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Summer 2018

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How You Take It to the NEXT LEVEL

Personal training is just that — personal. It’s not just someone trying to lose weight; it’s finding a program that will help you live a better life. Somewhere around 80 percent of people are doing personal training for a reason other than just to lose weight; it could be to reduce their risk of a heart attack or to do rehab after an open-heart surgery. Part of any good fitness facility is that they’ll continue to be there for each member throughout their journey. When Lisa Carr, our personal training director, works with patients post-rehab, she has conversations with doctors and physical therapists to make sure her clients are set up with the proper program — one that’s created for them to succeed. Each of our trainers has a slightly different approach, but they all share one thing in common: They will help you get to the next level, whether that’s losing 10 pounds, or getting back to your normal life. -Dave Morin

interested in working with a personal trainer in a small group setting to focus on stretching. Now this small group works in a more intimate, focused training session for a more hands-on approach. They can get a workout that’s customized to them rather than to the 25–30 other people in a standard class. Personal training is a matter of accountability. When you have a goal in mind, whether it’s to regain movement or lose weight for your son’s wedding, a personal trainer will help you get there. Whatever your goals are in terms of your physical health, our trainers know the most effective ways to help you meet that goal. Our trainer, Austin, is working with a great young man affected by a muscle disease. By working one-on-one with Austin, this young man is seeing dramatic results in his balance and dexterity. We’re so grateful to see these kinds of transformations. It’s an honor that our club can facilitate success for people as defined by their own goals.

As many of us know, implementing an effective fitness program on your own can be hard. You have the best of intentions, but it’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t have a plan that quite fits your goals. It’s one of the benefits that personal and small group training gives to members — a plan that’s tailored to meet their needs and help them reach their goals. When you think of personal training, what do you picture? It might surprise you to see what a personal training session at Fore Court looks like. At our facility, personal training isn’t limited to one type of goal or person. Our trainers work with people at all levels to help each member reach their full potential. We have athletes who are looking to up their game on the courts or finish their next Spartan race. At the same time, we have a stroke survivor who is just trying to regain mobility. Our personal trainers are here to help all of these folks get there, wherever “there” is. We used to have a group workout class that incorporated stretching. Well, some of the people in that class said, “We’d like a bit more.” We found 10 people

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