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DR. CH A R LE S L. F E IN B E R G ...a re you ready for a little tough one-to-one?

Talbot Theological Seminary cannot fill one-third of the requests that come from churches, schools, and Christian organizations asking for our graduates. Why? There is a demand today for men who are sound, contemporary, informed, competent, disciplined and compassionate.

There is opportunity as never before. People are tired of silly platitudes, a washed-out theology and little sermonettes for placid pewsters! The world is waiting to hear someone who has something to say.

Some are seeing the challenge and meeting it head-on! (Enrollment is just under 200 for the coming year but that doesn’t begin to meet the need.) Sure it is demanding. Is anything ever worthwhile without sacrifice? Think about it.

Work at Talbot is never easy, just stimulating and eternally rewarding. For the challengers the results are ever so satisfying — front-liners in the battle, leaders in the work of the building of the church. You can take a back seat or get into it and make the necessary sacrifices to become productive and creative in the work of God. Think about it. For the pastor, teacher, missionary, Talbot offers a kaleidoscopic in-depth, yet comprehensive study of the Word of God. From every luminous angle, biblical languages, theology, Bible exposition, the text is scrutinized. Its historical im­ plication, development of the church, practical theology, preaching and the philosophical vista are added to the other disciplines. The end result is proficiency. For the Christian educator, Talbot offers an exciting, expanding and vital program in Religious Education involving careful study of the Word of God, educational methodology, current trends, materials, equipment and contemporary progeny from the fertile minds in related fields. Dynamic practical involvement and Implementation and a learning-while-doing emphasis balance the program.


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Offering BD, MRE and ThM degrees Dr. Charles L. Feinberg, Dean 13800 BIOLA AVE., LA MIRADA, CALIF. 90638


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THE KING’S BUSINESS Magazine isa Publication ofBiolaSchools &Colleges, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor, S. H. Sutherland, Pres., Ray A. Myers, Board Chmn. FEBRUARY 1969 / VOLUME 59 / NUMBER 2 / ESTABLISHED 1910 CONTENTS ARTICLES What's Ahead for VBS? l O Why Sit Here Until We Die? 1 2


The Feast of Atonement 1 4 Innovations in Learning IB What the Bible Says About Heaven 1 8 What Would Be Your Answer? 2 1 The Power of Positive Prayer 2 5 Who Are You? 2 9 Looping the Loop at MIS 3 0 The Clever Crocodile and The Foolish Flies 3 4 On Choosing A Life Verse 3 8 The Believers Hope 4 0

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G ib b o n , i n h i s h is t o r y , “ The Decline and Fall o f the Roman Empire,” emphasizes the fact that Rome fell, not because of the barbarian hordes pouring in from the North, but pri­ marily because o f the total moral decay from within the empire itself. Rome had conquered the then known world. Society had grown fat and affluent; work was considered beneath the dignity of the citizenry—only slaves worked; sensual and sexual orgies were the order of the day; one excess led to a greater until finally the debased life of the people knew no bounds and the tragic end was inevitable. Sociologists in our country today are saying “U.S. sex atti­ tudes are worse than they were in Rome.” One sociologist ques­ tions, “What is the future of sex in our country? More moral slumming, more breakdown o f the God-given relationship of male and female into an off-color sport, a titillating national amusement? Or will we grow up?” Growing up has been defined in effect as reaching adult attitude, being mature and healthy in our adjustments to life. But if this is what growing up means, alas, all too many o f our adults are still extremely adolescent, for it is the attitudes o f the mature young and middle-aged ! adults that are fashioning the low moral standards in our coun- 1 try today. It is the otherwise respectable younger married people j who belong to the notorious key clubs and other organizations of a similar nature; who are engaged in swapping wives and husbands for a brief period o f time; who are carrying on the social drinking program which is so prevalant in our affluent society today; who are attending and being influenced by the moving pictures designated “ for adults only” ; who are serving as a completely degrading example for the teen-age generation in our land. What can we expect among our teen-agers when such total promiscuity is evidenced on every hand, even among j the so-called respectable citizenry of the community and alas, to be found in some church circles also? Sometime ago, a certain house in Hollywood was raided by i the police. In it were some dozens o f teenagers carrying on an i utterly wild and disgraceful orgy of marijuana and heroin smok­ ing, drinking liquor and engaging in illicit love-making. In large measure, these were juveniles. They were herded off to the police station and about two or three o’clock in the morning when they were all processed, their parents were notified. The scene was one of utter chaos and confusion. Parents came down in what­ ever garments they could put on hastily. They evidenced complete shock, consummate anger and total bewilderment when they were confronted by the police and identified as the parents of the children. The community was mildly shocked at the disclosure of this shameful condition and this juvenile delinquency which was revealed by these youngsters o f apparently respectable parents. But some o f the youngsters “ spilled the beans” when they testified that they were merely emulating either what they i had seen or heard their parents talking about, or the condition

