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We like to start our

1829 Stephenson’s Rocket sets record speed

1994 Opening of Channel Tunnel

1930’s Electric trains became popular

session with an overview

1603 1 st British railway “Wagonways”

1883 Orient Express

Here’s one “All About Trains”

1913 Opening of Grand Central Terminal

1863 First underground railway- London

1804 First steam train

1964 Bullet trains- Japan

Have we missed any of your special trains?

City Breaks

A variety of music links each session

Here’s a few from “City Breaks”.

Do you know who sang these songs?

Wish you were here

Each session we enjoy chatting

Silly holiday stories was one topic on “Wish you were here”

Sure you have one, which story would you tell us!

Born in the USA

Every Session includes a quiz

1 in 8 people live here

It’s the birthplace of the internet!

Which US state is this?

Sailing and The Sea

A variety of music links each session

Here’s a few from “Sailing and the Sea”.

Do you know who sang these songs?

On The Road Again

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Each session we enjoy sharing stories

Exciting car journeys was one topic ”On the Road Again”

Which exciting journey would you share with us!

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