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technology delivers exceptional color brilliance, repeat- ability and consistency worldwide, faster time-to-market, saving of substrate and consumables, and high profitabil- ity with all run lengths. Its adoption also means huge sav- ings in set-up time, with no more time wasted on changes of inks, washing of print decks, ink mixing and so on. For web-fed CI and inline flexo printing, oneECG offers end-to-end solutions developed in collaboration with lead- ing industry partners from pre-press to the printed and converted reels. These solutions are tailored to the spe- cific process requirements of the flexo type technology. Digital Inspection Table The new large format version of the Digital Inspection Table (DIT) is a novel technology designed to drive pro- ductivity and virtually remove print production errors. It incorporates digital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks, whilst providing real-time visu- al representations to match product with digital proofs. It uses HD projectors to illuminate the product sample with quality control imaging, enabling the operator to easily see if quality standards are matched or compromised. “In the current situation, automation and connectivity are more important than ever, and greater digitalization is helping to drive these,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst. “Mean- while, achieving greater sustainability is arguably the sin- gle most important current goal in all manufacturing. By uniting all of these elements in our products and solutions, we are shaping the future of the packaging world.”

it carefully checks every package and non-standard boxes are ejected at full production speed, ensuring zero-fault packaging. On the new ACCUCHECK, the inspection can be set according to various criteria, covering all custom- er needs. It also inspects varnished, metalized and em- bossed blanks. The system has many other options, such as PDF proofing, providing inspection report and smart text identification using machine learning, which is a world premiere on the market. MASTERSTAR The new MASTERSTAR sheet-to-sheet laminator sim- ply has no equivalent in the market. Highly configurable design and unique options enable a custom-made con- figuration. It has an unmatched performance of 10,000 sheets per hour, aided by its progressive sheet alignment system – Power Aligner S and SL – which eliminates the need to stop the sheet and makes it possible to signifi- cantly reduce the base weight of the printed sheet. Newly announced equipment for all industries includes: oneECG oneECG is BOBST’s Extended Color Gamut technolo- gy deployed across analogue and digital printing for label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board. ECG refers to a set of inks – typically 6 or 7 – to achieve a color gamut larger than the traditional CMYK, ensuring color repeatability irrespective of the operator’s skill. The

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June 22, 2020

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