Rev. H. B. Bendy. The Presbyterian Journal

by Catherine F. Vos Revised by Marianne

Vos Radius Illustrated by Betty Beeby

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they knew existed in the parents’ lives and others of their social set. Of course, the parents had no one to blame but themselves for the condition of their children. The shame that they experi­ enced at being exposed in this manner was nothing but retribu­ tive justice being heaped upon their own heads. The freedom allowed in the making and showing of modem moving pictures is one of the most damaging influences in mod­ em-day life. No commercial moving picture company would think of making a picture without glorifying sex, unless it might be “ a once-in-a-great-while documentary” on some historic in­ cident of significance. Producers know full well that the Ameri­ can public would never pay to see a good, clean, wholesome pic­ ture, so sex or lust or murder or brutality of some sort must be glorified in order to make the picture a financial success. The actors and actresses and producers could not care less about the souls of individuals. Their only concern is filling their own pockets with as much money as they can possibly obtain. Do not any­ one come up with the plaintive appeal that there are certain individuals in the moving picture business who produce clean pictures and whose lives are exemplary. This is readily granted, but they are in such a minority that their voices are practically unheard and their lives are not given a second thought. It’s the glorification of sex that counts. The matter o f sex is seldom, if ever, depicted as a significant part of a total love relationship in which a man and his wife give themselves to each other with the sanction of God and society. Sex in marriage is almost com­ pletely disregarded : only sex o f an illicit nature that is attrac­ tive to the average mind. Sometime ago, a Harvard sociologist warned: “ Our trend toward sex anarchy has not yet produced catastrophic conse­ quences, nevertheless, the first syndromes o f the grave disease have already appeared.” Illegitimacy has increased 133% with­ in the past 10 years; venereal disease is on the increase again in spite of all that penicillin and other antibiotics can do. The U.S. Public Health Service reports “ Shocking increases” among youngsters 15 to 19 years of age caught with social disease. The American Social Hygiene Association warns us as a nation to expect at least two to three hundred thousand new cases o f V.D. among teen-agers alone in the coming year. Billy Graham has repeatedly stated, “America has a greater obsession for sex than Rome ever had.” Alas, truer words were never spoken! There recently appeared the account o f a conversation be­ tween a very wise father and his daughter. She told him that she thought the advances made by boys were “ compliments.” She felt flattered. After they had talked awhile, her father gave her a significant line to remember: “When a boy wants to spend the night with you, there is no greater insult; when he wants to spend his life with you, there is no greater compliment.” Alas, we hear only feeble voices raised concerning the moral and social standards of our society in general and of our churches in particular. One minister recently observed that if he preached too strongly on such-subjects, his congregation would demand his resignation. This is a deplorable condition. Certainly we are living again “ as it was before the flood,” the days of “ Sodom and Gomorrah,” the days of the lowest ebbs o f civilization in all o f our history, and our heart’s cry is, “Even so, come quick­ ly, Lord Jesus!” to save us from this wretched condition into which we have plunged, ere we perish utterly. We are heading straight into the certain judgment of a holy and righteous God.


O i m O A b G

. \

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THE REV. DR. ARTHUR P. WHITNEY, National Secretary for Campus Ministry of the American Bible Society, has been named Deputy General Secretary for the organization. The position was created because of growth in the organization’s ministry. Dr. Whitney will work closely with the general officers of A.B.S. in co­ ordinating the total program. The American Tract Society commem­ orated the 100th anniversary of the an­ nual presentation of Bibles to incoming cadets in the U.S. Military Academy at

