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The secret to his success is not linked to the most talked about phenomenon of visual social media nor the new concept of doctor shopping online. It is quite the opposite. His secret is the rudimentary practice of individualized patient care without the current trend of outsourcing care to other surgeons under his umbrella nor any visual social media phenomenon. These new age concepts that the current literature speaks to only gets you so far as a surgeon that relies on visual results. The intent and care of Dr. David Pincus can cer- tainly make an impression on a patient at their con- sultation, but the true talent of a surgeon can only speak to you through the results of their work. As the saying goes, his results speak volumes. Dr. Pincus does not believe in a mold or ideal of the human shape. His objective is to empower his patients by helping them achieve their individualized concept of beauty and confidence. The success of Pincus Plastic Surgery is due to the unfiltered, unadulterated talent of a surgeon that was cultivated by 18 years of training in Miami, Boston, and Paris in order to achieve the expertise needed to be extraordinary. For Dr. Pincus, it most certainly did not take a decennary to become a trailblazer in his area of expertise. But as we all know, giving yourself the title of an expert in any field is completely differ- ent from proving your brilliance and talent. Dr. Pincus has most certainly proven his title as an innovator and continues to persevere. After 3 years of practicing in Smithtown, Long Island, Dr. Pincus is now opening up his 2nd office in Boca Raton, Florida.

By Ekaterina Ward

T he road to plastic surgery success is paved with names that have been in the industry for decades, revered for their craft, and labelled as innovators. However, with the onset of an evolving social time follows an evolution of beauty and ideal- ism. The next generation of visionaries are making their mark with the understanding that beauty is no longer coupled with the concept of perfection or fits a mold, that of a “model.’ As the next generation takes the helm of plastic surgery royalty, Dr. David J. Pincus has soared into stratospheric success by being at the forefront of innovative, impeccable work that has been catered to the most important component of any plastic surgeon’s career-- his patients. Dr. David Pincus conceived Pincus Plastic Surgery in 2018 and has since risen to colossal accomplish- ment. His patient clientele has increased over 700%. He is one of the most sought after surgeons in New York with a fully booked surgical schedule through May 2022 and an extensive waiting list eagerly antic- ipating a cancellation. Many have questioned how it is possible to sky- rocket to such a level of success in this short period of time when Pincus Plastic Surgery is a practice where one surgeon does it all. The answer goes back to the most essential and simple way of practicing medicine- sheer talent and individualized patient care.



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