Community Impact Publication 2020

Great Plains Health utilizes infection control team to help community

In January 2020, the infection control professionals at Great Plains Health formed a plan of action for the possibility of a pandemic with the COVID-19 virus. Jenny Lantis, RN, Great Plains Health infection prevention coordinator explained, “Preparing for an outbreak wasn’t something that surprised us. My job is to keep people safe from infectious disease at any time.” Under the supervision of Eduardo Freitas, MD, Lantis took her skill and expertise to help the community. Along with Jasmine Hahn, RN, they visited various schools and businesses to help implement safe practices. James McGown, Superintendent, Brady Public School, said: “We are a small rural school district. We do not have a school nurse and our Pandemic Procedure Committee was primarily made up of educators, not health experts. Jenny and Jasmine walked around our building and helped us develop plans based on scientific knowledge. They took the

time to process what a ‘new normal’ day could look like while being sensitive to the needs of our students and staff.” “We needed the guidelines on COVID-19 from various governmental agencies paraphrased,” explained McGown. “Jenny and Jasmine did that, and explained what that meant in a school setting. GPHealth filled in the gaps in a time of need and provided assistance so we could safely start the school year. I am proud to report that we have had minimal disruptions. This is largely due to the procedures that were implemented with the assistance of GPHealth.”

Lantis and Hahn also collaborated with North Platte Public Schools, Hershey Public School, the Walmart Distribution Center and Gary’s Superfoods. In partnership with North Platte Chamber and Development and West Central District Health Department, they hosted a virtual Q&A session for area businesses, which over 150 businesses took part in. “All the community sites we visited were very knowledgeable and prepared.” said Lantis, “They had done their homework. We basically helped reassure them that they were doing what was best and tweaked a few things here and there.”

My mask protects you . Your mask protects me.

“Wear a mask for me so I can stay in school and participate in sports during my senior year.” -Rachel, North Platte Catholic Schools

“Wear a mask for me so we are able to participate in extracurricular activities!” -Ty, Sutherland High School

“Wear a mask for me. My dad is a firefighter and I want him to be safe.” -Violet, Brady Schools

“I wear a mask to help others stay safe and not get sick.” -Isaiah, North Platte Public Schools

“My job is to keep people safe from infectious disease at any time.” -Jenny Lantis, RN Infection Prevention Coordinator

“I want to enjoy my senior year at school and play football this fall.” -Michael, Maxwell Schools

“Wear a mask for me because I’m excited to finally be in kindergarten!” -Karson, North Platte Public Schools

“Wear a mask for me because I want to have an uninterrupted volleyball season.” -Tahlia, Hershey Schools

“It’s my first year at school and I want to see my teacher

and friends in person.” - Knox, Wallace Schools

Wear a mask for me.

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