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West Point. Featured speakers at the services were evangelist BILLY GRAHAM and MR. STEVEN E. SLOCUM, JR., Exec­ utive Secretary for the organization. Mr. Slocum made the presentations. Medical Assistance Programs, Inc. con­ ducted the 5th International Convention on Missionary Medicine December 27-30 at Wheaton College. The theme for the occasion was “ Flexible Methods . . . Faultless Message.” MR. J. EDWARD SMITH, international director of the Pocket Testament League, returned from the International Council in Bad Harzburg, West Germany, an­ nouncing new developments within the organization. “ Never before in history,” said Mr. Smith, “ have so many people, throughout the world, been so receptive to the preached and printed Word of God as they are today.” PTL councils from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other countries were represented at the international meeting. The American dele­ gation has invited the PTL Councils to consider the United States as the loca­ tion for their next International Council in 1973. President of Gospel Films, Inc., BILLY ZEOLI, has announced the filming of “The Flip Side,” a feature dramatic film which will take a candid look at the youth of North America. Scheduled for release during the spring of 1969, the new film deals with the American young people in language they understand and presents to them Jesus Christ.

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DR. SAMUEL J. SCHULTZ, professor of Bible and Theology at Wheaton College has authored his third book, The Proph­ ets Speak. Released by Harper & Row, the 159-page book “focuses attention up-- on the central theme of the entire Bible — law of love.” Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Sum­ mit, Pennsylvania, was accredited by the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges at AABC’s twentieth annual meeting in Chicago. The college was established in 1932 in Johnson City, New York. The degrees of Bachelor of Theology, Bache­ lor of Arts in Religious Education, and Bachelor of Sacred Music are offered, with majors in pastoral studies, missions, Christian education, Christian day school teaching, and music. Last year the school bought the 153-acre campus at Clarks Summit. DR. TED W. ENGSTROM, executive vice president of World Vision Interna­ tional, has declared that more than a half million of the kits to Viet Nam have been supplied in recent months. They were made available by individuals and groups around the United States and contain various hygienic items, sewing materials, and educational helps such as pencils, papers, and crayons. Scripture Press Foundation of Whea­ ton, Illinois, is now publishing the new Sunday School youth magazine, Youth Illustrated, in Braille. Two volumes total­ ing 164 pages were necessary to tran­ scribe the original 48-page publication. More than 1,100 participants and ob­ servers from 25 Asian countries recently attended the nine-day Asian-South Pacif­ ic Congress on Evangelism in Singapore.

She prays for a “mommy and daddy" to love her. You can answer her prayer.

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Five of those attending included: (front row kneeling) ATTAN TSHERING, Nepal; S. C. MOREY LEE, Taiwan; (standing left to right) A. O. KIREMWATI, Negaland; TRAIMYA K. MANYINGIWA, New Guinea; REV. HO KWON, Korea. One of the major outcomes of the Congress was the estab­ lishing of a permanent co-ordinating Office of Evangelism in Asia.

I IYong Sung

Q ] Jo Soon

An interdenominational, Gov. approved, non-profit corporation. Contributions are tax deductible»


runaway husbands and some women had faces sagging with the boredom of too much money and too much time. The challenge of these women nearly broke my heart. Maybe I was the only one in their routine of life who really knew Christ’s love — and if so — what if I failed to communicate it? I began to go to the monthly meet­ ings with an exciting joy wondering whom I would love. Waiting for the meetings to start ( before I gave my in­ spiring inspiration) became a sacred trust and time and time again I watched God move just the right person into the seat next to me. The meetings themselves are a total­ ly different challenge. When they start to get negative, I become positive. When they take on a critical note, I become the praiser, but more revolutionary — when a dignified battle of words begins, I can be the peacemaker (a thankless job, but one that’s needed neverthe­ less !). When P.T.A. began this year, I thought I’d not be asked back. The new president (a fabulous gal) was cer­ tainly not a church member, but when she selected her board, I was the first to be asked back. P.T.A. anyone? I don’t know about you, but once my attitude was over­ hauled, God gave me the privilege of a neighborhood mission field, and believe me, the harvest is happening! iB m i VALENTINE’S DAY THOUGHT Love is a wonder-worker, but it gets along better when it has brains to di­ rect it. — B il l y S u n d a y TEA FOR TWO Making a pot of tea for two might be an easy task, but what about a Mexican casserole or chop suey for two? That could be a problem, so BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS has a new, exciting cookbook with a great many solutions. It’s an ideal book for single career gals with a room-mate, newlyweds or couples with children away (at school or married). The chapters go from ‘Frankly Fancy” to “ Easy On The Bud­ get” and included in the chapter, “ ABC’s of Cooking For Two” are some excellent hints on utensils like: 1. Kitchen tongs: The perfect tool for holding and dipping foods. Be sure to use tongs instead of a fork for turning broiled meats to avoid loss of natural juices. 2. Collander: Remember to wash and drain rather than soak fresh vegetables and fruit. 3. Measuring cup: The wise cook saves time and extra dishwashing by measuring and then mixing right in the measuring cup. 4. Rubber spatula: Perfect for stir­ ring, saves because it gets into the “ comers” of the pan. 5. Plastic bags: Save ’em! They corral dried bread slices (or crackers) for crushing into crumbs. Cooking For Two —$1.95.

