India Parent Magazine June 2019

The Music Place is all about making the music learning journey FUN!

Whereas the focus of most schools is to educate, ours is to inspire. Really! This is not just a cliché at he Music Place. It is our unique approach. How do we do it? Everyone knows that excellence requires hard work, but who knows how to get kids to work hard? We do! Our “Three steps toward excellence” philosophy underscores everything we do and boils down to 3-phases of learning: 1) Start with FUN, which leads to... We clearly define an educational philosophy that starts with fun !

We keep the fun going in the sum- mer too! In addition to 25-30 deeply

begin on one of the 5-step music learn- ing journey

We work with everyone of all abili- ties or disabilities! Not only do we welcome all cul- tures and religions, if your student happens to have special needs, we are proud to help! Free assessments help guide families toward special needs coaches who help kids learn music OR Board Certified music therapists whose more specialized care is often covered by insurance! We find the right teachers for the right place in the journey. Teachers are evaluated individual- ly and recommended accordingly. Although most teachers have a B.A. or higher, the more important issue at The Music Place is “Can this teacher engage the students in a positive stim- ulating way?” “Are they a phase 1, 2 or 3 teacher?” Remember! The goal is to make learning fun! Lessons when and where you want & Online Registration? We want it to be fun for you too! With dozens of locations (Gilroy to Sunnyvale) and 50 teachers, we help coordinate siblings together. Whichever is more fun! The major- ity of lessons at the Music Place are private (1-1), however small group music or dance classes are available from ages 6 months and average about 5-6 students. Try one free! Group or private lesson?

discounted music & dance camps, our favorite promotion during the summer is the discounted CLASS PASS. This allows a child or family to attend an unlimited number of group music or dance classes! The Music Place staff is committed to making music learning a wonderful part of growing up by approaching it without the intensity that pressures kids to do more than they are develop- mentally ready to do. If a child leaves a class and says “music is boring or too hard” then we have failed. When they leave with a greater love ignited in their hearts, then we have accom- plished our goal by giving them the keys to a lifetime of musical enjoy- ment.

2) Getting drawn into Hard Work, which leads to progress which leads to... 3) Growing passion and Excellence, which leads to a life time of enjoyment. Parents are encouraged to bring students to a fun (free!) individualized assessment where an Educational Specialist plays some games to help identify their learning style, musical aptitudes and readiness for instrumen- tal instruction. Parents then receive expert and individualized guidance regarding where their child might best We individualize the approach!

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