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JPMChase: $380 Oil Worst Case ($30 2020, 2016, 2009) Blue Collar Workers Will Be OK, White Collars Not So Much Russia Rains Missiles Near Odessa NATO Revises Its Strategic Vision (2) NYT On NATO’s Strategic Vision (nyt$) Yes, Humans & All Manner of Life Will Be Engineered, Now By CRISPR High Schools Are Using CRISPR Gene Editor (nyt$) Travel For July 4th Is A Mess


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Source: Jonathan Ernst/ Reuters G7’s $600B Global Infrastructure To Counter China’s

Source: AP Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade; States Can Ban Abortion

Source: Reuters/Sergey Pivovarov Russian Military Helicopter Crossed Into NATO

Source: Fernando Vergara/AP Gustavo Petro Wins – Colombia’s First Leftist President

Source: Juweek Adolphe/Alyson Hurt For KHN And NPR 100M People In The U.S. Live With Medical Debt




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AI™ Project

U.S. Expands Military & Contractors In EU – BJYFederal™

Intermittent Fasting, Nerve Healing & 3-Indolepropionic


Acid (IPA)^

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

How NASA Will Get Us To The Moon

U.S. Covid Deaths 7d Avg: June 29, 2022: 382 June 29, 2021: 282

AI Automated Diagnosis Of Neurological Disorders

U.S. Spaceport Locations

Artificial Intelligence In Neuro-Ophthalmology

NYC Positives At 5 Month High, Expecting 6th Wave

NASA Launches From Australia – There’s More To It

Artificial Intelligence In Paediatric Neuroradiology

Study: Living Near Busy Road Increases Premature Death 20% (2)

Source: AP/Susan Walsh U.S. To Increase Military Presence In Europe

Expect Tether “Stablecoin” To Collapse

What A Start Engine AI Money Raise Looks Like

Tesla & PG&E Partner On Powerwall Virtual Powerplant

Google AI: Fluent Speech Is Not Fluent Thought

11 “Mispriced” Stocks To Consider

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare And Medical Imaging

Source: National Hurricane Center Tropical Storm Bonnie’s Formation

Source: Reuters/Eloisa Lopez Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Takes Oath As Philippine President

NATO Returns To Combat Stance

Source: Dignited Brazil: USB-C Chargers Mandatory, Like EU

Ukraine Takes Snake Island, Russia Retreats

Firefox Can Now Remove Tracking Parameters From URLs

Source: Pubs AI Diagnostic Performance For Fractures On Radiographs.

France: Russia Cannot Win; New War Crimes

New York Times Front Page

Warren Wants His $96B Estate Spent In 10 Years —

AI – Preparing For Radiology’s Future

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Joe Rogan Goes DeSantis

Michael Jordan Parties In Nashville

U.S. Newspapers Dying At 2 Per Week

Source: Lucas Schreff Computer Simulations Show Effectiveness Of Muscular Control

Google’s New Division Bets Big On Govt Work – BJYFederal™

Columns™ Monthly May 2022 Issue In Flip-Page, Great For Phones

Top Social Media Creators Say Star Power Is Fleeting

Austin’s Nuclear Power Reactors For Space

Source: Thomas Splettstoesser Protein In Parkinson’s Disease & New Treatments

Source: Vanderbilt Vanderbilt’s Richard Sando & Synaptic Brain Wiring, Rewiring During Lifetime

Source: Monarch Tractor California Won’t Allow Autonomous Tractors Yet – NIH?

Image-Guided Partial Nephrectomy

Source: Glen Youngkin Youngkin 2024

Vanderbilt Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment & Management.

Source: Pfizer Coronavirus Will Likely Evade Paxlovid, Eventually

Supremes End “Remain In Mexico” Policy

Vanderbilt – Challenges Facing Digital Healthcare

Elmo Gets Vaxxed

Self-Supervised Learning Techniques For Neuroimaging Data

Source: Airbnb Airbnb’s Global Party Ban Is Now Permanent

Russia Abandons Snake Island In Ukraine

Source: The Conversation A Primer On Lab Biosafety

Levels BL1 – BL4 (2) - BJYFederal™

Source: Bair FIGS (Fast Interpretable Greedy-Tree Sums) For ML Decision Trees

Source: ALLIE SULLBERG U.S. Has Only 60,000 EV Charging Stations, Not Near Enough For Mass EV Adoption

U.S. Covid Deaths 7d Avg: June 27 2022 - 398 June 27 2021 - 308

MIT: “Clean Steel” Has Great Impact (2)

SARS-CoV-2 Still Mutating

Models Of Fetal Brain To Postnatal Cortex Folding

Odds Of New, More Lethal Covid Variant Far Above 1 In 20 (2)

Larry Summers Right Again: Hard Recession, Millions Laid Off

Danish Job Search Engine Files Suit On Google

AGI’s Lethalities – Eliezer Yudkowsky

“Mild” Omicron Highly Lethal – Not What You Assumed™

MIT: Actually, CRISPR Can Engineer Babies

Predictability Of Recommender Systems

How Long Covid Gives Rise To New Variants

How CRISPR Works (nyt$)

Harvard: Comprehensive Covid Findings

Source: ABR You Call It – Is The Austin Housing Market Resetting?

U.K. MPox Cases Pass 1,000

Source: DALL-E How Imagen Actually Works

Source: Flickr Nashville’s Briya Reshaping Medical Research

Source: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Covid Fattens Up Our Body’s Cells To Fuel Its Viral Takeover

Source: Reuters Turkey Lifts Objection To Finland, Sweden Joining NATO

Source: MPI Special Interneuron Networks In The Human Brain

Why Nashville Is Where To Live, Plus All The Fun (3)

A New ML Model For Video- Language Analysis

Source: Outrider USA Outrider USA’s Coyote – An All- Electric 4WD ATV

AI Researchers Propose Neural Diffusion Processes

Nashville Booms, Luxury Tourists Delighted

Where Are The Greater Fools – Crypto’s $2 Trillion Crash

AI Chip That Comprises Sensing And Processing Elements

Nashville NASCAR Winners

Source: Yale University How The Liver Can Control The Brain And Behavior (2)

How To Delete Yourself From The Internet

CASH.AI™ Does Daily Statements, Flags Excess Spending

U.S. Ramps Up Military In Europe

WSJ: It’s The Value Investor’s Era

Is Google’s Chatbot Self-Aware?