the magic time to thrill their hearts with my genuine depth as a spiritual giant. To my surprise (and later my horror) most everyone at my first bril­ liant word, turned off their minds and their hearing aids. The click was al­ most deafening. They tapped fingers, lit their cigarettes and wrote important notes as I spoke. Most certainly I’d failed. Well, I wasn’t going to put up with that — especially since I had the real answers to living and they didn’t want to listen. I particularly didn’t care for Mrs. So-and-So’s attitude. After all, I’d given up considerable time and ef­ fort to be spiritually smashing and I was used to audiences responding (fa­ vorably, that is!). I stuck it out those first gruesome months and (as He often does) God brought to mind Keith Miller’s book, The Second Touch, so I took a second look at those 20 women and what I saw righted the most important wrong: My attitude. The first thing that changed was my attitude toward Mrs. So-and-So who needed to be loved so badly. Until I looked at her with eyes of Christ’s love I did not see that she was an al­ coholic and later (much later) God allowed my music to comfort her bro­ ken heart and body. Then, gradually I began to see that looking at them in the loving eyes of Christ, they became women with real loneliness, problems, rebellious children,

Before I was a Christian my favorite line was, “ I’d rather drop dead than be a gossiping, critical P.T.A. mem­ ber.” Now my tune has changed and I’ve narrowed the sentence down to, “ I’d rather drop dead than ge a gossip­ ing critic (period).” But what of the P.T.A. ? Do Christian women belong in P.T.A.? Here are some of my thoughts and cer­ tainly I speak only for myself, but these thoughts are passed on — being a P.T.A. board member last year and this year at Emerson Junior High School. The first time I was contacted to be the inspirational chairman I thought, “ Oh, no, not with THAT bunch of women;” besides, I certainly did not want to be the kind of inspirational chairman who stood up and read some insipid poem about the wind and sky! But, I said, “ I’ll think about it.” The thing that changed my mind was my children’s faces when I told them I’d been asked. They were abso­ lutely hysterical with joy and words like “ Great! Neat! How fabulous!” greeted my announcement. (How could I turn them down?) I realize now their enthusiasm was high because the job offered was directly related to them. The job" had nothing to do with my singing, my broadcasting or my writ­ ing, but had EVERYTHING to do with being a mother — their mother. I ac­ cepted the next day. Then came my first marvelous meet­ ing with 20 or so board members and


prophecy J'ovets// The Second Coming of Christ is near! Each fulfilled prophecy hastens the return of the Son of God. World tensions continue to mount, bringing this age to a sudden and calamitous close. Keep Scripturally informed monthly by the

