NBPS_YAAG 2020-2021

YEAR AT A GLANCE 2020-2021

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We are glad to be back together again as a community despite the fact that we are starting off the school year like never before. I am pleased to share the Year At A Glance (YAAG) to serve as your “Start Here” guide for key calendar events, deadlines, and contact information that you will need to make this a successful school year (If you want more specific information about a particular subject please go to www.nbps.org). We normally look to the start of a new school year with great anticipation. But I acknowledge that for many of us that ex- citement and anticipation is tempered with a bit of anxious- ness as we continue to face the uncertainty that looms as a result of the global pandemic. Uncertainty can be uncomfortable. Uncertainty can leave us paralyzed with indecision. And, uncertainty can leave us afraid and unsure. But that is not who we are. The North Broward Preparatory School community is committed to thriving through adversi- ty. We have faced challenges before and I have been amazed at the innovative solutions that our students, faculty and families have developed. Our teaching philosophy to nurture creative problem solvers has been tested in ways that we never imagined and I know that we will see even more inno- vation in both our live and virtual classroom environments in the coming school year. I may not know what the future holds, but what I am sure of is the resilience of our incredible community. That resilience gives me hope that we will meet this challenge and come out even stronger than before.


We are NBP!


Bruce Fawcett Head of School

Welcome Back | 5


FOR SUCCESS North Broward Prep is a proud member of the Nord Anglia Education family, an inter- connected network of 66 exemplary schools in 29 countries. To empower everyone in our community to strive for their personal best, we have a unifying philosophy: Be Ambitious. Because we are a Nord Angila school, students and faculty at NBPS have unparalleled opportunities: Collaborations We collaborate with premier learning institutions—such as MIT and The Juilliard School—to enrich our curriculum and develop a schoolwide culture of thinking and learning. Expeditions Expeditions to destinations such as Tanzania and Switzerland enable students to expe- rience shared leadership opportunities and common service learning with their con- temporaries from sister schools around the world. Virtual Communities The virtual communities of Global Campus and Nord Anglia University allow students and faculty to learn from and with our international cadre of friends and colleagues—all from the comfort of home.



Gearing Up for Success | 7

CONNECT Staying connected with the North Broward Prep commu- nity is easy with the variety of media channels available. In addition to our bi-weekly electronic newsletter, the Eagle Update, we ensure that all important alerts are sent immediately via email. NBP also maintains an active social media presence across the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to reach out and tag us online, or pick up a phone and call us! We’d love to hear from you. Website Our website is a great place to begin looking for information and connecting with the community. Head over to nbps.org to take a look at the wide range of information NBP has mobile apps available on both the Apple and Goo- gle platforms. Simply search “North Broward Preparatory” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to find the app and install it. You can view upcoming activities, search an interactive staff directory and browse our events calendar. Our students have also created the Get Involved app, which serves as an easy way for Upper School students to get involved with the school and various activities. This app, which is only available for Apple devices, is installed on all school-issued iPads. To sign up using your own Apple de- vice, use NBP code 7600. Email Want to email personnel directly? It’s easy. Faculty and staff member email protocol is first name, period, last name, @ nbps.org. (Example: Jane.Smith@nbps.org ) Google Apps provided. NBP App We are a Google Apps school, meaning that our students, staff and faculty have access to all Google features, includ- ing the ability to share documents across our community. School Calendar Feed Add our school calendar to your smart phone or computer at nbps.org/calendarfeed . Parent/Student Handbook Both the Lower and Upper Schools provide Parent/ Student handbooks that outline the policies, procedures and expectations that help NBP meet the needs of the members of the community. Digital copies of the hand- books can be found at nbps.org/studentparenthand- books . Parents and students are encouraged to review these handbooks annually.

iSAMS and Canvas Our student information system, iSAMS, provides data relating to demographics, attendance, schedules, assign- ments, grades and report cards. You can access iSAMS at nbps.org/isams . Please email tech-cc@ nbps.org if you need any assistance. Students and parents can access assignments, grades and more through Canvas, our learning management system.

Access Canvas by going to nbps.org/canvas . iSAMS Emergency Notification System

In the event of school closure and other unforeseen cir- cumstances, we use iSAMS to send important messages to

parents and guardians via email. iSAMS Attendance Notification

iSAMS is also our attendance notification system. If a child is absent, parents will receive notification via phone call.

QUESTIONS? We’re here for you. If you’ve got questions or need other assistance, you’re welcome to contact us at the numbers below. If you happen to have a more detailed question for specific personnel, please refer to the department pages in the YAAG.

Main Office 954.247.0011

Lighthouse Point Academy 954.247.0011 ext. 380

Fine Arts 954.247.0011 ext. 389

Lower School 954.941.4816

Middle School 954.247.0011 ext. 301 High School 954.247.0011 ext. 372

Athletics 954.247.0011 ext. 364 Technology 954.247.0011 ext. 377

Business Office 954.247.0011 ext. 314

Admissions 954.247.0179

8 | Connect

TWITTER NBPS @NBPSEagles NB Parent Association @NBParentAssoc NBPS STEAM @STEAMatNBPS NBPS Lower School @NBPSLower

NBPS Athletics @NBPSAthletics Fine Arts @NBFineArts High School Student Government @nbstugov @NBCAO High School Online Newszine “Brainwash” @BWNBPS FACEBOOK NBPS facebook.com/ NorthBrowardPreparatorySchool NB Fine Arts facebook.com/NBFineArts NB Parent Association facebook.com/NBparentassociation INSTAGRAM NBPS NBPSEagles


