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S V M M E R BIBLE CON F ER ENC E Pacific Palisades Assembly Grounds Near Santa Monica, Calif., Aug. 10 to Sept. 2, 1935 August 10 to 16— L ife Problems August 17 to 23— Prophecy August 24 to September 2— Young People

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John E. Brown

H. C. Thiessen


A choice group of preachers and teachers will bring stirring addresses daily. Among those who are expected to lead these meetings are: Dr. Henry C. Thiessen, Rev. Roy L. Laurin, Rev. John E. Brown, Dr. Louis T. Talbot, Dr. John A. Hubbard, Dr. E. L. McCreery, Rev. James A. Vaus, Rev. James H. Hutchens, Rev. Ford L. Canfield, and Roy Creighton. C A L E N D A R August 10 to 17—Rev. Roy L. Laurin, Pastor, Union Church, San Gabriel, California, will be heard in a series of powerful evangelistic subjects. August 18 to 24—Dr. Henry C. Thiessen, Associate Pro­ fessor of Bible and Philosophy, of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, will speak on “The Living Messages of the Books of the Bible.” August 25 to Sept. 2—Rev. John E. Brown, Evangelist and Founder of the John Brown Schools, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, will bring evangelistic messages daily in the closing days of the conference. Music will be under the direction of Dr. Herbert G. Tovey, Director of Music of the Church of the Open Door and Bible Institute of Los Angeles. SPECIAL DAYS Premillennial Association Day— Monday, August 19— Rev. James Henry Hutchens, President, Pastor of the Lake Avenue Congregational Church, Pasadena, California. Jewish Missions Day — Tuesday, August 27— under the direction of Rev. James A. Vaus, director of the Jewish Department of Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Special Sunday afternoon meetings will be arranged on each Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Children's Special Service Mission, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Hooker, offers a complete program for children, mornings and afternoons as scheduled in another column. 7:00- 8:00— Breakfast. 8:00- 8:30— Quiet Devotional Period. 8:45- 9:45— Missionary Hour in Library Building, under the direction of Rev. George Jackson. 10:30-11:30— Bible Study Hour, Main Auditorium. 12:00- 1:30— Luncheon. The entire afternoon is left for recreation or attendance on the interest­ ing meetings of the Children's Special Service Mission which are held on the private beach. HOURLY SCHEDULE

6:30— Dinner. 7:15— Victory Circle for young people, led by Mr. Elmer Olson in the open air auditorium— a place for good fellowship and splendid music. 9:00— Evening Auditorium Meeting. A series of strong evangelistic services is scheduled at which important speakers will appear. SPECIAL SUNDAY PROGRAMS

9:30— Bible School in the Auditorium. I 1:00— Preaching Service in the Auditorium. 2:30— Preaching Service in the Auditorium. 7:30— Evangelistic Service in the Auditorium. Program for Children's Special Service Mission Work Morning Session— 10:00 to 11:40 (Camp Grounds)

Louis T. Talbot

10:00-10:30— Worship Period. 10:30-11:00— Class Period, according to ages. I 1:00-l I :IQ— Rest Period. I 1:10-1 1:40— Special Features. Closing Prayer Song.

Afternoon Session— 2:00 to 3:00 (On Beach)

Different Program each day. The beach sessions are held on the sand where Temescal Canyon meets the Pacific Ocean. The hike down the canyon is one of the most inter­ esting features of assembly life. TRANSPORTATION Pacific Palisades is ,located on beautiful Santa Monica Bay, within twenty miles of the center of metropolitan Los Angeles, and is easily accessible via Sunset Boulevard. Splendid transportation is afforded to Los Angeles and intermediate points via the big de luxe motor coaches of the Pacific Electric Railway on Sunset Boulevard which traverses Pacific Palisades. Local busses also operate between Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica, connecting with busses and interurban trains to downtown Los Angeles. Castellamare Bus leaves Pershing Square, Los Angeles, on frequent schedule, direct to Assembly Grounds. Roosevelt Highway passes directly in front of grounds. ACCOMMODATIONS Casitas and tent houses offer comfortable housing. For a family of two a 10-day vacation in one of the floored tents, including light, water, gas, blankets, linen and housekeeping equipment, requires an outlay of only $11.50. For one person the rate in tents is $1.50 per day, or $7.00 for the week. Information regarding accommodations and program will gladly be sent upon request. Bible Institute of Los Angeles 5 5 8 S o u t h H o p e S t r e e t Los Angeles, Calif. Joint Committee of Arrangements of Bible Institute of Los Angeles and Church of the Open Door: William G. Nyman, Chairman; Louis T. Talbot, E. L. McCreery, R. G. Brown, A. K. Friesen, H. C. Hunt, Elmer W. Olson, James A. Vaus, O. Howard Lucy, and H. S. Risley.

BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES 558 South Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. Dear Friends: Please send full information about the First Sum­ mer Bible Conference held under the auspices of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles.

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