit through social media! Find out someone is crazy after 50 years, or not. Mental health records can be released to someone’s children 50 years after the patient’s death so long as the patient

time and going to school at night, I obtained my law degree.

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When I graduated, the bottom had fallen out of the patent law market, so I turned to other areas of law. Estate planning was a fantastic fit. My job as a consultant was to gather information that wasn’t easy to obtain and use it to produce a well-tailored product for a client’s benefit. Those products were carefully built and customized to fit, because one size never fits all. They were delivered with personal service, since a tailored solution and personal service are inseparable. If you don’t have one, then you can’t have the other. My lessons in the business world have shaped the way I practice law. This isn’t a large law firm — and that’s by design. When you work never demanded that they be kept from the children. Here’s the moral: If you have any mental health records that you don’t want anyone to see ever, call us and we can protect them. Elder rights are on the rise. In recent years, more laws have passed to protect the elderly from exploitation and abuse. Now, the penalty for phishing is triple if the victim is elderly. You can will your tattoos. At least one company specializes in transferring ink from a dead body onto paper or some

-Colin Smith

A Few Updates on the Law…

other medium, which can be framed and displayed as wall art. So, if someone keeps complimenting you on your tattoos and you don’t want to be buried with them, well, it’s something to consider. …. And the one that got away. House Bill 412 would require the Longhorns and Aggies to play each other in football annually, beginning in 2020. If any one of the two refused, then that university would be prohibited from issuing any athletic scholarships the following year. The bill failed to get a hearing. | 1

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