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Relieve Neck Pain & Headaches

The neck can be a hidden and debilitating source of headaches. Very often neck pain and headaches go hand-in-hand, leading to a miserable time coping with every day activities. According to the National Institute of Health Statistics neck pain and headaches are the second most common form of pain experienced by Americans, with 59% reporting it affected their enjoyment of life. Headaches are often grouped under the term “cervicogenic headache” meaning that the primary source is from the neck. There are well mapped out patterns of headaches that come from the different parts of the neck, shoulder and upper back areas. The discs between your bones (vertebrae) and joints in the upper neck often contribute to headaches. Even headaches located in the forehead or behind the eyes are often referred pains stemming from problem areas in the neck and base of the skull. The joints connecting the top three levels of the neck handle almost 50% of the total motion of the entire neck. This means they absorb a lot of repetitive strain. These joints bear the main load of the weight of the head (about that of a bowling ball). With fatigue, poor posture, injuries, disc problems, arthritis, muscular stress and even prior surgeries, the wear and tear on this critical region of your body can prove too much, resulting in pain. It is also possible that you may develop a narrowing of the spinal canal itself. Since the spinal cord runs through the spine, a narrowing of the canal or where the nerves exit, can lead to a condition named spinal stenosis. There is much that can be done to treat neck pain and headaches. Our medical experts have years of experience helping people with neck pain and headaches. By finding the root cause of your neck pain and headaches we can relieve your pain quickly, reduce the need for medication and get you back to the activities you enjoy. Discover how our team of specialists at Riverside Spine and Physical Medicine can eliminate your neck pain and headaches allowing you to live a happy, active and pain- free life. Call today for more details!

Difficulty turning your head from side to side Pain at the area where the neck and the upper back meet Poor posture Neck or shoulder pain that interferes with your sleep Stiff neck Pain when reaching for objects overhead Limited ability to exercise Unable to work due to pain Neck pain that radiates into your shoulders If you are experiencing these symptoms talk to us about howwe can help

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