NYT: G7 Says Sanctions Failed, Goes To Plan B (nyt$)

AI Is Changing Humans, Most Don’t See It

Apple’s Flood Of New Fall Products

Turkey, Finland, Sweden Reach NATO Agreement

Gates: AI Compute Power Doubles Every 3½ Months (‘20)

Warren’s Likely Buying All Of 8.6 P/E Occidental Petroleum OXY (3)

Elon Explains Who Controls The White House

Gates: “AI Will Be Worth 10 Microsofts” (‘19)

Ford Ends Its Buyouts On All EV Leases

A Wide Range Of WiFi Routers Under Attack – Be Vigilant

Stephen Hawking’s AGI Warning

Twitter Approves Deal Elon Hates

A Primer For Getting Started With AI & Machine Learning

Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony – 8 Bombshells

AI Enterprise Management Using Deep Learning

Gas Stations Now Hold Up To $175 On Your Card, Up 40%

Will Neuroscience Shape The Metaverse?

Source: Frontiers Robotic Arms Connected To Brain Of Partially Paralyzed Man Allows Him To Feed Himself

Biosafety Labs – Pathogens & Toxins

Brain Applies ‘Data Compression’ When Making Decisions (2) Artificial And Biological Neural Networks Underlying Sensorimotor Integration

Source: Hyundai Hyundai EV Sales Climb

Vanderbilt Receives Three Breast Cancer Research Awards

LG Electronics Moves Into EV Charging Business

U.S. Covid Death Rate 7d Avg: 1 per 1 million Austin Covid Death Rate 7d Avg: 0.4 per 1 million

Apple’s AR/VR Headset Arrives In January 2023

Neural Networks With Connection Laplacians

Source: AP Sudanese Forces Attack Ethiopian Troops

Vanderbilt Team Awarded Long- Covid Study Grant

Training Data From Trained Neural Networks

Arthritis National Research Awards 2022-2023 Grants To 19

U.S. Stocks Open Slightly Up – Machts Nichts

Creating True AI And The Singularity (2:05:04)

Artificially Intelligent Systems & AGI

NLP Natural Language Processing Challenges

Source: Andrew Cunningham Microsoft Windows 8.1 Support Ends Soon

Source: Scitechdaily

Elon: Tesla Factories “Gigantic Money Furnaces Right Now”

UT Austin Discovers Oldest Life Viral Infections

AI “Now-Casting” Economic Uncertainty By Houston’s Complete Intelligence

Warren’s First Move When Stock Markets Crash

Vanderbilt UMC: Food Allergy & Lower Risk Of Covid

Source: Flickr Nashville Transformed By Luxury Tourism

Source: Frontiers Bayesian Learning Method With Temporal Correlation

Source: Vanderbilt University New Aging-Related Molecular Pathway Discovered At Vanderbilt

GPU Computing Engine Of The Neuron Simulator

Source: Amazon Amazon’s Alexa To Mimic Dead Relatives’ Voices

Speech Processing In The Brain With Self-Supervised Learning

Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints At AR/VR Headset

AI “Red” Teams

Pentagon Finds Elon’s SpaceX More And More Useful

Text-To-Image AI Struggled With Self-Portrait

Source: Shutterstock Nashville vs. Austin

Ford & GM Turn On Each Other In EV Race (wsj$)

Source: Hindawi Deep Learning And Symmetric Difference Algorithms

Source: JCI Insight Scientists Decipher The Danger Of Gummy Phlegm In Severe Covid

Source: Connected Energy Repurposed EV Batteries Will Be Big Business

Source: Tanner Boriack via Unsplash Major Projects Changing Nashville

Spiking Neural Networks Exploiting Memristive Devices

Brain-Inspired Electronics

10 Value Stocks To Evaluate (2)

How The Ukraine War Ends – You Haven’t Heard This

Human Intelligence Analysis Through Perception Of AI

Russian Missile Destroys Ukraine Mall With 1,000+ Inside

China To Review All

Social Media Comments (2)

Neural Data By Other Large- Scale Recording Techniques

Nashville Airport Gets Live Music, Fun, Food

Crypto Insurance – You’re Kidding

Explaining Deep Learning Mysteries

Nashville Grand Ole Opry Owner Buys Austin City Limits Music Venue and W Hotel

Warren & Bill’s Estates, B&MG Foundation (2, 1 wsj$)

How The Brain Learns Solutions That Generalize

I-180 And Vanderbilt UMC Becoming The Medical Corridor

Source: Martino Dino Luxury Wellness Hotels – MRIs And IVs

AI And Understanding Of Human Behavior

Vanderbilt Poll: Nashville Headed In Wrong Direction

Human-Computer Interaction

UT Austin Develops Undergrad Research

Source: Adweek Metaverse Standards Forum Launched

You Decide If It’s True About AI Emotions (2)

Source: EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF NEUROLOGY (EAN) Covid Positives – Far Higher Stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s (2)

Source: Postuszero Rising Rents Make Life Difficult For Artists In Nashville

Covid Cognitive Decline More Widespread Than Thought

Source: FedEx GM Delivers 150 Electric Vans To FedEx

Settlement Reached In Federal Lawsuit Over Nashville Robocalls

Pfizer’s Omicron Vaccine

Supremes Rule Schools Cannot Bar Prayers On Playing Field

Alzheimer’s Affects Most Known Brain Pathways

Russia Defaults On Foreign Debt (Treasury Bonds) (2)

No Sign Sanctions Are Sinking Russia’s Economy Yet

Source: Google – Google’s PaLM: Translates Code, Summarizes Text, Does Legal Briefs And Chains-Of- Thought; But It’s Not Conscious –

Gates: The Most Likely Economic Scenario 11:13

Dalio & Rose: Probability Of Civil War 3:11

China Has Access To All U.S. TikTok Data

Americans Gave Almost Half A Trillion In 2020 —

Breakdown Of Charitable Donations 2020 —

Understanding Federal Grants Top-Down —

Source: Meta Meta Unveils VR Headset Prototypes

Metals Price Crash Worst In 14 Years

Source: Pexels Hormones & Female Sleep Apnea

Source: Meta Meta’s Transparent Memory Offloading

Source: Tropical Wave In Atlantic

NATO: Telegram Encryption Cracked, Not Secure

Flu Vaccination Linked To 40% Reduced Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

McKinsey Claim: Metaverse Spend $5 Trillion By 2030^

How To Sell $1 Products – 1B2Q^

Source: Google Google’s New LIMoE Uses Brain-Like “Experts” (2)