CULTS CRITIQUE by Betty Brueehert

THE I AM CELT A READER a s k s : “ Is the I AM cult still in existence? I recall publicity regarding them in connection with mail fraud some years ago. Who founded the system? What is meant by I AM?” (1) Recently we addressed an in­ quiry to the local I AM headquarters and received this reply: “ Yes, we do have regular activities at this I AM Accredited Sanctuary.” (2) The cult originated with Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ballard of Chicago in 1930, when Ballard claimed con­ tact with a reincarnated being named “ St. Germain.” He wrote his experi­ ences in a book “Unveiled Mysteries” under the pen name of Godfre Ray King. Another volume “ Magic Pres­ ence” and other writers followed. Mr. Ballard is now deceased. Mrs. Bal­ lard and son Donald head the cult. (3) THE MIGHTY I AM PRES­ ENCE is defined as “ the Individual­ ized Flame of Life from the Heart of the God-Life of the Universe . . . the Imperishable, E terna l, Individual Identity of every human being . . . the God-Self . . . the Individual Focus of all the God-Power required to con­ quer all that is not constructive.” The Ballards claimed that their teachings came directly from “ Great Ascended Masters” including not only St. Ger­ main, but also Christ, the Divine Di­ rector, the Tall Man from Venus, etc. The system is a hodge-podge of Unity, Christian Science, N ew Thought, Rosicrucianism, with much reference to Men’s Higher Bodies, Invisible Planes of Nature, Reincarnation, Law of Karma, cosmic rays (you name it —they have it!) They put words into the mouth of Christ which are not only blasphemous, but also ridicu­ lous. Dr. Louis T. Talbot, who person­ ally investigated this cult some years ago, writes: “ This is one of the most diabolic, blasphemous delusions ever given out by Satan. . . . They prom­ ise their followers health and wealth and a philosophy by which they can reach perfection and ascension. . . . Doubt, fear and error are negatives, and must be consumed by a ‘violet flame’ that surrounds the flesh-body . . . here on earth. They deny the Bible record of creation, redemption and immortality. To them Christ is unknown as an atoning Saviour.”

You are invited to write for your SAMPLE COPY of the PROPHETIC NEWS LETTER, now read in all 50 states and 75 foreign countries, with each issue containing eight full pages of current events thoughtfully discussed in the light of the prophetic Scriptures. Howard C. Estep, America’s Prophecy Preacher is: • Editor of the PROPHETIC NEWS LETTER. • Speaker on the radio broadcast THE NEWS IN REVELATION. • Author of SEVENTY booklets on Bible subjects. • President of World Prophetic Ministry, Inc.

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WHERE CAN A JEW FIND CHRIST? On street corners, in homes, in shops, and in our witnessing cen-i ters, our workers faith­ fully proclaim the story of redemption accord­ ing to Moses and the prophets, and the gos­ pel message from the New Testament, and Jews are finding the Saviour. For help in witnessing, or for your own spiritual need, write to: Rev. A. A. MacKinney Général Director American Messianic Fellowship 7448 N.Oamert Avenue, Chicago, III. 60645 and to determine with certainty the disposal after their death of that which the Lord entrusted to their stewardship without delays, deductions, inheritance taxes, and probate court costs. generous income,

A Jewish boy accepted a tract, "Isaiah's Por­ trait of Messiah" and immediately asked, "Can you tell me more about this?" There on a street corner in Chicago a 12 year old boy listened intently to the skillful presentation of the Scriptures and ac­ cepted Jesus Christ os his Messiah and Sav­ iour. A middle-aged' Jew­ ess, after hearing the gospel for several years at Miami Beach called and. said, "I am terribly distressed. Please come ¿over. I must find the Lord today."

A p r o g r amm e d Jfc V B S cou r se r M A TCH T H E N UM BER O F D A Y S . . . H O U R S . . . EV EN , S IZ E O F Y O U R S C H O O L 4 Choose either a 5-or 10-day course. Then look at the FREE VBS Programmer included. You can match the course to fit YOUR school situation. Easy! Practical! Exciting! Then expect enthusiastic Bible learning and life-changing decisions in your VBS. Mail coupon or see your Christian Bookstore

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by Roy B . Zuck

Rev. Roy B. Zuek, Th.D., is Executive Director of Scripture Press Foundation, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. W h a t is t h e f u t u r e of Vacation Bible School in evangelical churches? In what directions have Vacation Bible Schools been moving in the last two or three years? Is VBS on the upswing or is it on the way out? How do pastors feel about VBS? Figure 1, 45.8% of the pastors said last fall that their churches plan to schedule a 5-day VBS this year and 40.4% plan a 10-day program. (It is also interesting that, according to Figure 1, there has been a slight increase in Vacation Bible Schools conducted for periods of time other than 5 or 10 days.)

