American Business Brokers - February 2023

A Meditation on Movement

THE BENEFITS OF TAI CHI FOR SENIORS Known for its slow, gentle, and simple movements, tai chi is exploding in popularity among adults over 65. Studies have shown significant benefits for all ages, but its accessibility and low impact have made it the martial art of choice among people of retirement age. As a form of exercise, it positively impacts participants’ physical and mental health.

Through its use of soft, deliberate movements, tai chi helps many people restore their physical stability and prevent falls in their golden years. And unlike many high-intensity exercises that encourage participants to work through pain to meet goals, tai chi discourages pushing oneself to the limit and encourages people to modify movements to meet their capabilities. The health benefits of tai chi are impressive, and research indicates that tai chi can reduce a person’s fall risk by up to 50%. A great deal of evidence also suggests that tai chi can help with arthritis and back pain. Like other exercises, tai chi helps promote weight loss and better sleep, increases overall wellness, and can even improve memory. For those who want to try tai chi for themselves, it’s best to seek a professional before you begin practicing. Look for classes in your area (many senior centers offer them). You’ll receive support, coaching, and company while doing your health a favor!


I was talking with a friend and past client whose stores we had just sold, and I was following up on how he was doing since he didn’t have the daily headache of worrying himself to death about whether the employees were going to show up for work or not. During the conversation, he told me about a customer who had stopped by his store (prior to selling), asking for a certain chewing tobacco my friend’s store did not carry. The customer told

product because if that were to happen, his store would thereby be considered an inconvenient convenience store.

As silly as this example may sound, it was really profound as to why my friend had been so successful in the operations of his stores. He knew and believed with his whole heart he was in the convenience store business. Yes, the convenience store business is not just telling the customer to buy what we have on the shelf. Convenience stores are called convenience stores for a reason, and they are meant to have the items their local marketplace is looking to purchase. If we don’t have what our customers are looking for, we wouldn’t be providing a true convenience store, and the customers will go elsewhere. A true convenience store knows its marketplace and the demographics surrounding its store. They don’t just do a study one time of the marketplace, set their store merchandise, and forget about it. No, they are constantly checking who their customers are and what they want.

my friend it was okay the store didn’t have the chewing tobacco he wanted, and he would buy something else. My friend told the customer there was no way he was going to let him buy a secondary




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