Replacing Google Search & Ads With Search You Want – SnApp™

The Association For The Advancement Of Artificial Intelligence

Warren Just Bought Floor & Decor

AI That Airbrushes Faces & Bodies

Zuck’s Metaverse Is DOA, Period (op)

Google: Quantum Computing ML Advantages

China: Only AI Cloned A Pig

On The Path To Creative AI

Intel’s Joscha Bach – Agency In An Age Of Machines (1:30:26s)

Source: Landline Seed-Firing Drone Can Plant 40,000 Trees A Day

Transformative Potential Of Artificial Intelligence

Ben Goertzel – Open-Ended vs Closed-Minded Conceptions Of SuperIntelligence (58:38)

Source: NIAID New Antibody Analysis Predicts Severe Covid Outcomes

Convergence Accelerator Program – National Science Foundation

Common Model Of The Intelligent Decision Maker

Brain Waves Related To Social Behavior

Source: Techcrunch Telegram Premium Launched For $4.99 Per Month^

FDA Takes Juul eCigarettes Off Market (2)

Subjective Age, You’re Only As Old As You Feel (2)^

Four Alzheimer’s Theories Funded: Stem Cells, Lipids, Brain Wastes, DNA Changes

Source: Dailystar Putin’s New Special Forces Top General

Source: Solos /SnApp 13 Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses – SnApp™ Solos^

Source: SCMP China’s AI Unmanned Navy Ship Passes Trials – What Production Rate?

Google Going All-In On Healthcare


Morro Bay World’s Largest Power Storage – BJYEnergy™

MPox Spreads In NYC

UT Austin Joins As 20 R1 Research Universities In Hispanic Alliance

…More On SCOTUS & Prayers On Field

Polio Virus Detected In U.K. Sewage (2)

Wind & Solar Keep Texas Grid Up

The EV Charger Landscape – InLineAI™

UT Austin’s New Immersive Experience Lab (dup)

= SCOTUS: It’s Up To States, Or A Constitutional Amendment (no link) =

Newer Covid Subvariants Are Less Vulnerable To Immunity

NReal’s Dev Kit – $10k Per Winner

G-7 To Ban Russian Gold Imports

Induced By Vaccination And Previous Infection

Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, And Cognitive Neuroscience

GM Shuts EV Truck Factory 4 Weeks

Apple’s AR & Glasses Developer

Links Between Grit And Cognitive Function

Quantum Brain Networks Integrates Neurotech, AI, And Quantum Computing

Eyelash-Size Single Cell Bacterium Discovered

Kit (4)

Review Of Brain-Inspired AI

Google’s AR & Glass Dev Kit (3)

Artificial & Biological Networks & Their Functional Convergence

Amazon AWS’ AR Tools

Microsoft’s AR Dev Kit


5 Important AR Development Tools

Source: Japan’s Power Shortage As Temperatures Climb

Meta’s AR-VR Kit (2)

Russia Strikes Kyiv As G7 Leaders Meet In Germany

U.S. Senators: Universal Chargers

UN Chief Warns Of Global Food Catastrophe

– Summer Is Here! –

Source: Sciencedirect Circuits Linked To Spontaneous Autonomic Arousal In Humans

Do Blended Burgers Count?

Treatment Of Most Common Arthritis & Urate Lowering (ULT)

A Realistic Model Of Speech Processing In The Brain

Source: White House Pool GM Hikes Hummer EV Pickup $6,250

NIH: 57 ULT Questions & Answers (2)

Is It MSU Or CPPD Arthritis?

Hyperuricemia & Treatment (3)

Source: Springer

Preventing AI Rogue Devices Acting Independently

The Singularity And The Law

AGI – Artificial General Intelligence Is Not Near Term.

Source: AP Earthquake Hits Eastern Afghanistan

Artificial Open World For Evaluating AGIs

Source: Beewise USDA Will Put You, This Machine, & Your Bees In Business (2)

– Pi’s 100 Trillionth Decimal Place Is “0” (Google) –

DOD: Elon’s SpaceX Defeat Of Russian Attack “Eye Watering”

Source: Nature AGI Via A Multimodal Foundation Model

Source: Arch Manning QB Arch Manning, #1 2023, Goes Texas

Big Tech Big Layoffs

Cognitive Architectures For Artificial Intelligence Ethics

U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand And U.K. Form Pacific Group

AI Appears To Generate It’s Own Language

Evolution As A Transfer Of Information, And Randomness (Darwinism) Is A Weak Theory. Elon: AGI By 2029 (He always gets the What right, but When stretches)

Source: Pixabay For Most, Vitamins & Supplements A ‘Waste Of Money’

Children Spread Covid Easier

Source: Solar Sale USA/Facebook – Easy, Fast, Efficient Solar – SUNz™ & PVTS™

Brain Blood Vessel Circulation & Alzheimer’s Treatment

Human Operators Still Essential In “Autonomous” Vehicles

SpaceX Getting Closer To It’s Massive Starship Launch

Cleaner, Greener, And Faster AI Driving

AI Generalisation Via Creativity

MIT AI /AGI Recap & Comments

Source: Reuters Kellogg To Split Into 3: Snacks, Cereals, Plant-Based Food – “ESWPF”

Bangladesh, India Floods – Millions In Need Of Aid

Source: Wiley Brain Networks Related To Language And Theory-Of-Mind

Austin’s 3AI™ Artificial Intelligence Goes For The $122 Billion

Source: Alexander Pyatkov Snap Testing Snapchat+ Subscription Service – SnApp™

Source: The Lancet Lancet: Pollution’s Deadly Toll – 1 in 6 Deaths Worldwide U.S. Death Rate From Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis Triples Over 2 Decades (2)

Source: Joe Songer Here Comes The Young Alabama U.S. Senator, Perhaps Decades

Source: DeepMind We May Never Achieve AGI (op)

Sources: GM/Twitter Cadillac Celestiq Built At Tech Center – GM’s Tech Plan

Females More Likely To Suffer From Long Covid

New 988 National Mental Health Hot Line Up July 16

What China Knows About Zero Covid, But We Don’t 8:56

Source: Researchsquare Development Of Brain-Inspired Computing And Edge AI^

Source: Flickr Vienna Named World’s Most Liveable City

Source: Tesla Tesla Raises Prices Of Model 3 And Model X

Ford Calls Almost All MachEs, 49,000, “No Power” Fails

NASA’s Weather Satellite Launch Fails, It’s Not SpaceX

Source: Public Domain

… More On The Tesla Price Increases

Single Brain Scan Can Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Peter Overmann Triadic Memory — A Fundamental Algorithm For Cognitive Computing

Source: H.E.B. Manor (East Austin Area) New 95 Acre Retail Development

Source: Tumblr Microsoft Shuts Internet Explorer Browser, Edge Is Based On Google

World’s Largest Buc-ees Coming To Greater Austin Area

The Arctic War – It’s Russia & China vs U.S. Canada Greenland Norway Sweden Finland & NATO


Source: Sciencephile The AI /Youtube Functional Brain Model To Solve AGI.