NB Fine Arts @NBFineArts

Athletics @NBPSAthletics


AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Melissa Schneider NB-PA VP of New Family Relations nb-pafamilyrelations@nbps.org 917.270.6841

SUCCESS ACADEMY Middle School 954.247.0011 ext.301 Carmen.Mendez@nbps.org

LINK CREW High School Charles Harreys Charles.Harreys@nbps.org

New Students | 10

Each year we are thrilled to welcome new students and families into the North Broward Prep community! As such, we’ve compiled a list of resources that will help new fami- lies thrive at NBPS. Middle School Success Academy Middle School Success Academy provides a fun and infor- mative orientation experience for new North Broward Prep middle school students. It’s designed to break the ice and get students excited about kicking off the new school year. This is a mandatory orientation for all students new to the Middle School, including current NBP students entering sixth grade. This year’s Middle School Success Academy will take place Friday, August 21. For additional questions regarding Success Academy, please contact: Middle School Office Carmen Mendez Carmen.Mendez@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 301 High School Link Crew Orientation Link Crew is a student-driven program that connects Ju- niors and Seniors with freshmen new students to introduce them to the High School. These Juniors and Seniors, called Link Leaders, are a mix of all aspects of North Broward Prep perfectly suited to help new students because THEY were those new students. Link Leaders reach out to new stu- dents in the summer before school even starts to introduce themselves and answer any questions they might have. Having the correct contact information for the students is super important. This step allows new students to have a name and relationship with someone before they even get on campus. Everything culminates at New Student Orientation. This is a day-long welcome to the NB community. The goal is that students connect with other members of the NBPS com- munity and have a connection to other students they know and can go to for help. This year’s Link Crew event will take place on August 21 . iPads All students in the Upper School will have an iPad assigned to them after participating in a mandatory training. (A par- ent must attend the training as well.) For Middle School or High School students who are coming to NBP for the first time or who are starting sixth or ninth grade, please sched- ule your appointment with Alex Podchaski through nbps.org/ipadtraining.

Lower School New Family Welcome and Back-to- School Orientation Families new to the Lower School are invited to attend the Lower School Orientation. Thursday, August 20th - New Families ONLY will have an opportunity to visit their lower school classrooms to meet their teacher. -Grades PK, 1, 3, 5 should attend orientation from 8:30am-9:30am -Grades K, 2, 4 should attend orientation from 11:00am-12:00pm Friday, August 21st - Returning Family and Student Orien- tation - Two orientation sessions will be held virtually. 9:00am-10:30am 11:00am - 12:30pm Ambassador Programs A new school brings with it a fresh start, but it can also be the source of anxiety. Students worry about making friends, keeping up with their coursework, and even finding their classrooms. And us parents have our own worries too! The NB-PA is committed to helping ease the transition to NB for both students and their parents. The Parent Ambassador Program brings new NBP parents together with returning parents from the same division. The Parent Ambassadors answer questions, provide helpful hints and other pearls of wisdom to the incoming families. If you have any questions regarding the Parent Ambassador Program, or if you are a new parent and have not received a call from your Parent Ambassador, please feel free to con- tact Melissa Schneider, NB-PA VP of New Family Relations at nb-pafamilyrelations@nbps.org. MAKE YOUR LIFE A MASTERPIECE, IMAGINE NO LIMITATIONS ON WHAT YOU CAN BE, HAVE OR DO. – BRIAN TRACY

New Students | 11


The safety of our students is our number one priority at NBPS. For this reason, we have security measures in place for students, em- ployees and visitors. Please read through this section to become familiar with our safety procedures and resources.

STUDENT AND EMPLOYEE IDS All students and employees are required to wear their NBPS-issued identification card on the provided lanyard during the school day. These cards can be obtained from the Dean’s office prior to the first day of school or during the first week of school. VISITORS BADGES Visitors to campus (including parents and vendors) will be required to present valid identification at the security booth to receive a visitor sticker. The visitor sticker must be visibly worn while on campus. CAR DECALS AND PLACARDS Parents will be issued two car decals, which will allow their ve- hicle to enter campus without being stopped during the normal drop-off and pick-up times each school day. To pick up addi- tional decals and placards please see the Lower School, Middle School, or High School Administrative Offices.

SECURE BUILDINGS In an effort to increase campus security, exterior doors to build- ings will be locked. Students and employees will use their IDs to access buildings, while visitors will be required to access build- ings with a security escort. RESOURCE OFFICER A Student Resource Officer will be present during the school day between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. ALICE TRAINING As a school, NBPS uses the Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate training protocols to guide our response to significant security challenges. All students and faculty members are trained on an annual basis and participate in regular practice training sessions during the academic year. All members of the communi- ty are alerted in advance when practice is scheduled. SECURITY CONTACT NUMBER In the event that you need to contact campus security, please call 954.275.9739.

12 | Safety and Security

TRANSIT We all want to keep the NBPS community safe and running smoothly, but we need your help! Please familiarize yourself with the NBP transportation policies, including the arrival and dismissal protocols. We’re counting on you to help us stay safe and efficient! SCHOOL SAFETY Please help us provide a safe and secure environment on cam- pus by following these guidelines: • Exercise caution and be courteous at all times. ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL PROCEDURES LOWER SCHOOL ARRIVAL PROCEDURE Morning Extended Care Program (7-7:30 a.m.)

