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July 2020

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Helping Injured Alabamians Make Great Decisions Regarding Their Legal Issues Memories of Video Games From Pong to Bingo

When I learned there was a holiday called Video Games Day taking place this month on June 8, I had to pause and think about the different games I’ve played over the years. I’ve never been a big video game player, but I’ve played several times with my family, which has always been a lot of fun. I’ve also had the chance to see just how far video games have come over the years. As I was growing up, the first video game, Pong, was released. It was just two paddles on either side of the screen and a ball bounced back and forth, very similar to table tennis. At the time, it was considered high-tech because players could connect the game console to the television. I also used to really enjoy Space Invaders, where you control a little tank at the bottom of the screen and shoot down enemy invaders. In college, I’d head down to the local bar and play a few rounds on it with a few of my buddies if we had the time. Today, my kids are 25 and 20, but they were young around the same time the Atari was first released. I remember I had a lot of fun playing with my kids, though they would beat me every time. We had a game where you could ski down snowy slopes, and my girls and I would race. I’d lose spectacularly each time, even if I cheated, which I couldn’t do very well either. But it was always a ton of fun, and I never minded losing as long as we were having fun. Some of the games I’ve played and enjoyed more regularly over the years are board games. Monopoly was and still is one of my favorite

games because it allows big groups of people to play together. Another one of my favorites is Battleship. What drew me to that particular game was my dad. I don’t remember when I first heard or played the game, but what I do remember is how much I loved it because it reminded me of him. My dad served in the Navy during World War II and was stationed in the Pacific during that time. He also used to like watching old WWII movies, which we’d watch together. We even had a chance to visit the USS Alabama, the old WWII ship parked in Memorial Park. I think I was interested in Battleship so much because my dad had an interest in those kinds of things. Although I don’t remember ever playing it with him — the two of us were more inclined to play tennis — I still think of him whenever I see the game.

While we never had set schedules for family game nights, there was one tradition we liked to keep up on: taking the girls out to visit the country club to play Bingo every Thursday night. Carlee and Allee were always excited for Thursday because they got to go to the club to play with other kids and adults. While Bingo was always a hit or miss on who won, I could always win at air hockey. We had an air hockey table for a few years, and I loved playing for a little bit and just having fun. Overall, I think it’s been quite an experience to see how much video games and board games have evolved over the years. It’s fascinating from a technology standpoint — from starting out with Pong to having thousands of video games available today. It’s incredible. I think the real good that comes out of any kind of game is that you enjoy it, whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends and family. Win or lose, having a good time is what truly counts.

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