Source: Rohit Singhal Covid Spreads During Short Conversations

DeSantis Closing In On Trump 2024

Ecosystem Path To AGI

Source: Toyota Toyota’s New 8.7kw Home Battery

Why DeSantis Can Win

30-Year Study Links Childhood Obesity & Fitness To Midlife Cognition (2)

El Salvador Tanks With Bitcoin

Austin Is Elon’s Center, SpaceX Building East (2)

Bill’s Right Again: NFTs & Crypto – Based Only On Greater Fools

Low Fat Diet Adverse For Cardiovascular & All-Causes Health 1:20:18

Applied Material’s $2B Hutto Expansion

Get Rid Of Your Fridge In Austin

70% Severe & Hospitalized Covid Increase In Israel

St. Davids Couldn’t Compete, Closes Cedar Park ER

NFT Theft & Fraud At World’s Largest NFT Market

Source: MIT

Source: TechInAsia 2023 Plan For CBDC In India

NATO – WWIII Over Kaliningrad & Lithuania? (2)

Deep Learning And AGI — Still A Long Way To Go

Warren & Charlie Right About Bitcoin, As Usual

Approaching Human Cognition From Many Angles

Elon Says He’s Worried About Keeping Tesla Out Of Bankruptcy

Berkshire Portfolio Down $65B So Far 2Q22

Supremes 6 to 3: Concealed Gun Carry Cannot Be Barred 14:24

How Apple’s Design A-Team Dissolved

Source: Heather Callaway, Ph.D., LJI New High-Resolution Rabies Virus & Potential Vaccines

Ukraine Withdraws From Sievierodonetsk

Ultra-Stealth Linux Backdoor Malware

College Grads Get Job Offers Yanked

Source: BAIR Human-In-The-Loop For Artificial Augmented Intelligence

Russia Could Cut Off Gas Supply To Europe

A VC’s Human-Centric Path To AGI

Source: Rivian Rivian R1S Delayed Again “A Few Months”

Computing Innovations For Scale-Up Of Brain-Inspired Intelligence

An Interactive Map Of EV Investment In 50 States

Hybrid Spiking AI Neural Network Training

Source: REUTERS India To Support Sri Lanka To Overcome Economic Crisis

Stocks Will Go On Sale 19:45

Brain-Inspired Computing Needs A Master Plan

EET: Level 5 EVs Unlikely Before 2035

Biden’s No Gas ($0.18/g) & Diesel Tax, 3 Months (2)

Hail Elon! But It’s 25% Odds Tesla L4 By 2026 (op)

10 China BioTech Stocks To Watch Balance Sheets & P/E

Source: International Journal Of Environmental Research

Claim: Virtual Exercise Reduces Anxiety & Psychosocial Stress

Have You Heard Of Uber Freight (And Waymo)

Closing Schools And Workplaces Reduces Early Covid Deaths

DOE Loaning $500 Million At A Time For Hydrogen

Source: Koen Olthuis, This Floating City Is Real

Source: Frontiers


Lennar Cuts New Home Prices As They Fall

Brain-Inspired Theory Of Mind Spiking Neural Networks

Kidney Damage From High Uric Acid (Diet Purines)

U.S. & Iran Naval Confrontation In Strait of Hormuz

Modeling Diverse Vision Tasks Without Modifications

U.S. Mpox Cases Triple In 2 Weeks

Harvard: Mark Cuban’s Pharmacy Could Save Americans Billions

Steps For Scaling Implicit Neural Representations

EPA: “Forever Chemicals” At Very Low Levels Are High Risk

Biden’s Credible Nicotine Plan

Deep Learning On Implicit Neural Datasets

Source: The Verge The $299 Drone – swift™ (2)

The Chip That Tests For 200 Viruses

NATO Isolates Russia’s Kaliningrad

Microsoft CTO (& Elon): AI Should Be Regulated

Long Covid Risk Less From Omicron Variant

How To Use Android Apps On Your Chromebook

If Putin Wants WWIII With NATO, This Could Do It

Carla Simulator For Autonomous Driving

Artificial Neural Networks (AI) Model Facial Processing In Autism

Peloton Hires $1M Ex-Amazon Accountant - What Can He Do? (2)

Roadside Objects Can Cause AVs To Stop Abruptly

Zuckerberg Loses Again – Drops His Apple Watch Competitor

Dear Elon, Why AGI Won’t Be By 2029

Bias In Public Acceptance Of Autonomous Vehicles

Source: Attila Kisbenedek, AFP Spain Considers Hi-Tech Leopard Tanks For Ukraine

Companies Rescinding Job Offers

Source: Pixabay How The Cerebellum Modulates Our Ability To Socialize(2)

Trust In U.S. News Lowest Of Countries Surveyed In 2022

Source: VTPI Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Adoption & Costs Per Mile Predictions

Vitamin D Deficiency Directly Linked To Dementia

Pew: Most Of Public Don’t Support Current Journalists

Source: Meta Zuck Loses 3rd Top Engineer

Omicron Infection Is A Poor Covid Booster

The Average American Has Been To 5 Of These. You?

Tech’s Most Powerful Woman Moves On, Tonic For Zuck

Therapeutic Targets For Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s “Travel Armageddon”

Fix Facebook & Twitter – One Person Controlling A Social Medium Is Poor Policy

American Airlines Is Short Pilots, Stops Smaller Cities Service

8 Mental Health Lawsuits Filed Against Zuck’s Meta This Week

Source: Ziwen Wan/UCI Autonomous Vehicle AI “Tricked” Into Dangerous Behavior

3,200 Flights Canceled, 9,000 Delayed

Elon To Get Twitter’s “Firehose”

Biden Says He’s Considering Holiday On Gas Tax

Design Of (Semi-) Autonomous Vehicles

Source: Mantonature /USDA Plants Make “Decisions”

MIT: AI Algo Assigns Label To Every Pixel, No Human Needed

So What Is AI Colonialism, And Who Cares

Source: Amazon . It’s Big, It’s Goofy Amazon Picks Lockeford, CA – First Drone Deliveries

Source: Library Of Congress Collection Senate Reaches Deal On Bipartisan Gun Bill 2 Shot Dead 8700 Block Bluegrass Dr, Austin – Murder- Suicide?