Morning care will be available from 7 to 7:30 a.m. Students must be temperature screened at the security gate and report to the Lower School cafeteria. Seating will follow distancing guidelines. Parents must drop their children off in the Lower School car loop. Morning Drop-Off (7:30-8 a.m.) Early Release Wednesday Reminder Every Wednesday is an early dismissal day. PK and K students dismiss at 1:45 p.m. Wednesday Grades 1-5 dismiss at 2 p.m. Wednesday Upper School students dismiss at 2:35 p.m. Wednesday The Drop-off and Pick Up Protocol Dropping your children off at the beginning of the school day and picking them up at the end works best when everyone is on the same page! Please review the information relevant to your family. Lower School Lower School families enter and exit the south gate. Arrival: Lower School arrival car line is 7:30-8 a.m. at the first right hand entrance to the Lower School lot. PK and K Dismissal: Dismiss at 2:45 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, at 1:40 p.m. on Wednesday, and 3:05 p.m. on Thursday. Grades 1-5 Dismissal: Dismiss at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, and 3:15 p.m. on Thurs- day. Grade 1-5 families use the SECOND right entrance to the Lower School lot for dismissal.

• Refrain from cell phone use during arrival and dismissal. • Complete all emergency contact and health forms online prior to the start of school, and keep contact information updated in iSAMS throughout the year. • Display your NBPS car decal on your windshield at all times. You will receive two decals at your current listed address. Additional decals/placards can be requested by contacting the Lower, Middle or High School Main Office. • Obtain a visitor’s pass from the Lower School, Middle School or High School office if you have a pre-arranged appointment only. • Your visitor ID must be visibly worn at all times while on cam- pus. • Enter and exit through the main entrance after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

13 | Transit

LOWER SCHOOL DISMISSAL PROCEDURE Pick-up times vary by grade and day


Pick-Up Times PK and K: 2:45 pm (M/T/F) 1:40 p.m. Wednesday 3:05 pm Thursday Grades 1-5: 2:45 pm (M/T/F) 1:40 p.m. Wednesday 3:15 pm Thursday

Please review the following information carefully to ensure the safety of our com- munity members: Inclement weather may affect pick-up and drop-off procedures. If there is a threat of lightning, arrival and dismiss- al are temporarily suspended until the weather clears. This will be indicated to parents by a red flag posted on the guard house and through an email alert. During these times, Lower School par- ents may escort students to the door or main west entrances, and Middle School students can be dropped off and picked up from the east end of the 400 building under the blue awnings. High School students can be dropped off and picked up at the Global Wellness Center.

Bus Dismissal Times: 3 p.m. for all grades (M/T/TH/F) 2 p.m. for all grades (Wednesday)

Car Line Parents should not arrive earlier than their designated pick-up time. Parents must pull up to the front-most spot in the car line while displaying the dashboard placard. You must remain in your vehicle during the dismissal process; a member of the NB staff will help your child get into the car. Authorization of Alternate Transportation Students may not leave school without appropriate authorization. Students may only be released to a parent or other adult listed on the Emergency Release portion of the Student Information Form. Any requested changes must be made through Mrs. Len- kowsky (954.941.4816 or justine.lenkowsky@nbps.org ) no less than 90 minutes prior to the start of dismissal. Early Pick-Up (one or more hours before the end of the school day) A parent/ guardian wishing to arrange early dismissal for a student (or students) must submit the Student Early Dismissal Form that can be found at nbps.org/earlyrelease . This formmay be submitted up to five days in advance, but should be submitted no later than 8:15 a.m. on the day of requested early pick-up. In the event of an emergency that requires a student be picked up on short notice, please contact Mrs. Lenkowsky (954.941.4816 or justine.lenkowsky@nbps.org ). Afternoon Extended Care Students must be enrolled in aftercare prior to the start of school. Enrollment is limited and will require an enrollment commitment for the full trimester at a set rate. If after- care is not a necessity for your family, we ask that you wait until CDC guidelines become more flexible before enrolling in aftercare. This will allow space for those who find after- care essential. Please complete the enrollment form to register for aftercare by Monday August 10. Parents should enter through the main doors to sign their children out. The Extended Care Program ends promptly at 5:30 p.m. and is billed at an hourly rate of $8.85. Any parent who picks up their child after closing time will be charged at the overtime rate of $120 per hour, billed in 10-minute increments. Parents who choose to prepay for the full year of Afternoon Extended Care will receive a substantially discounted rate of $2,250. To take advantage of this offer, please indicate your choice to do so on the Extended Care Form that is emailed out from the Lower School office.

14 |Transit

• The administrative assistant will call the student out of class upon arrival of the parent or other authorized person at the Mid- dle School office. • The authorized person will then sign the student out on the dis- missal log, and a dismissal pass will be issued. • The pass issued must be presented at the security gate for dis- missal. If the parent requests that the student be released to a person who is not on their pick-up list: • That person must present proper ID. • That person must sign the “Early Dismissal” log in the office with the proper information. • A dismissal pass will be issued and must be shown at the gate for security purposes upon departure. High School: Early dismissal for High School students is coordinated through the Dean’s office in the 300 Building. If a student driver is leaving school early: • The student must pick up their pass at the Dean’s office just prior to dismissal time. • The student must present the pass at the security gate when leaving campus. If a parent/guardian is picking up a student for early dismissal: • The Dean’s office administrative assistant will call the student out of class upon arrival of the parent or other authorized person to the Dean’s office. • The authorized person will then sign the student out on the dis- missal log, and a dismissal pass will be issued. • The pass issued must be presented at the security gate for dis- missal.

