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DID YOU EVER HEAR THE OLD ADAGE? “A place for everything & everything in its place.”

- Structure for DailyMaintenance - Continue Routine for Sustained Success • Commitment TOOLS • Planner • Containers

SO WHY DO WE KEEP CLUTTER? • Might need it (Possible future use) • It’s expensive • No time to declutter • Potential money from sale • Can’t maintain organization • Guilt • Gift • Nostalgic • Can’t get it back WHAT TYPES OF CLUTTER DO WE HAVE? • Trash • Old Encyclopedias • Broken or outdated collectibles? • Antiques? • Paper WHY SHOULD WE ORGANIZE? • Saves Time • Saves Money • Reduces Stress • Improves performance • Improves Self esteem • Health (mental clarity) HOW DO WE GET STARTED? • Set a Goal • Make a Plan • Set a Time • Put it in writing • Delegate • Be accountable • The Power of 1 (Let go of one item everyday) PLAN SHOULD INCLUDE: • Short Term Component - Initial Cleanup - Create Plan for Upkeep • Long Term Component

• Labeling System • Technology- Apps REMEMBER THE 3D’S • Designate • Dump (or recycle) • Donate


- Determine if Needed

• Sort

- Allocate Storage Location - Create File Folders - Alphabetically or date - Recycle generic material - Shred sensitive material • Minimize future paper piles - Open mail daily by your recycle station - Keep an “in box” - Use your computer FOR MAGAZINE & CATALOG READERS • Recycle/share the old one when the new one arrives SUMMARY • Clutter - The enemy - Wastes time and money - Can be controlled by you with… - A mindset - A plan - Help if you need it • Start with the power of 1! • Toss

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