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are almost inevitable, and many buyers attempt to hedge their offers by leaving out important contingencies such as home inspections and appraisals on their offers. While they feel that this grants them a leg up on other buyers who may be bidding for the same property, bypassing an inspection is really not recommended. In addition to paying way over asking prices to secure your offer on a home, if you decide to waive a home inspection, you’re leaving yourself very vulnerable and open to possible defects in the properties that aren’t being disclosed prior to signing the contract. Once you sign a contract and purchase a home, you inherit any and all issues or complications. So, in this market, if you pay $20,000 over the asking price to beat out other bidders and find out later that the home has major structural damage, you may find yourself another $20,000–$50,000 in the hole! Overall, I want everyone to stay safe and protect their purchases, and it’s my goal to ensure that your new home is structurally sound and will not create problems for you

with other professionals in the real estate industry. Sharing information is a large part of my job and fiduciary duty. I’d say that my true passion lies in working with home buyers who are purchasing a property for the first time. Lending a helping hand while guiding them through the process and ensuring that they get a good, structurally sound home is my obligation, and I take a lot of pride in doing so. I cherish my strong working relationship with Merlino & Gonzalez, and it’s hard to believe that for 20 years now, we’ve been working together to deliver our best for our clients. I am grateful for each client they send my way and for the opportunity to help another person stay safe and secure in their homebuying process. Outside of work, I am a family man and enjoy spending time with my wife, four children, and two grandchildren. I am heavily involved in a few nonprofit organizations here on Staten Island, as I feel it’s very important to give back to the community. Some of my favorite activities and hobbies include taking trips on my motorcycle, hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling — my wife says I’m the classic outdoorsman. In the last couple of years, due to the current real estate market, I’ve seen several changes take place in the industry. It’s tough out there for buyers right now — homes don’t stay on the market long enough to even view them, prices are high, bidding wars

As well-established real estate professionals, we find it a great comfort to have other professionals in the industry here on Staten Island we trust to do great work. Manny Stratakis, owner of Summit Property Inspectors, is a highly sought after home inspector and our go-to guy for our clients. With over 20 years of home inspection experience, Manny is a seasoned professional and a great resource for our clients in the home purchasing process. I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to conduct many home inspections for clients of both Ken and John over the years. Before opening up my independent home inspection firm, Summit Property Inspectors, here on Staten Island, I owned and operated an inspection franchise for roughly 20 years. The home inspection process is my forte and something I truly enjoy! My favorite aspect of my career is working with my clients. If you know me, then you know that I’m a people person. I love to communicate with my clients and network

down the road! For any advice or information, I’m always available! You can reach me at 718-720-5512.

-Manny Stratakis



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