Musk’s First Meeting With Twitter Staff This Week

Source: WSJ Record-Breaking Heat Wave Sprawls Across U.S.

Source: Shutterstock Memory Of Fear Is Seared Into Our Brains

Liver Cancer Up 78% If One Sugary Soda A Day (2)

Rail Strike, U.K. At Complete Standstill (Ukraine Weapons?)

Effective Theory Of Representation Learning

Summers: 10M Americans Must Loses Their Jobs (2) - USAjobs.Org

Source: Apple Apple’s Elusive AR Glasses Might Not Appear Until Late 2024

Bayesian Robust Graph Contrastive Learning

Qatar Becomes Europe’s Gas Supplier

AI Adaptive Massively Parallel Algorithms

Stock Selloff Accelerates

Seattle’s SeaTac Airport A Mess

Crypto Withdrawals Frozen, Bitcoin Dives (2)

Tasks In Large-Scale Multitask Learning Systems

Cliff (Energy) Bar Worth $3 Billion

Biomemristors-Based Synaptic Devices In Artificial Intelligence

Germany, Austria, Netherlands Revert To Coal

Source: Kunming Medical University

Computable Artificial General Intelligence

50 Million N. Americans Infected By Tick Lyme Disease

Human-Like Reasoning In Artificial Intelligence

Daily U.S. Covid Deaths 7d Avg: June 14 2022 - 373 June 14 2021 - 343

Defeating Machine Learning Barriers

WHO Renames Monkeypox Due To Stigma

Source: Bloomberg Meta Halts Smartwatch, Zuck Bombs Again

Source: Nature University Of Michigan Proposes A New Machine Learning Model

Source: AFP Hong Kong’s Iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant Sinks At Sea

Source: Unsplash Smoking And Increased Fracture Risk In Men

Source: STEVE MARCUS/REUTERS Sony’s High End EV, Ho Hum

Autism Screening Disparities During 1st Year Of Covid

Source: Nature What People Picture In Their Mind’s Eye

Why TSLA May Be A LT Buy

Inflation Persists, Stocks Drop

Source: AP U.K. PM Boris Johnson: U.K. Must Prepare To Fight WWIII Against Russia (2)

Source: Frontiers Spiking Neural Network For Hand-Written Digits

Source: Flickr Long Covid May Be Behind Mysterious Child Hepatitis

How The Brain Links Memories

Wet Bulb (Max. Evaporation Cooled) Temperature Is Deadly In India

Energy-Efficient, Spiking Convolutional Neural Networks

New Tools To Understand Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s And


Unified Perception And Cognition

Predictive Reconstruction For Cognitive Functions Of Hippocampus

Semi-Supervised Information Bottleneck-Based AI Model To Capture Background Information

Researchers Make Progress With Neuromorphic Computing

Recent Trends In AI-Based Intelligent Sensing

Source: Visual Capitalist Millionaire Migration

Tesla’s AI Self-Driving Getting Better Fast (2)

Source: Huawei The Huawei Watch D Does Blood Pressure (2)

Columbia Goes Progressive Left, A Big Deal For U.S.

Source: austinkleon – Only In Austin –

Gradient Descent On Edge Of DL Stability


Apple Watch Won’t Do Blood Pressure Until 2024-25 (2)

Wickr Is Amazon’s Chat App, With Abusive Content – Snapp™

Parallel And Distributed Graph Neural Networks

China’s Run On Small Banks

Bluetooth Making A Big Step forward

Austin’s Best Meals Delivery To Your Table – TrayS™

… But This Does Blood Pressure

DeepMind Researchers Develop ‘Gato’

“Scraping” Websites Not A Violation Of Law (2)

The Withings BPM Connect + Samsung Galaxy 4 Watch Does Blood Pressure (2) Why Are Mental And Physical Illnesses Treated In Different Facilities, In Different Ways, Under Different Insurance If Any?

Ford Recalls 2.9 Million Cars – Plastic Shifter Breaks

Eric Schmidt Sounds Alarmed On China Tech & AI, Again^

The EV Outlook (F, GM, TSLA)

Zelensky Vows To Retake South & Coast

The AI 50 – Most Important AI Companies

EV Battery Μajor Improvement 8:23

Putin Directly Threatens NATO’s Lithuania

Conversion Framework Between Artificial Neural Networks And Spiking Neural Networks

“A Certainty” Ford Will Go Bankrupt (18:36)

DeSantis’ Displacement Of Trump

Breast Implants Still Making Women Ill

The Argument Digital Computing Can’t Do AGI (op)

Sandberg’s Exit Is Zuckerberg’s Wind Down

Ernst & Young To Breakup

MIT: Scientists At The Center Of Wuhan Lab Leak Matter

$1 Trillion Of Infrastructure Money Arrives, U.S.Labor Doesn’t (wsj$)

Google On Human-Level Artificial General Intelligence

Zuck & Meta See Being Crushed By Apple Glasses, Google Glass Gen2 (op)

School’s Out, Teachers Leaving For Good; So What Next?

Asperger’s & ASD In Females 31:59

MorningStar’s 8 Value Stocks To Evaluate

San Angelo, TX Is Weekend Worthy

High Prevalence Of Recently Defined Non-Alzheimer's Dementia (2)

MIT: Apple M1 Chip’s Unpatchable Security Flaw

The Rise Of Texas’ H.E.B.

“Hertz Law” – Indoor Farm Lighting Costs To Fall 65% to ~ 7% In 10 Years

Source: Reddit Logical Information Model To Logical Information Network To AGI

Source: Reuters Macron Loses Majority In French Parliament; Heavy Weapons To Ukraine?

Highways And Byways Of The Brain

Source: Olumiant FDA Approves Treatment For Alopecia Areata (Spot Baldness)

Approaches Of Functional Contextualism Towards AGI

Stress Accelerates Immune Aging

China Says It Tested Missile- Interception System

Source: Tesla Tesla Files For 3-For-1 Stock Split

Few Differences In Safety Of Moderna & Pfizer Covid Vaccines

U.S. Covid Deaths 7d Avg: June 12, 2022 - 385 June 12, 2021 - 383

WhatsApp Groups With 512 Members Now – Snapp™

Source: Sciencedirect Spatial Cognition And Brain- Inspired Autonomous Intelligent Systems Building An Artificial Brain 101, Neural Circuits Instead Of Neural Software (26:33s)^^

How To Ring Central Your Remote Workers

Twitter, Facebook Extinction Over Content, Harassment, Asymmetric Information – Snapp™.

