$ 0 - - & $ 5 * 7 * 5  r  $ 0 . . 6 / * 5 : A GENEROUS GIFT TO HAWKESBURY’S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION


The Beer Store made a big deposit with Hawkesbury’s hospital foundation. The Beer Store raised almost $12,000 for the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital Foundation (HGH) through a recent in-store fundraiser. 3JDL.PSFOP #FFS4UPSFNBOBHFS BOE Danielle Lacelle, fundraising captain, and the store staff collected donations from customers in the form of cash or bottles and cans brought in for deposit. The campaign amassed a total of $11,936.68. “The Beer Store in Hawkesbury raised funds for the HGH Foundation with the help of the incredible generosity of our customers,” TUBUFE.PSFOPi.ST-BDFMMF  UIFTUBGG  and I were happy to make raising money for our regional hospital a focus during the pandemic.” The money raised goes to the HGH Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, which helps support HGH with funding for medical equipment and other necessary resources to care for patients, their families, and hospital staff during the pandemic. “The HGH Foundation is so grateful to be the recipient of this wonderful gift from the Beer Store and its customers,” stated Christine Gray St-Denis, HGH Foundation philanthropic projects coordinator. “Their generous support during these challenging times will make a significant difference for our regional hospital.”

Un gros don de près de 12 000 dollars du Beer Store de Hawkesbury et de ses clients à la Fondation de l’Hôpital général de Hawkesbury, grâce à une récente campagne de collecte de fonds en magasin. Christine Gray St-Denis, représentante de la fondation (à gauche) reçoit le chèque du gérant du Beer Store, Rick Moreno, et de la capitaine de la collecte de fonds, Danielle Lacelle. —photo fournie


LES COLLECTES DES 25 ET 28 DÉCEMBRE SONT REMISES AU MARDI 28 DÉCEMBRE LES COLLECTES DES 1 ER ET 4 JANVIER SONT REMISES AU MARDI 5 JANVIER LES ARBRES DE NOËL devront être déposés au chemin avec vos ordures habituelles et seront ramassés. Aucun véhicule ne retournera dans une région où la cueillette aura déjà eu lieu. THE COLLECTIONS FOR DECEMBER 25 AND 28 WILL BE POSTPONED TO TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29. THE COLLECTIONS FOR JANUARY 1 AND 4 WILL BE POSTPONED TO TUESDAY, JANUARY 5. CHRISTMAS TREES must be placed for pickup with your normal garbage and they will be picked during that week. No vehicles will return to an area if pickup has already occurred.

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