UPPER SCHOOL ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL PROCEDURES Upper School parents are encouraged to arrive after 8 a.m. to avoid Lower School drop-off traffic and after 3:20 p.m. to avoid Lower School pick-up traffic.

School Hours: 8:25 - 3:35 p.m. (M/T/F) 8:25 - 2:35 p.m. (W/TH)

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations: Middle School students should be dropped off and picked up at the Middle School Circle. High School students should be dropped off and picked up at the High School Circle. Late Arrival: Upper School students arriving to school after 8:25 a.m. are considered late and must check in at the security gate upon their arrival. They will be logged in and issued a pass for admittance to class. UPPER SCHOOL EARLY DISMISSAL A parent/guardian wishing to arrange early dismissal for a stu- dent (or students) must submit the Student Early Dismissal Form that can be found at nbps.org/earlyrelease . This form may be submitted up to five days in advance. In the event that an emergency arises and a student must be picked up, please coor- dinate the dismissal of the student through the division-specific location. Middle School: Early dismissal for Middle School students is coordinated through the Middle School office. If a parent/guardian is picking up a student for early dismissal:

If a parent is having someone not on the pick-up list come to pick up the student early, in addition to the protocol above, this person must present proper ID at the Dean’s office before the student can be released. NOTE: North Broward Prep is not authorized to release students to people not on the pick-up list based on a phone call, fax or email. STUDENT PARKING AND PARKING PERMITS The ability to park on campus is available to eligible licensed NBPS students who comply with school parking rules. These include paying a fee and affixing the assigned parking decal to their windshield, as well as possessing and maintaining a safe driving record. On-campus parking is a privilege that can be revoked if students commit re- peated parking violations or park on campus without permission. If a vehicle is towed, it will be at the owner’s expense. Just remember to be respectful and follow the rules so the parking system can work for everyone.

PARENT PICKUP PLACARD (THE 3P) The Parent Pick-Up Placard is issued to Lower and Middle school parents to help smooth the traffic flow and add an addi- tional level of safety for students. It will include your student’s name and other relevant information. Your placard should be displayed on the dashboard during pickup for identification purposes. This also allows school staff to alert the dis- missal team that you have arrived to pick up your child.

Student Parking decals are obtained through an application process available online only. To apply, please contact Heckery Garcia at heckery.garcia@nbps.org.

UNIFORMS The uniforms at North Broward Prep are more than just a dress code. They signal to the world that we are unified as a school, that we are professional, self-respecting and willing to learn. After all, each one of us is here to grow and better ourselves.

While we know our uniform policy is important, we also recognize the importance of individuality, hence our ever-popular “dress down” days!

MANDATORY DRESS CODE REGULATIONS To be in compliance with the school uniform policy, students must follow the mandatory dress code regulations: • The 2020-21 dress code only includes the current logo. • Pants must be a proper fit and worn at the waist. • Girls’ skirts and skorts must be no shorter than finger-length with their arms resting at their sides. • Girls’ skorts must be 7 1⁄2” long. • Lanyards with ID must be worn for students in grades 6-12. Uniforms are required for PE and on compulsory dress uniform days. Lower School Uniforms All Lower School students also need the yellow field trip shirt, as well as a blue uniform polo and khaki bottoms for Fine Arts performances and dress field trips.

GENERAL UNIFORM INFORMATION The NBP school dress code contributes to a school-wide iden- tity while still allowing students to make some choices when it comes to their clothing. Our uniforms are available in a variety of styles and colors that can be combined for a number of different looks. As students move through Lower, Middle and High School, they will change uniforms, giving each school its own distinct look. For more details, contact the school’s official uniform supplier,

Dennis Uniforms. Dennis Uniform: 7602 NW 6th Avenue | Boca Raton 561.226.9803 dennisuniform.com Store Hours: Mon.- Thurs. 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. (Call for special summer hours)

Uniforms | 17

Middle School Uniforms On dress uniform days, boys should wear their uniform khaki pants with the white long-sleeved NB Oxford and tie. For girls, dress uniform days require the khaki pants, shorts, skorts or skirts worn with the white Oxford long-sleeved shirt and navy sweater vest. For PE, students should wear the ash NB t-shirt with navy mesh shorts. Girls may also wear NB jersey shorts. High School Uniforms The High School boys’ mandatory dress uniform includes a navy NB blazer and/or sweater vest worn with NB khaki pants, a white Oxford long-sleeved shirt and a tie. Girls’ mandatory dress uniforms includes their NB blazer and/or sweater with a white Oxford and either NB khaki pants or their NB skirt. For PE, both boys and girls should wear the ash NB t-shirt with navy mesh shorts. DRESS DOWN DAY ATTIRE Dress down days are a fun break, but they’re not “anything goes” days! Attire on these days still needs to be appropriate for school. Jeans are permitted, as are shorts of acceptable length. Shoes need to be closed-toed for safety purposes. Please check nbps.org/studentparenthandbooks for specific policy details.

