JurisPrudent Sales Playbook (INTERNAL USE ONLY)

Welcome to the JurisPrudent team! Let’s get started... This is JurisPrudent’s confidential Referral Playbook. It will teach you how to maximize your referrals for the JurisPrudent fee deferral program. JurisPrudent is a referral-based solution that is meant to help you bring value to your clients. We believe that this product is one of the best fee deferral solution on the market. In addition to this Playbook, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the latest marketing materials for additional ideas on how to refer this product. And don’t hesitate to reach out directly with any questions.

© Ringler 2018 For Advisor Use Only. Not for Public Dissemination. Additional attorney fee products and plans are available in the marketplace. Ringler makes no representations nor guarantees regarding the JurisPrudent Deferral Solution product or its performance. As a Ringler advisor, you should inform the lawyer/law firm that Ringler is not providing legal, investment, or tax advice, and that the lawyer/law firm should conduct and rely on its own examination and consult with its own independent advisors regarding legal, investment, and tax matters.

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