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Manual lymphatic drainage is a very gentle type of treatment that engages the lymphatic sys- tem. The treatment is similar to medical massage, yet far more advanced in its execution. MLD is known for reducing swelling caused by fluid build-up. This can occur from an injury, post cancer treatment or even circumstances that may cause fluid retention. Very often the swelling is internal and can not be seen. We suc- cessfully relieve pain, restore movement, and allow for opti- mal tissue healing. Although MLD is most often used to address medical conditions, it can benefit a healthy person as well. The Lymphatic system is our recycling center and plays an integral role in the immune functions of the body. It is our first line of defense against infection and it keeps our body’s waste products and fluids in balance. When this system be- comes blocked, our fluid thickens and swelling in the blocked area occurs. The lymphatic system’s network of tissues and organs can be affectively stimulated by utilizing the specific techniques of MLD. When applied properly, it will increase the lymphatic flow, stimulating a malfunctioning or fatigued system and clearing up blockages in areas that are stagnant. It can either be used on specific areas or there can be a total body-balancing approach. By innervating specific areas with MLD, the entire body can be positively affected, proven by imaging studies showing that we can increase the speed of flow by about tenfold.

Conditions often treated by MLD: • Pain of unknown origin • Headaches • Arthritis • Sinusitis and Allergies • Fatigue • Stress • Lymphedema • Fluid retention • Mastitis • Post-surgical Liposuction • Fibromyalgia • Chronic and acute pain including neck, back and legs • Strains and Sprains Marla Kaplan, the owner and director at Hands on HealthCare is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certi fi ed Lymphatic Therapist and an Expert Level JB Myofascial Release Practitioner. She has received additional training as an Oncology Massage Therapist, working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Can- cer Center (MSKCC) for her practice, while becoming one of a select few who are recognized and recommended as a Community Provider for MSKCC. Logging thousands of hours with additional training, including Mastectomy Massage, Edema and Lymphedema courses, Elastic Taping for Lymphatics and much more. Marla was an ACE Certi fi ed Personal Trainer and is quali fi ed to teach the Strength After Breast Cancer program


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