Albrecht Law - May 2020


May 2020

Is Anyone Still Out There? We’re Still Open andWorking for You and Our Civil Rights

we’ve had to help people find new pathways through the regulations so they can continue to be productive. In addition to servicing our clients, one of our main goals is to ensure our civil rights don’t die just because we are fighting a pandemic. For example, local firearms dealers have been forced to shut down, but Walmart is still able to sell ammunition and firearms. Local candy makers are shut down, but Walmart and Costco are selling candy by the bucket. This squeezes out our local businesses who are trying to survive and limits available options to those who live in smaller towns without access to big-box stores. We’ve been fighting for small-business owners, including local shops, restaurants, and arms sellers, to ensure that Costco andWalmart aren’t the only businesses that survive this pandemic. (No, I’ve got nothing against Costco, by the way, I’m a big fan — but I’m also a fan of smaller local businesses getting fair treatment from our government.) Small businesses need our support now more than ever, and anything we can do to help them, whether that’s through our legal expertise or purchasing gift cards and takeout, is beneficial. We have also been advocates in the court system to guarantee our clients have their day in court and aren’t delayed in getting

By the time you read this, the world may look very different, but when we were writing this in late March, we still had people squabbling over toilet paper and were just a few weeks into our quarantine from COVID-19. In fact, we’re writing this newsletter from a secure mountain location. We’re curious to know if this will all be worse or better by May, but in the meantime, we thought you should know that we are here, we’re still alive, and we’re still working for our clients. I had a bit of a front-row seat to what was happening in our world in early 2020 when I was flying to Seattle in January and February for depositions. When I returned to the office in February, I knew we had to take precautions. We began sanitizing the office twice every day and moving our meetings with clients to the phone or through video conferencing. By March, our in-person office hours were limited. Then, prior to any statewide lockdowns in late March, we agreed to shut down and go remote, with the exception of someone in the office to answer our phones. By the time the announcement came, we were prepared to move our operations off-site. Because of the new regulations and restrictions that have been enacted by states, businesses, and the federal government,

the justice they may need. In fact, we’ve been taking on new clients and welcoming people to seek us out for their legal needs. We have alternative meeting solutions to ensure each check-in is safe, secure, and productive. You deserve help regardless of the state of the world. While I cannot predict what the world will look like in May, I do know that our country and other civilizations have survived this before. When we look at the swine flu, the Spanish flu, SARS, and more, we see that there have been plenty of past instances of fighting against disease outbreaks. It would be unwise to bet against our country. Now is a good time to invest in our future and work hard to ensure it’s a bright one for us all. So, regardless of what has happened in the month since we wrote this newsletter, I hope it finds you well and safe. I know it’s an anxious time for many people, but I’m confident that it’s all going to work out. We’ll still be here for you, even if it’s just via video conference from an undisclosed secure mountain location.

We’ve created a completely contact-free way to complete Estate Planning so nobody has to risk their health to get their will or health care directives in place. During the crisis, we’re offering this as a free service to health care workers — send any who need this our way so we can ease their stress just this little bit. | 1

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