Source: Reuters UK PM Boris Johnson’s Visit To Ukraine

Stocks Continue Down

An AI Illusion – Our Best Chatbots, With Examples^

Ford Stock?

Source: ARS USDA’s Best Science On Best Diet

Algorithms Adapt To Change In A Human-Like Way

Affirm And Its Buy Now Pay Later In Trouble (b$)

Microsoft Goes For Truly Open Offices

NASA Awards 5 New Contracts To Elon’s SpaceX 8:10 (tech details)

For-Sale Homes Jumped 25% April To May

Only A Handful Of Grocery Deliverers Will Survive

Source: James Quigg Sheep Fire In Wrightwood Evacuations

Source: AP Columbia Votes: Left Or Populist

It’s The Dot Com Bust For Big Tech Stocks, Somewhat

Source: kaist Energy-Efficient AI Hardware Technology Via Brain-Inspired “Stashing” System (2)

Lawn, Tree, Landscaping Care Costs Up 22%, Many Go DIY

Americans Halt Big & Small – Roofs & Pools to Travel & Restaurants

The Global Battery Race Is On (Also A Tesla Question)

Homeowners Staying Put

Rivian’s EV Truck Is Supply Chain Toast

EU Doubles Down On Ukraine Commitments

Source: N Rzechorzek/MRC LMB Human Brains Are Hot – Not What You Assumed™

More On Solar Panel Delivery & Prices – SUNz™

Flying: Go Non-Stop & Carry-On, Know Your Carrier - It Can Be A Mess (2)

Yes, U.S. Venture Capital Has Evaporated – It’s Important

Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer Risk

How 12 Major Asset Classes Perform After Inflation

Global VC Down Half, Still A Question

Australian Baby Formula Arrives At LAX

Xi Jinping Signs “Non-military Use Of Military – For “Special Operations” or Runs On Banks?

Biden Admin Funding U.S. Solar Panel Production – SUNz™

Ford Halts MachE Sales, Can’t Make Batteries!

iPhone & iPad Developer Xcode Cloud Open To All Now

Hollywood Hits Recession

San Diego’s Max Building Now 60’ Not 30’ (sdut$)

Chip Funding Stalls, U.S. Won’t Regain Lead?

Lithuania Sanctions Kaliningrad

Source: NIAID Unvaccinated Children Mount Covid Immune Response

Source: Bloomberg May Housing Starts & Permits Falling Off Cliff

Source: Google Maps Google Maps New Air Quality Index

Source: renategranade0 /Pixabay Why Cycling Is Good For The Mind

Source: Visual Capitalist Engineered Brains Are Also In The AI Race

On Bike Touring,

Fructose, Uric Acid, Mortality & Metabolic Disease (3, 1 is 1:18:40)

Binge Drinking Is A Big Risk, And Why

Source: Instagram Instagram Introduces Pin Posts

U.S. MPox Cases Double In A Week, Again – Exponential?


Aspergers (2) (1 is 34:01)

Apple Watch 4 & Later Get Med & Fitness Updates

Source: Biorxiv AI Learning Beyond Backpropagation

Business Opportunities In (ex British) Guyana - YLabs™, BJYFE, USDA (4)

Tourette’s Syndrome

Source: AP China Launches Third Aircraft Carrier Named Fujian

Planning In The Brain

New Non-Surgical Gel Injection For Disk & Back Injuries

Deep Neural Networks Optimization From Fuzzy Inference Systems

May New Home Starts Down 14.4%, Annualized 160%

Great Salt Lake’s Poisonous Arsenic Dust Clouds

Neural Networks Compress Manifolds Optimally

Consumers Consumed

Heavy Drinkers Are Four Times More Likely To Smoke

Farmers Plowed Under By Diesel Prices (Truckers Too)

Artificial Intelligence In Bayesian Neural Networks

Xi To Putin: “Settle The War”, But I Love You

Powerful QNNs For Machine Learning Tasks

Puerto Rico To Vote On Statehood Or Independence (Is SAmerica Going South? – Ed.)

Natural Language Specs For AI Math Proof Assistants

Source: Science Advances 3 Drugs That Could Reduce Mortality In Severely Ill Covid

MIT’s ExSum Explains ML “Black Boxes”

Efficient Data Classification Decision Based On Multimodel Deep Learning

Singles Or Couples: Who Sleeps Better?

U.S. Covid Deaths 7d Avg: June 9, 2022 - 399 June 9, 2021 - 381

Generic Framework For Depth Reconstruction Enhancement

Stanford U’s 2022 AI Index

Source: AP Protests In India Over New Military Draft

Source: USDOS Sara Lynch, U.S. Ambassador To Guyana

All Sources 2022 AI Index

PwC’s AI Report

America’s #1 SAmerica Ally May Go South On Us

Texas & Elon Will Reveal Twitter Sins

PwC’s Interactive AI ImpactTool

Source: Shoji Takeuchi ‘Living’ Skin For Robots

Yep, Brit Hume Is Right About GOP & Trump (op)

MIT: Next Gen Of AI (May 2022)

Why EVs Are Not Yet 4 Day Trip Suitable (op)^

Most Have No Idea Of Ag Research Service & USDA Importance In Daily Lives

A Truth About What AI Is And Is Not.

Elon Threatens To Walk Away From Twitter Deal

Why AGI May Take 80 Years - Ed.(2)

Biden Packs Whitehouse With LBGTQ Celebration

HDMI 2.1 Cables Get Longer

AGI Dynamic And Evolving Neural Networks.

Today’s Value Investing Argument

Nebraska’s Capital Rescinds LBGTQ Advances

Source: NIH A New Genetic Eye Disease Discovered

DeepMind: An AI Generalist Agent

Top 10 Kickstarter Board Games Of All Time

What Happened To Phillips & Pereia In The Amazon?

Knowledge Modeling & Learning By AI Cognitive Networks

Ohio Arming Teachers With Guns – What’s Happened to America!?

AI Discovers New Building Concrete Formulas

Source: Flickr U.K. Approves Extradition Of Julian Assange To U.S. – 12 Years

Source: Dribbble Living Alone Raises Risk Of Dementia (2)

Source: Arxiv Method For Training Deep Neural Networks With Unitary Matrices

Source: Visual Capitalist EV Models In Two Years.