Many Christian educators and pastors recently have been asking these and related questions about this popular church agency. In an effort to provide some meaningful answers, the Christian Education Research Division of the Scripture Press Founds tion, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, conducted a survey of VBS characteristics and trends last fall in thou­ sands o f churches of many denominations all across the United States and Canada. More than 5,000 pastors completed the six-page questionnaire—a response o f 11.0% out of the more than 42,000 to whom the questionnaires were mailed. The ques­ tionnaire was designed to provide information on VBS characteristics in 1966, 1967, and 1968, and church plans for certain aspects o f VBS in 1969. The following highlight some of the findings: 1. The 5-day VBS is now more popular than the 10-day VBS. Figure 1 shows that in 1968 5-day schools were conducted in about half (49.3%) o f the churches whose pastors participated in the survey. That was an 11.2% lead over the 10-day program, which was conducted by 38.1% of the churches. The 5-day school has gained about 4% each year since 1966 —from 40.9% in 1966 to 45.0% in 1967 to 49.3% in 1968. Correspondingly, the 10-day school, which was more popular than the 5-day program in 1966, has dropped by about 5% each year since then. However, the trend will begin to reverse in 1969, if the churches actually follow the plans expressed by the pastors on the questionnaire. As shown in

The schools that were held for 5 days in 1968 were more prevalent in the South than elsewhere, and 10-day schools were more prevalent in the East. 2. However, higher percentages of pastors were satisfied with the 10-day schools. In 1968, 93.4% o f the pastors whose churches had held a VBS for 10 days felt that the length of days was “ about right.” But only 73.5% o f the pastors whose churches had led a VBS for 5 days felt that the length was “ about right.” This indi­ cates that more pastors sense a greater value in a 10-day program, even though the trend favors a 5-day schedule. 3. Evening schools are increasing slightly in popularity. Table 1 shows that evening Vacation Bible Schools have increased from 14.9% in 1966, to 16.9% in 1967, to 18.0% in 1968, and that in 1969 plans call for 18.5% of the schools being conducted in the evening. Also a slight increase was prevalent in the moming-evening combination. Even though the majority o f Vacation Bible Schools are sched­ uled in the mornings, there was a slight drop in the percentage o f morning schools (from 71.7% in 1966 to 68.0% in 1967, to 65.4% in 1968, and a planned 63.6% in 1969). 4. Lack o f leaders and workers is the main reason certain churches did not conduct VBS in the last three years. In 1966 about 1 in 11 (8.8%) o f the churches participating in the Scripture Press Foundation



Table 1 Time of Day When Vacation Bible Schools Were Conducted in 1966, 1967, and 1968 Conpared with Plans for 1969

survey did not have VBS, in 1967 the portion was 1 in 10 (10.1%), and in 1968 the portion was 1 in 9 (11.1%). However in 1969 the trend will reverse; only 1 in 33 (3.1%) o f the pastors stated that their churches will not conduct VBS. What were the main reasons these pastors gave for their churches not conducting VBS? As might have been expected, lack o f leaders and workers was the main reason in each o f the years measured. (See Table 2.) Two years ago, this factor was true of 48.5% o f the non-VBS churches, in 1967 the percentage increased to 54.1%, and in 1968 the percentage went up to 57.3%. This coincides with the increasing number of VBS directors and other church workers who have expressed concern over the difficulty in finding available VBS workers. In some churches this problem has even meant that VBS could not be held. It is obvious that re­ cruitment of workers is still a key factor in the planning of a successful VBS. And is this not a spiritual problem, basically? As you prepare for VBS this coming summer, pray diligently that God will place the challenge of VBS on the hearts of capable workers in your church. And then re­ cruit enthusiastically! 5. Pastors are very enthusiastic about VBS. Many will be encouraged that the overwhelm­ ing majority of the respondent pastors said that they feel VBS has as much or more potential than ever as a means of winning others to Christ and helping others grow in Christ. Specifically, 66.3% reported that they feel it has “as much potential as ever,” and 22.0% indicated that they feel it has “more potential than in the past.” (Only about 1 in 200 [0.6% ] said it has “no potential,” and only about 1 in 9 [11.2%] expressed the feeling that it has “ less potential than in the past.” ) VBS, then, is still seen—at least by the respondent pas­ tors—as a great instrument for evangelism in the community and for Christian Education. This survey seems to point to the encouraging observation that even though VBS faces some prob­ lems and some changing trends, it apparently still has a continuing and exciting future ahead. This spring pray—and work—toward a spiritually suc­ cessful VBS in which many will be won to the Lord and will grow in Him! HE A full report on the Scripture on Press VBS Survey is available under the title, “Research Report on Vacation Bible School Trends.” The material in the article above was gleaned from this 32-page report which includes 37 tables, 6 figures, and full commentary. Write Scripture Press Founda­ tion, Box 513, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137. (Enclose $1.00 to cover postage and handling charges.) FEBRUARY, 1969