Appointments can also be made by contacting Abby Elmúdesi at nb-papresident@nbps.org or 561.235.6301 or Joy Rabbini at nb-pavphs@nbps.org or 954.482.1072. The NB-PA Uniform Connection will be open prior to the start of the 20-21 academic year as follows (note - dates and times are subject to change):

Sunday, August 9, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 11, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, August 12, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Friday, August 14, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, August 18, 1:00-3:00 pm Wednesday, August 19, 4:30 - 6:30 pm Thurs, August 20, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, please contact Abby or Joy to schedule your appointment. The Uniform Connection restocks its shelves thanks to the gen- erosity of the NBP community. Your child’s gently used uniforms and spirit attire can be left in any of the three division offices year- round, or you may take them directly to the Uniform Connection during normal operating hours.


While students are expected to wear approved uniform clothing unless given permission otherwise, extreme weather calls for extreme measures. During extreme cold weather, students are allowed to make some additions to their typical uniform attire. When the temperature is predicted to be 45 degrees or below, students may add solid black, brown or blue leggings under their uniforms. They may also wear an additional non-NB jacket.

For more information, please refer to nbps.org/studentparenthandbooks .

SPIRIT DAY FRIDAY We’re excited to continue our tradition of Friday Spirit Day! Each Friday (unless otherwise noted) students are encouraged to show their Eagle pride by wearing NBPS spirit t-shirts or club/ athletic shirts. T-shirts need to be worn with NBPS bottoms and may not be cut or modified. (Those who elect not to participate in Friday Spirit Day must wear the daily uniform dress.)

NB-PA UNIFORM CONNECTION The North Broward Parent Association’s Uniform Connection provides gently used uniforms and spirit attire for students in all divisions. Articles of clothing range in price from $5 - $25 and pro- ceeds from the Uniform Connection help fund NB-PA sponsored programs. The Uniform Connection is conveniently located in Kipling House - the first home in the gravel lot just past the southern security gate (across from Brown Hall and the baseball field). When school is in session, the Uniform Connection is open on Mondays from 8:00-8:45 a.m., and on all Upper School Dress Uniform Days from 8:00-8:45 a.m.

18 | Uniforms

GET INVOLVED There are a myriad of reasons why NBP is truly remarkable, including the abundance of passionate and dedicated volunteers. Under the direction of the North Broward Parents Association (“NB-PA”), you will often see grandparents assisting in the art room, moms and dads in the media center, and all kinds of enthusiastic individuals planning and executing amazing programs throughout the year. With so many opportunities available, you’re sure to find one that fits your interests, schedule, and energy level. You can find additional information on how to get involved by going to nb-psta.org or downloading our app. Simply go to the Apple or Google store and search for “North Broward Preparatory” to download. You may also contact NB-PA President, Abby Elmúdesi at nb-papresident@nbps.org.

THE NB-PA The NB-PA is an invaluable part of the NB community. Made up of fabulous parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, this volunteer organization plans a variety of enriching opportunities for our school community. All NBP parents and guardians are members of the NB-PA.

NBP Fine Arts Boosters The NBP Fine Arts Boosters are avid supporters of arts education and outreach at our school. We operate as a nonprofit to provide performance and educational opportunities for our student-art- ists and to bring their work to both the school and larger commu- nities through events including the Annual Faculty Concert.

Learn more at nbps.org/fineartsboosters .

Get Involved | 19


North Broward Prep isn’t just a school; it’s an experience that prepares students to excel in college and in life. Our international community is committed to helping each student reach his or her full potential—in both academic achievement and personal growth. We achieve this by fostering critical thinking skills, providing opportunities for students to discover inter- ests and instilling the virtue of civic responsibility. The wide variety of academic and extracur- ricular opportunities available at NBPS enables our students to tailor their education to meet their individual needs and passions. As our student body represents more than 20 nations, diversity is in no short supply, but it precisely that—our differences—that makes NBPS such an incredible place to be. The skills, interests, and backgrounds of our students, faculty members, and staff come together to make this a unique environment.


20 | The NBP Experience



Welcome to the Lower School, a community of thinkers and learners! Rich learning experiences presented in a supportive and nurtur- ing environment allow our youngest students to grow and thrive. Together, our teachers and students build a school-wide culture of thinking, learning and caring.

Through academic studies, STEAM experiences, fine arts, athletics and more, Lower School students explore, investigate and connect, setting the tone for their learning journey at NBPS.

LOWER SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS School Supplies Good news! All Lower School student supplies are provided by NBP, so you don’t have to go school supply shopping! Classrooms will be fully stocked with supplies when students report for the first day of school in August. Monthly Assemblies Throughout the year, lower school students, faculty and parents gather as a community to celebrate student achievements, share academic highlights and watch grade level and group perfor- mances. Assemblies are held on the last Friday of the month in September, October, December, February, April and May. The October assembly is always held on Halloween and begins with the annual parade of costumes. The December assemblies include Fine Arts winter concert performances. Virtual assemblies will be planned for this school year. Stay tuned!

Academics Instruction tailored to learning groups and personalized to in- clude student interests form the foundation of academic classes and studies. Genius Hour projects and personal learning goals set the course of learning for individual students and instruc- tional groups. Targeted lessons in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign languages, fine arts, physical education, technology and media create a robust and rigorous academic experience for students in the lower school. Each year, the Lower School works together to support the American Heart Association through the Kids Heart Challenge. The NBPS Lower School has been the #1 fundraising school in the state of Florida multiple years! Through their PE classes, students learn about heart health and fitness, while learning various jump roping and exercise skills to increase their cardio fitness level and raise funds for the benefit of others. NBPS is proud of our long- standing commitment and service to the American Heart Associa- tion and our community. Community Partnerships With the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a beacon, lower school students partner with several nonprofit organizations to create and put into action innovative solutions to community challenges. These authentic experiences enhance students’ understanding of how they can make a difference, both locally and globally.

