Behavioural changes to be affected in the leadership team have never been easy. More so because of

the preconditioning that has occurred over the years. Through behavioural coaching and a sustained

effort, however, the coachees have been able to make and demonstrate the desired behavioral changes

in themselves and in turn affected the desirable change in the behaviours of their teams as well.

Through these behavioural changes the team starts identifying the leader as a role model and the

leader in turn starts becoming a coach for his/her team.

Certain behavioural changes that are needed in a coachee are identified through an elaborate process

consisting of a perception report and the behavioural interview. The behavioural changes identified

for every coachee individually, enable the Coach to setup the behavioural goals individually and

further help the coachee to align these behavioural goals to business goals.

Coach’s responsibility: As your Coach I will:

 Guide you to set monthly behavioural goals and action a plan to accomplish them.

 Plan and setup the calendar of one-on-one coaching and focused group discussions.

 Return your communication (email or phone call) within twenty four (24) hours. (unless an

advanced notice is given about my being unavailable during a specified period).

 Constantly help you in aligning your behavioural goals with the business goals.

 Continually support and encourage you for reinforcement of your learnings.

 Work as a driver to drive you at times when needed to keep the momentum going.

 For the effective implementation of your plan I will provide to you the necessary resources.

 I continually received feedback from you as well and act as a positive role model while doing so

 As a Coach I will fulfil all the reconciled expectations.

Coachee’s responsibilities: To become a more effective leader I will:

 Identify 1-2 behaviour(s) as my behavioural goals which I am committed to improve.

 Share my behavioral goals with my stakeholders and ask them to continually monitor and

evaluate me on these behaviours from this date onwards.

 Seek feedback from all my stakeholders once a month during this entire period of the coaching


 Request each stakeholder for a feedforward every month and note down their suggestions


 Unquestioningly, I will thank each one of my stakeholders for the feedback they would give me

from time to tome

 Promptly share with my Coach all the feedback and feedforward received by me.

 Persistently, practice the new behaviours though, I understand that it is going to be a hugely


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