71.7% 68.0% 65.4% 63.6%

Morning Only





Evening Only






Morning and Evening





Afternoon Only

Other 6.1 5 0 V ^Columns do not always total 100.0% because of rounding of numbers. 5.9 90%* 6.6 50%*

Table 2 Major Reasons Why Churches Did Not Vacation Bible Schools in 1966, 1967,



and 1968




Lack of Leaders and Workers

48.5% 54.1% 57.3%

Lack of Space




Lack of Finances




Lack of Adequate Teaching Materials





42.6 99.9%

37.5 100.0%

33.7 1(50%

* ____________ 5-Day Schools _____________ 10 Day Schools _____________Other Lengths

75 70

65 60 55

Figure 1 Comparison of All Vacation Bible Schools by Year and Length of School


ridiculed it and said, “Behold, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, might this thing be?” Even so today God says we need not live in spirit­ ual famine, that there is plenty o f grace for every­ body, but this cynical generation sneers and little professors say that God is dead. They do not be­ lieve God intervenes in the affairs o f men. “ I f God would make windows in heaven, might this thing be?” But God says: “ Prove me now if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Are we going to believe the cynics or God? But how can we find spiritual abundance in a day of famine? How did God do it in Samaria? He used the most unlikely means as He often does. In the gate of Samaria sat four lepers, as miserable a quartet as ever assembled. With Syria before them, Samaria behind them, sickness within and starvation without, they had reached the zero hour. Something had to be done. “ If we sit here, we will die of leprosy; if we go into the city we shall die of starvation. If we go forward we can do no worse than die so let us venture” . . . thus they reasoned and so they ventured to find that God had scat­ tered the enemy, for “ the wicked flee when no man pursueth,” and all they had to do was to gath­ er up the spoils of victory! You will observe that although there must have been wise men and noble men, experts and generals, in Samaria and although a King walked the walls, it was LEPERS, the lowest and most despised, who made the venture that lifted the siege. In these dark, desperate days when prominent Christians wear sackcloth in despair, some humble soul may get ahead of us all by daring to DISCOVER what the rest of us only DEBATE. King Jehoram may have plotted ways and means of defeating the Syrians but four lepers simply marched into the enemy’s camp and found them ALREADY DE­ FEATED ! Samaria was already delivered but no­ body knew it! The camp was there but “nobody home.” It is about time that Christians and churches discovered, while we crouch behind our barricades, that Satan was defeated long ago, the victory was won and the spoils are ours. These four lepers had one o f the few committee meetings that ever amounted to anything. It began with a question that should be framed and hung in every church committee room: WHY SIT WE HERE UNTIL WE DIE ? God’s greatest blessings are for desperate souls who have reached that hu­ man extremity which is God’s opportunity. There is a twilight hour when, like the lepers, we sit with despair around us and the only way out is straight ahead into what may look like the jaws o f death. But out o f that zero hour many a soul has risen asking “Why sit I here until I die?” and has plunged forward to find that God has gone ahead and scattered the enemy.

by Dr. Vance Havner

T h e s ie g e o f S a m a r i a was on. Before the city stood the hosts of Syria. Within the city was slow starvation. Food .was so scarce that fabulous prices were paid for the head of a donkey, as poor a piece of meat as could be imagined. King Jehoram walked the city walls wearing his royal robes without but with sackcloth next to his flesh. It is a perfect picture of our world today. We live in a spiritual siege of Samaria. The hosts of evil encamp around us. Most Christians live on the defensive like the Confederates at Petersburg as if ours were a lost cause. We call ours an affluent society but actually we are sick from spiritual mal­ nutrition and moral anemia, dying in slow starva­ tion from a famine o f food for the soul. More than one Jehoram walks the walls wearing the robes of a religious profession without and the sackcloth of a disappointing experience within. We never had more and we never had less! But there was one man in Samaria who was in touch with God, Elisha the prophet. When the angry King threatened to kill him, he sat quietly in his house and predicted that by tomorrow there would be plenty of food for everybody. Nothing could have seemed more ridiculous or impossible when women had turned cannibal and were eating their own children. The King’s right-hand man



