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l FOODIE VUE Filetto’s of Commack An inside look at Commack’s newest Italian pizzeria and restaurant.


l OUT & ABOUT Things To Do… Places To Go… This Winter Prevent the winter blues and fill your calendar this month with these activities.


l FASHION & BEAUTY Winter Fashion : It’s All About Comfort Cozy fashion trends that will help you get through the cold weather.


l HEALTH & WELLNESS How Can a “Damp January” Be Beneficial? Recover from the holiday parties and detox with little to no alcohol this month.


l THE BAKING COACH Tomato Basil Bisque Soup Stay warm this winter and try this simple but delicious soup. l DINING SECTION l FOOD & DRINK WITH JOANNA Places To Watch The Game… Local hotspots to gather with friends and watch the big game.




l FAMILY FEATURES Pair Soup and Sandwich for a Warming Winter Meal Take the chill out of your winter days with these cozy comfort foods.


l HOME & GARDEN Clutter is the Enemy of Good Design Things you can do this month to get your house in order for the new year ahead.


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