Norway Hideaway – For KK & Mike

SARS-CoV-2 Escape From Nirmatrelvir

AI Team From DeepMind Picks Stocks (2)

We Must Do Far Better With SAmerica (ft$)

AI Assist Does Work Of 100 Apps, Photoshop To Twillo

Intel’s 2nd Gen AI DL Processor Chips

Source: FarmWise Laser AI Farm Runs 24-7, Removes 95% Of Weeds, No Pesticides.

ML Pipeline & Types Of Roles In ML 12:41

Source: Fed /WSJ Fed Raises Rate 0.75% (2)

Programming Complex Tissue Organizations In 3D

Source: Imgur Moma Therapeutics & 400 Human Molecular Machines

1.25% Bank Of England Rate Raise (5:22 1of2)

Overview Of GraphSage for Neural Networks

Who Wins, Who Loses With High Rates

Antibodies & Broad Coronavirus Vaccines

Pope Francis: “WWIII Declared”, “Calamity” For Humanity

Stem Cells Either Overproduce Or Underproduce Brain Cells In Autism Patients

Source: NU Tiny R/C Robot Small Enough To Do It

The Economist On Putin’s Illness & Regime Change 4:47

Source: MIT

Hats Off To Houston And Its Homeless Fix (nyt$)

MIT Developed Neural Network Pipeline Called RISP

Top Dem Proposes 21% Oil & Gas Tax – Yep, Great For Gas Prices

Amazon’s AI 51 Language Open Dataset Released

Drugs Overtaking Europe, Again

Optomemristors Light Up Artificial Neural Networks

Russian Troops, Equipment, Planes, Ships In Nicaragua – What’s Up With Mexico!

Source: Envision New Gen3 Formula E Coming To COTA Austin, TX

Apple ML: “Neo” Visual Analytics System

Source: Unsplash Mosquito Spit Halts Yellow Fever, Dengue & Zika

Formula E Is Closing In On Formula 1

Poor Market Liquidity, “Panic” Selling

Novel Human View Synthesis

New Daily U.S. Covid Cases 7d Avg, But Hospitalizations Down 100X

Emotionally Intelligent AI

Home Real Estate Firms Laying Off

Nanomagnetic Computing For Low- Energy AI

June 7 2022 - 116,077 June 7 2021 - 13,555

Pentagon Hires Lyft’s Top AI Man

Optimists Live Longer (2)

Biden’s Quantum Exec Order Likely AGI Accelerator (2)

Cancer “Vanished” In Every Drug Trial Patient

Source: Jefferson Laboratory Visualizing A Proton. Not What You Assumed™ 9:50

The New Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Advantages

Source: Revlon Cosmetics Giant Revlon Files For Bankruptcy

Integrating Blockchains And Intelligent Agents In AGI

… Proton Visualization Narrative

MPox Vaccine Orders Start

Multi-Object Recognition And Visual Reasoning

U.S. Forces Capture Senior ISIS Leader In Syria

Kidney Health & B-12, Folic Acid Supplements.

AGI Is Really, Really Hard – In Lay Terms

U.S. CDC Raises Mpox Alert

Tire Wear 2000X More Pollution Than Vehicle Exhausts.

Worth 16:33 (esw…)

Source: Jason Bax GM Cruise AVs Ferrying Paying Passengers In California

Neuromorphic Computing Helps Machines Recognize Objects Just Like Humans

Source: U.S. Army

Who Is Holding Up Long Range Weapons For Ukraine

Active Dendrites Avoid Catastrophic Forgetting 56:32

Ukraine Rejects Russia’s Sievierodonetsk Ultimatum

Source: Ford Ford EV# Going To 100% Online, Fixed-Price

Source: FDA FDA Requests Your Feedback On 3D Printable Medical Devices

Source: IEEE Memory Computing System For Neuronal Communication Via Memristive Circuits

How To Protect Your Stuff.

Diabetes Drug Promotes Never- Seen Weight Loss.

Source: Bloomberg ECB Bond-Buying Plan To Tackle Market Collapse

Buy The Current “Dip” ? – Warren Did^.

Bloodsucking Bedbugs Damage Mental Health

The Rise Of Virtual AI Nations – Ed.

Austin Considers $22 Min. Wage

Autonomous Vehicle Market Size $724.36 Billion + Sprite™, Swift™

Mayo: Treatments For Nerve Compression

Macron Pushes Ukraine-Russia Talks

Energy Consumption Of Brain Emulation Machines Requires Quantum Computing

Ford Reports 1Q22 $3.1B Loss, Blames Rivian Investment As Did Amazon.

Merk: Spinal Cord Compression

NATO Troops In Romania A Powerful Deterrent

VW Picks San Diego’s Qualcomm For AV AI Chips

Overview Of Spinal Nerve Therapies

Elon Lining Up Behind DeSantis 2024

The Bull Case For Ford.

Promise & Peril Of Human-Like Artificial Intelligence

Prednisone and Sciatic Nerve Injury Or Compression.

…More Seeking Alpha Ford Bull (Case).

Gallup: Principles & Values Count – Americans Finally Get It

Pharmacology Of Colchicine and Inflammation

Did Ford Just Deliver 26% ROE Using Debt?.

He Stole $4M From Medicare, Took A “Jet Ski” To Cuba

Polio Outbreak In Pakistan Worsens

Ford Patent For Augmented Reality – Ford v. Tesla

France: Ukraine Needs A Strong NATO Signal, Now

Source: BAIR

Simplicity Of AI Off-Line Reinforcement Learning

Source: BYD C&I Battery From BYD

Central Paradox Of Cognition In A New Generation Of AI Systems

Ford 1Q22 Earnings Down Due “Chip Shortage”.

Source: Unsplash Nostril Swab Best Covid Test

Source: Backgrid Our Man Tom Hanks Isn’t Doing So Well

Source: Consciousness And The Collapse Of The Wavefunction (2)

Bad Dreams – Early Warning Of Parkinson’s Disease?