Is not this the way God has worked in the past? Abraham in the extremity of old age staggering not at the promise of God; Jacob alone at Jabbok; Israel at the Red Sea with water before them, Egypt behind them and God above; Gideon with his three hundred; David facing Goliath with sling and stone; Paul with his thorn in the flesh but shipwrecked on God, . . . all of these were like lepers in the gate of Samaria. Those who got the greatest blessings from our Lord were desperate: the poor sick woman who pressed through the crowd to touch the hem of His garment; the paralytic whose four friends—an­ other desperate foursome—let him down through a roof into the Saviour’s presence; Zacchaeus climb­ ing the sycamore and Bartimaeus stopping traffic; the Syrophenician woman who woudn’t go home without an answer; and the parables: the woman pleading with the judge and the man pleading with a friend at midnight for bread—all of these, like the lepers of Samaria, are a study in holy despera­ tion. There is one exception, the rich young ruler. He was a better character than Zacchaeus or the Syrophenician but they got their blessing while he missed his. HE WAS NOT DESPERATE. He had not reached that extremity where he would bum his bridges and sell out to Jesus Christ. Money was his crutch and he limped away on it. He was no leper in the gate o f Samaria! “Let our debts be what they may, however great or small, As soon as we have naught to pay our Lord for­ gives us all; ’Tis perfect poverty alone that sets the soul at large, While we can call one mite our own we have no full discharge.” The prodigal never starts home until he realizes that he is perishing and comes to himself.

the time nor the ability to argue but who MUST do or die. Too many o f us beggars are sitting around discussing existentialism, the new morality and the latest theological fads. We have bigger business than that! The victory has been won, the enemy has been defeated and we need to possess our possessions. Much of what I hear in church conventions and read in religious papers sounds like Jehoram in sackcloth or like Jehoram’s cour­ tier saying, “ If the Lord would make windows in heaven, might this thing be?” The church needs to say two things: First, WHY SIT WE HERE UNTIL WE DIE? We need to come to, snap out of our stupor and get going. Then, when we begin to possess what God has provided we need to say like these lepers when they found more spoil than they could handle, “WE DO NOT WELL: THIS IS A DAY OF GOOD TID­ INGS, AND WE HOLD OUR PEACE.” We must not only POSSESS, we must SHARE. There is no worse selfishness than the kind of Christianity that enjoys the riches of grace and never shares them with the neighbor across the street or across the sea. We eat our cake on Sunday morning in our comfortable churches and throw a few crumbs to a lost world that lies like Lazarus at Dives’ table. If we do not share the Gospel, we are not rivers o f living water but stagnant pools. Shame on us that in a day of good tidings we hold our peace! How about you? Are you sitting in the gate of Samaria? What will you do about it? Will you spend the rest of your days at this poor dying rate? Will you listen to the cynic’s “ If God should make windows in heaven, might this thing be?” or will you hear God: “ Prove me now if I will not open you the windows of heaven” ? Will you not say, “ I will take God at His word. I will walk by faith and see what happens.” Feelings may frighten me, circumstances may scare me, friends may discour­ age me, timid Christians may shake their heads, but I have set my face like a flint and I know that I shall not be ashamed.” I never tire o f reading or telling the story of J. C. Penney, head o f the great mercantile firm that bears his name. At 56, he had lost millions and was bankrupt. He had a nervous breakdown and shingles and thought he would soon die. Lying in a sanatorium one morning, he heard singing in the hall. Some of the patients were holding a prayer-meeting in a parlor and they were singing, “ Be not dismayed, whate’er betide, God will take care o f you.” He shuffled down to join them, gave himself up completely to God. Gradually his disease and his depression lifted, he became strong and healthy, re-established his business and became a great Christian layman witnessing all over the country to the goodness of God. And all because “ in the gate of Samaria” he came to that momentous question, “WHY SIT WE HERE UNTIL WE DIE” ! |J b ] 13

" I can but peritth it I go; I am resolved to try, For if I stay away I huow I must forever die."

The church has no business living in a state of siege, on the defensive, when we ought to be in­ vading the enemy’s territory. WHY SIT WE HERE UNTIL WE DIE? We pride ourselves on defending the faith; God is looking for somebody who will demonstrate the faith. Too many Jeho- rams are walking the walls deploring the times. We expound the truth but we do not experience it. We need some lepers in the gate who have neither FEBRUARY, 1969

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