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PROJECT PROFILE | CARLSBAD, CA Beach Access Beautification Complies Despite Tough Permits Modular Wetlands® Systems

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Ocean Street Beach Access Carlsbad, California

Introduction The California coast is considered one of the most beautiful and valuable landscapes in the world. Broad, golden beaches, wildlife, waves, sunsets, and seemingly endless iconic bluffs. On the surface, California’s coastal cliffs appear durable and tough, but Mother Nature and development can cause rapid erosion that threatens their stability. Coastal communities and economies depend on them for many reasons, but the cliffs are a symbol of both California’s beauty and fragile environment. In many towns along the coast, the bluffs are where community begins. They stand at the edge of a neighborhood or street, while acting as causeways and access points for millions of beach goers, tourists, and surfers every year. Due to this constant foot traffic, weather, and erosion, these cliffs can be difficult to maintain, especially in the busiest parts of San Diego county. Situation The City of Carlsbad has some of the most iconic and historic cliff-to-beach access points, and they are immediately adjacent to the downtown Carlsbad Village area. The city’s plan was to revitalize these 5 heavily used, but

narrow pathways for long-term stability, traffic, and beauty. Designs would have to incorporate new stairways and landings, lush landscaped tiers, and drainage systems from the top of the access to the bottom, where toes meet the sand. Every aesthetic element was required to blend in with the environment and provide stable ground cover, while all structural elements needed to provide a functional foundation in these adverse conditions. These site constraints created a true multifunctional design that could have the City of Carlsbad setting the standard for the future of California’s iconic coastal projects.

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