Source: Reuters Broadcom Buying VMware For $61 Billion

Danes, Swiss, Nordics & Your EU Business Plan

FinTech Uses AI To Find Borrowers

LA – Masks Back On

U.S. Covid Cases May Be 30X Reported, But ICUs Almost Zero

DuckDuckGo’s Browser Won’t Block Microsoft Trackers

An Easy Overview Of AI & Artificial General Intelligence 27:31

Prednisone & Asthma, Arthritis, Certain CKDs

YC Startups Should Consider YLabs™ & SPF609 Scaleups (2)

Qualcomm Dumps Samsung, Moves To Taiwan’s TSMC, Views Invasion 5Y+

Source: AP Iran Admits Preparing For Rocket Launch

Source: DeepMind Multiple Tasks With A Single Visual Language Model, Like The Brain

Source: Nature Growing Cells On A Robotic Skeleton

Computers Could Revise Past AI Conclusions

Long Covid Can End In Death

Multi-Head Convolutional Neural Networks

Source: Qualcomm Qualcomm’s New AR Glasses

Prospects And Applications Of Photonic Neural Networks

Source: NOAA 5 Day Hurricane Formation Probabilities

Source: Junqi Yin/ORNL, U.S. Dept. Of Energy New Deep Learning Leads To Materials Imaging

Source: 9to5google Google’s New Wallet App

New Findings On Ketamine A Promising Antidepressant

Source: Visual Capitalist Inflation Of Money Supply 150Y History

Source: CIDD Brain Development Implicated In Infant’s Autism

Source: Trusted Reviews Facebook To End Location Tracking, Say They

Source: Pixabay Lighting Up Artificial Neural Networks With Optomemristors

AstraZeneca’s Evusheld Slashes COVID-19 Risk 83%

NFTs Are Coming To Instagram, Bad Move

Crypto Fad Fades, NFTs Next

Source: Reuters First U.K. Flight Sending Asylum-Seekers To Rwanda

Efficient Conversion Of Spiking Neural Network With Burst Spikes

Retrieve And Encode Episodic Memories

Source: Wiki Microplastics In Human Blood

Source: eBay

Source: Flickr

Google Play Store Demotes Outdated Apps

Trading Cards On eBay, They Don’t Leave Their Vault – GGG™ e.Bjy™

Our Teens’ Mental Health Crisis

Cranberries Improve Memory, Delay Dementia^

Millions Of Tons Junk Solar Panels – BJYEnergy™

Millions Of Tons Junk Wind Turbine Blades – BJYEnergy™

The Fix For Colorado River Water – LakeTexas™.

Source: Baidu China Issues Baidu & Driverless AI Taxi Permits

Google Buys MicroLED For AR Glasses

Eric Schmidt On AI & AGI 38:08 (Intro)

Source: Casey Dunn 3D Printed Concrete Homes – Austin & Worldwide

Source: CDC Monkeypox Outbreak In Europe & U.S., Recall Smallpox

20Y Mortgage Rates Tumble – (date of article 04/29/2022)

10 Most Overpriced House Markets – #1 Bose 73%, #2 Austin 67%

Appease Adolf Putin? Did It Work With Adolf Hitler?

Source: Arxiv Deep Learning Advances AGI – Artificial General Intelligence

Mortgage Rates 6%

Source: 9to5mac Apple Pay Is Anticompetitive, Says EU

Cognitive Assets Needed To Produce Generalized Intelligence

Majority Sees Depression Not Recession Ahead

Source: Pieperhoff et al Brain Regions Change In Parkinson’s Disease

WhatsApp’s New Feature ‘Communities’^

Russia’s Economy Back On Track

Neural Mass Modelling For The Masses

Why Mixing Pfizer And Moderna Is A Good Idea^(2)

The Era Of Value Stocks Has Begun^

Architecture To Develop Hybrid Computation Paradigm

Weak AI Supervision Under Weaker Assumptions

Can Brain-Inspired HDC Be Thermally Efficient?

Source: Google 47 SAE Fraternity Arrest Warrants Issued

Source: Orbital Assembly

Space Hotel Scheduled To Open In 2025

Source: Unsplash Subsidy Would Improve Fruit And Veg Intake

California Moves To Mexico, Texians Say No Mo

Putin Divides West Over Russia’s Endgame

Crypto Selloff Continues

Which Is Better – Today’s, Or Your Grandparent’s Middlemen

Source: Wikimedia ELON BUYS TWITTER?

Colorado’s Saving Of The Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Source: Nature New Computational Model Proposed For Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Nature Neurobiological Activity Of The Unconscious Brain.

GOP Fall Lead Widens To 9 Points

California Reveals Limits Of Progressive Politics

Taiwan: Supersonic Cruise Missile Can Reach Beijing

Source: Chevrolet Plug-In Corvette Next Year, Hybrid The All EV

Source: Wunder Ground Wildfire Near Laguna Beach, Orange Cty.

Source: Pixabay Quantifying Human Consciousness With The Help Of AI

U.S. Covid Death Toll Reaches 1 Million, Most Are Numb To It.

Changes In The Neural Code Unlock The Brain’s Inner Learning

Source: Edm Aerotec World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Helicopter

Source: Giphy Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks To New Low

… Is DeLorean Vaporware?

Binance Raises $500M Crypto /Web3 Fund

Collaboration May Do L5 EVs By 2035 – InLineAI™ & BJYTrans™

Source: Imgur Biology Is Nano Protein Physical Machines – Medicine’s

Source: Phillip Isola

Sage Advice For Startup & Scaleup Survival

Some AV & Self-Driving Facts & Stats

Future Is Nano Particles.

When It Comes To AI, Can We Ditch The Datasets?

Mercedes Sells L3 EVs, But Only For Mapped Highways

Can AI Be Emotionally Intelligent?

The Lummis-Gillibrand Senate Bill To Regulate Crypto & Digital Assets

Source: BMW BMW Unveils iX1, Its New Entry EV

Source: DermTech Melanoma Diagnosis With Skin Stickers

Source: Google Google AI Generates 3D Avatars From Single Photo

Source: Reuters Scholz, Macron & Draghi Ukraine Visit

Neuralink Close To Human Trials

DeepMind, Mila & Google Brain Enable AI Generalization

Computational Reconstruction Of Mental Representations Using Human Behavior

Source: John Deere John Deere Goes Ammonia Fuel – Infrastructure In Place, Already Shipping AV Tractors

Guide To Iteratively Tuning GNNs

Source: Pixabay Prevent Loss Of Smell And Taste From Covid

Corticostriatal Circuitry

First Strong Genetic Risk Factor For Bipolar Disorder

China May Soon Surpass The U.S. In Brain Science 21:52

Source: Visual Capitalist Think Americans Understand Inflation?

Source: Arxiv How OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 Actually Works

Source: Pixabay

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