22 | Lower School


LOWER SCHOOL DIRECTORY Lower School Office 954.941.4816 Principal Kathleen Malanowski Kathleen.Malanowski@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 906 Assistant Principal Sarah Evans

Sarah.Evans@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 907 Guidance Counselor Sarah Damson Sarah.Damson@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 908 Administrative Assistant Justine Lenkowsky Justine.Lenkowsky@nbps.org 954.941.4816 Director of LPA James Standefer James.Standefer@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 380 Director of Educational & Information Technology Alex J Podchaski, CETL alex.podchaski@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 223 Nurse Kathy MacBrien Kathy.McBrien@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 914 Enrichment Programs Licia Campbell Licia.Campbell@nbps.org

PK and K musicians, First- through third-grade strings students, fourth- and fifth-grade Orchestra and Band students, and dance groups all perform their select pieces. The performances are always impressive and heart-warming. Winter concerts take place in the Global Wellness Center during December assemblies, and spring concerts take place in April at the Township Center for the Performing Arts. Academic Showcases Throughout the year, each grade level team of teachers and students invite parents to attend academic showcases to highlight their topics of study. Events like Second Grade I-Bios, Fifth Grade Life History Fair, Fourth Grade Garden Fair, Third Grade State Fair, and Kindergarten Author’s Teas give students the opportunity to share their work with a live (or virtually live) audience and develop skills for public speaking and project presenta- tion.

LOWER SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES Throughout the year, lower school students, faculty and parents gather as a community to celebrate student achievements, share academic highlights and watch grade level and group perfor- mances. Assemblies are held on the last Friday of the month in September, October, December, February, April and May. Virtual assemblies will be planned for this school year. Stay tuned!

Attendance 954.941.4816

24 | Lower School

MIDDLE SCHOOL DIRECTORY MIDDLE SCHOOL OFFICE 954.247.0011 ext. 301 Principal Alex Birchenall Alexander.Birchenall@nbps.org


954.247.0011 ext. 391 Assistant Principal Kerri Diaz

Kerri.Diaz@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 234 Guidance Counselor Michele Mizrachy Michele.Mizrachy@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 313 Administrative Assistant Carmen Mendez Carmen.Mendez@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 301 Director of LPA James Standefer James.Standefer@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 380 Athletic Director Brian Campbell Brian.Campbell@nbps.org 954. 247.0011 ext. 202 Director of Educational & IT Alex Podchaski Alex.Podchaski@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 223 Dean of Students Derrick Mays Derrick.Mays@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 379 Assistant Dean of Students Damon Watts Damon.Watts@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 337 Deans Administrative Assistant Cortney Flores Cortney.Flores@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 366 Nurse Brittany Horan Brittany.Horan@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 310 Registrar Sevil Dalton

Our Middle School students can be leaders now and in the future. The Middle School at North Broward Prep encourages this leadership by offering engaging and authentic learning experiences that foster re- al-world skills and contributions. We challenge our students to discover their passions and grow into capable, responsible young people, and we offer the chance to do so through our strong academic program and wide array of elective, extracurricular and travel opportunities. This year’s Middle School Success Academy will take place on Friday, August 21. For additional questions regarding Success Academy, please contact: Middle School Office Carmen Mendez Carmen.Mendez@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 301

IMPORTANT DATES Dress Up and Dress Down Days

Over the course of the year, NBPS has numerous dress up days and dress down days. Due to the uncertain nature of the 2020-2021 school year we will not publish dress up and dress down dates in this year’s YAAG. As the year progresses we will notify families well in advance of any special dress days.

Sevil.Dalton@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 329

26 | Middle School

THE GLOBAL GAMES Tuesday through Friday, December 1-4 | Windermere, FL Middle School students from our sister schools across North and South America come together to compete in this Olympic-style athletic competition at Windermere Prep in Orlando. During the evenings, however, rivalries are put aside as students from differ- ent cultures become friends while engaging in fun activities such as visiting the Disney theme parks.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES Good news! All Middle School student supplies are provided by NBPS, so you don’t have to go school supply shopping! Classrooms will be fully stocked with supplies when students report for the first day of school in August. iPADS All Middle School students receive a school-issued iPad for the year! Each student, accompanied by a parent, must attend a training session in order to take possession of their tablet for the year. New students, as well as those starting the sixth grade, need to schedule an iPad appointment at nbps.org/ ipadtraining . Across the curriculum, our focus is on creating a culture of thinking and collaboration that puts students at the center of their learning. Using research-based best practices in blended and project-based learning, teachers create opportunities that inspire students to think critically and empower them to own their learning. ELECTIVES Middle school students have the opportunity to explore new and exciting possibilities through our wide-ranging elective offering. Students can discover new interests that are fun and motivating or pursue excellence in subjects they are truly passionate about. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS This year more than ever it is important for students to feel con- nected and build relationships with their peers and teachers. Our teachers put the social and emotional needs of our students front and center in the learning process across all classes. In addition, students are assigned an advisor and an advisory group which will meet twice a week. The focus of advisory is to help students feel connected and supported in school while helping them de- velop skills and habits for success. TRIPS AND SPECIAL EVENTS In middle school, our grade level trips and other special events are highlights of the student experience. While travel plans are uncertain this year, we hope to be able to offer some of these opportunities later in the year. Please note, the dates listed below are tentative. MIDDLE SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS ACADEMICS

