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Why I Love Celebrating ChristmasWith My Kids

W hen I think back on the laughter, and happiness. My parents were able to get me wonderful gifts, and each year I was excited about whatever they wrapped up for me. I can still remember getting the exact toys I wanted. One year I even got a bike. However, the most memorable Christmases, and my favorites, have been as an adult celebrating with my own children. Eight years ago, my daughter, Emily, was born seven days before Christmas. Even if I tried I could never forget that day. It changed my life. We were able to take her home soon after she was born. That was the first year we had to buy an artificial tree instead of picking out a live Christmases of my childhood, my memories are filled with joy,

THE MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMASES, AND MY FAVORITES, HAVE BEEN AS AN ADULT CELEBRATING WITH MY OWN CHILDREN. After my son, Alex, was born and our kids grew older, my favorite part of Christmas was watching my kids’ faces light up as they ran downstairs to see all the presents under the tree. When they were much younger and would unwrap their presents, they would end up playing with the boxes and wrapping paper instead of their actual toys. I used to joke with Adrienne that we could have just given them boxes for the first few years of their lives and it would have been their best Christmas ever. Now that they’re older, we have introduced them to new traditions. Currently, we have an Elf on the Shelf named Flower. Each night, Flower moves to a new spot in the house, and it’s a blast to watch the kids come down each morning and run around to find where she is. Our kids continue to love the spirit of Christmas more and more each year, and one, since we had no time with the new baby on the way. She sat quietly in her bouncer as we opened up presents. I can still remember how tiny she was and how the lights twinkled on her onesie.

Adrienne and I are doing what we can to facilitate that for them.

Since that first Christmas with Emily as a newborn, we have retired the artificial tree for a fragrant, yet slightly messier, live tree. Every year, we plan a family outing to go pick out our Christmas tree. We get all bundled up and go to the same tree farm each year to find the tree. After we choose the very best one and cut it down, then we all help drag the tree to our car. The kids love helping us pick it, and they take their jobs very seriously when it’s time to drag it out. I only hope they maintain this enthusiasm as they grow older! As I mentioned last year, Christmas is a special time for our family, not only because of the wonderful memories made, but because we also celebrate many birthdays during the month. Emily’s birthday is on Dec. 18, Adrienne’s birthday is on Christmas Day, and my father-in-law’s birthday is the 26. It feels like we celebrate the whole month, and it’s just a fun time of the year for everyone.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. We will see you soon.

–Michael M Gilbert, DPT

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