8TH GRADE TRIP TO WASHINGTON, D.C. Tuesday through Friday, March 16-19

Each spring, our eighth graders embark on a journey to our na- tion’s capital where they experience history, culture, and so much more. This trip brings to life many of the important themes and lessons learned across the 8th grade curriculum. MIDDLE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP DAY Friday, April 9 | NBPS Campus Middle School Leadership Day inspires students to lead and teaches them that they can make a difference in their community. Students will spend time learning about different careers, taking part in a panel discussion with non-profit organizations and par- ticipating in service initiatives. NBPS seventh graders spend three days soaking up the history of Boston, and by extension, America! The city provides a wonder- ful environment to support our seventh graders’ curriculum. In addition to touring many famous sites, students will also have the opportunity to visit Harvard University for a first-hand look at one of America’s most elite college campuses. 6TH GRADE TRIP TO CIRCLE F DUDE RANCH Wednesday through Friday, May 5-7 | Lake Wales, Florida The sixth-grade trip is designed as an immersive experience to help students experience personal growth and rely on their devel- oping interpersonal skills. During this annual three-day adventure at a 500-acre camp in Lake Wales, students are expected to hone their collaboration and problem solving skills with a variety of physical, mental and social challenges. 7TH GRADE TRIP TO BOSTON Wednesday through Friday, May 5-7 Dress Up and Dress Down Days Over the course of the year, NBPS has numerous dress up days and dress down days. Due to the uncertain nature of the 2020- 2021 school year we will not publish dress up and dress down dates in this year’s YAAG. As the year progresses we will notify families well in advance of any special dress days.


TEAM BUILDING DAY Friday, October 23

Take part in competitions and activities that encourage creative problem-solving, collaboration and relationship building. Show your NBPS school spirit while having fun with friends!


Middle School | 27


The NBP High School is dedicated to providing students the academic, social and extracurricular opportunities they need to reach their true potential. To accomplish this, our educators encour- age students to discover their interests and pursue those passions, as well as explore others, through our numerous clubs and societies on campus. As a natural result of the curriculum and experiences NBP offers, students come to understand that they are global citizens with civic responsibilities and the ability to make the world a better place.


28 | High School


IPADS AND COMPUTERS All High School students receive a school-issued iPad for the year! Students who are new to NBP or who are entering the ninth grade must attend a training session with a parent in order to take possession of their tablet. Please schedule your iPad appointment at nbps.org/ipadtraining . In addition to iPads, our High School students will be using laptops. They are only mandatory for certain classes in photography, computer science, art and the Fab Lab; however, they are strongly recommended for all HS students at NB. HIGHLIGHTS NB HIGH SCHOOL 101 / PARENT COFFEE Tuesday, September 29 (All you need to know about NBPS HS) Wednesday, January 14 (Course Recommendations and Elective Selections) 8:30 a.m. | Lakeside Hall Parents who are new to the High School—including ninth-grade parents—will want to attend these very informative meetings.

HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE 954.247.0011 ext. 372 Principal Tanya Lynch Tanya.Lynch@nbps.org

Assistant Principal Marge Dougherty Marjorie.Dougherty@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 348 Assistant Principal Tammy Wolpowitz Tamara.Wolpowitz@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 230 Student Services Coordinator Ronnie Glines Ronnie.Glines@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 396 IB Coordinator Tammy Wolpowitz Tamara.Wolpowitz@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 230 Director of Student Life Stacey Amelchenko Stacey.Amelchenko@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 207 Guidance Counselor Mark George Mark.George@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 356 Administrative Assistant Janet Singer Janet.Singer@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 372 Dean of Students Derrick Mays Derrick.Mays@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 379 Assistant Dean of Students Damon Watts Damon.Watts@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 337

SPIRIT WEEK October 19-23

There’s nothing that quite compares to the exuberance of Spirit Week! Each day of Spirit Week is based on a theme, with NBP community members taking part to show support for their own classes and our NBP teams. Give it all you’ve got as you engage in this entertaining week where you are not required to be in uniform if you dress up!

HOMECOMING DANCE Saturday, October 24 7 p.m. | High School Student Union

What better way to wrap up a school spirit-filled week of football and performances than with the Homecoming Dance? Organized almost entirely by the Student Gov- ernment, the event brings with it good friends, good food and good fun! IB INFORMATIONAL SESSIONS Seasonal Informational meetings hosted in the fall, winter and spring help parents get to know more about the IB program at North Broward Prep. Each meeting will have a differ- ent focus and will be announced throughout the school year.

Mr. NB Thursday, February 25 7 p.m. | Lecture Hall

A perennial favorite, this fundraiser is entirely student driven! The school community loves to come together each year as some of our most outgoing Senior guys put on a show for a paying audience. Students and parents alike will find themselves in awe (and fits of laughter) alongside a panel of teacher-judges who must evaluate each performance and name the newest Mr. NB.

High School |29


Dean Administrative Assistant Cortney Flores Cortney.Flores@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 366 Director of LPA James Standefer James.Standefer@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 380 Director of Educational & Information Technology Alex Podchaski Alex.Podchaski@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 223 Nurse Brittany Horan, BSN, RN Brittany.Horan@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 310 Registrar Sevil Dalton Sevil.Dalton@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 329

North Broward Prep is a proudly diverse school, and Multicultural Week is just one of the ways we celebrate the things that make our world so interesting. The week is an on-campus multicultural adventure with many fun activities to choose from. Watch movies from different countries, participate in a festive cultural parade, taste flavors frommultiple regions, see students wearing traditional clothing from their home countries, and embrace many cultural traditions.

PROM Saturday, May 16 7 p.m. | Boca Pointe Country Club

Prom is one of the most anticipated events of the year for many High School stu- dents. This year’s dance promises to be a beautiful one as it will be held at the Boca Pointe Country Club. So, get fancy, meet up with your favorite people, and have an incredible night. And don’t forget to thank the Student Government Junior Class Officers for all the hard work they put in to make the event happen!

AWARDS CEREMONY Wednesday, May 26 8:30 a.m. | GWC

At the end of the school year, we honor the excellent work of our high schoolers at our annual awards ceremony. Parents, teachers, department heads and the North Broward Prep community come together to celebrate the hard work and achieve- ments of our students.

COLLEGE ADVISING The North Broward Prep College Advising Office (CAO) helps students find their strengths and cultivate their abilities so they are ready for life after graduation. Recognizing that it is the students’ interests at the heart of the process, our CAO advisors are true advocates for NBP students. After listening carefully to the wants and needs of each individual, the advisors sup- port them through the process of picking colleges and submitting top-notch applications. With its plentiful opportunities in academics, athletics, arts, clubs and more, NBP provides students with a stimulating and comprehensive experience so that they are well-equipped to continue their education. The CAO helps them take those next steps, supporting students with college applications, financial aid and scholarship options, test prep information, and more.


College Advising | 31

CAO DIRECTORY College Advising Office 954.247.0011 ext. 308 Director Cecilia Grano De Oro Cecilia.Granodeoro@nbps.org 954.247.0011 ext. 218


NBPS typically partners with three other private high schools to host the Sun- shine Invitational College Fair in the month of October. Due to present circum- stances and the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of our faculty, staff, families, and college admissions colleagues, it is unknown whether the Sunshine Invitational College Fair will be hosted in-person this year. Additional information will be shared later in the fall as a decision is reached by the hosting institution and as we continue to receive updates from college and university ad- missions representatives regarding limitations on their fall travel opportunities. In addition, many higher education organizations such as the National Associ- ation for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC) have partnered with thousands of colleges and universities around the world to host a series of virtual college fairs throughout the coming year. As these opportunities are confirmed, the CAO will share important information about how to access these resources and join virtual college fair events. Virtual College Representative Visits In continued support of our students and especially rising seniors as they approach the upcoming college admissions season, many colleges and univer- sities across the country have pivoted towards hosting virtual campus visits, as they suspended in-person recruitment activity. Some of these institutions have already publicly announced their plans to continue virtual visits in the coming year to support the safety and well-being of prospective students and their families, their college counseling colleagues and their staff. As part of their virtual travel plans, colleges and universities nationwide are committed to providing the best remote experiences possible, with opportunities to virtually visit with high schools, join college fairs and panels, facilitate one-on-one interviews and more. As the CAO begins to schedule virtual college visits for the fall, we will share infor- mation with our juniors and seniors on how to access the virtual visit spaces. Financial Planning for College Night CAO will virtually host its “Financial Planning for College” meeting on Wednes- day, October 28 at 7 p.m. to demystify the college financial aid process. This informative, eye-opening workshop presented by a university financial aid representative is intended to explain the FAFSA form and the CSS Profile and why colleges ask the questions they do. All NBPS Upper School parents are invited to attend. Details on accessing the virtual meeting space will be shared closer to the event date. Speaker Symposium The College Admissions Speaker Symposium will be hosted virtually by the CAO on Monday, February 8 at 7 p.m. A panel of Admissions Directors from select colleges and universities will discuss college admissions and provide insight to help parents and students understand the selection process. Topics will also include the importance of academic rigor, GPA, standardized testing, extracur- riculars, essays/personal statements, and recommendation letters, as well as early decision vs. early action applications and the financial aid process. During the day, sophomores and juniors will meet with the panel virtually in an open forum, and all NBPS High School parents are invited to attend the virtual evening program. Details on accessing the virtual meeting spaces will be shared closer to the event date. College Admissions Boot Camp The College Advising Office will host a College Admissions Boot Camp for the sole purpose of having seniors begin (or continue) working on their college applications early in the application season. Seniors are invited to attend one or more of the workshops. Boot Camp will be held virtually on Tuesday, August 18, and Wednesday, August 19. Sessions will focus on working through the Common Application and Coalition Application, understanding self-reported academic records, reviewing essay/personal statement topics, and much more. Details on the timing of sessions and accessing the virtual meeting spaces will be shared closer to the event dates.

College Advisor Jamie Adelson Jamie.Adelson@nbps.org 954-247-0011 Ext. 342

College Advisor Karen Siegel

karen.siegel@nbps.org 954-247-0011 ext. 212

College Advisor Bernadette Baxley Bernadette.Baxley@nbps.org 954-247-0011 ext. 205 College Advisor Patti Skelton Patti.Skelton@nbps.org 954-247-0011 ext. 394 Administrative Assistant Eve Eriss Eve.Eriss@nbps.org 954-247-0011 ext. 308

32 |College Advising

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