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“Back Pain Will Not Slow You Down This Summer! ” 5 KEYS TO A HEALTHY SPINE

1. Watch your sitting Sitting is the position that puts the most pressure on the low back. It is important to break up your sitting time throughout the day and take frequent breaks. Work in standing or walking tasks at various times throughout the day, limiting your sitting to about 30 minutes at a time. (continued inside)

Inside: • Finding The Source To Pain Caused By The Spine

• Outstanding Patient Results

• Staff Spotlight

• Kinect To Communities

Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


“GainMore Productivity WithAHealthier Spine.” 5 KEYS TO A HEALTHY SPINE

2. Protect your spine with better posture How you sit, stand, stretch and lift all play a role in the pressures on your spine. We all know to bend with our knees, not our back when lifting, but do you really do it? Really bend down deep with your knees to pick up objects off low shelves, such as in the refrigerator or shoes off the floor. When standing, walking and sitting, imagine a string pulling you up through the top of your head. This brings your neck, shoulders and back into better alignment. 3. Tighten your core muscles Your core muscles are made up of your abdominal muscles, spinal muscles and pelvic / hip muscles. It is very common for these muscles to become weak with prolonged sitting, before/after pregnancy, after surgeries or injuries. Strengthening your abdominal and hip muscles can go a long way to providing the necessary muscle support to your spine. Speak with one of our experts on what exercises are right for you. 4. Improve your nutrition Your body is a machine and it needs the right fuel to run. Since you use your body all day long, it needs to rebuild itself constantly. The ligaments, tendons, muscles and discs in your spine need the right nutrition to stay healthy. Make sure to eat dark green leafy vegetables, lean protein and stay hydrated. Avoid smoking and fried foods, which actually harm your tissues and make pain more prevalent. 5. Get your spine moving Your body was made to move, especially your spine. It is common for areas of your spine to tighten up, placing too much strain on other areas. These areas, then become irritated and painful. Restore the flexibility in your spine with gentle, specialized hands on therapy as well as specific exercises. Participate in Yoga and Pilates to improve your stability, strength and spinal balance. “If you hurt your low back, starting PT within the first 14 days can save you (on average) $2,700. ” Make your back as healthy as it can be this year by investing in it. Physical therapy is the right solution to improving your spinal health and saying goodbye to that aching neck or back. Prevent future pain by seeing one of our specialists today. Call us to speak with one of our experts.

Look inside to learn more about our programs and say hello to a healthier you by returning to a pain-free, active lifestyle!

Outstanding Patient Results

Staff Spotlight

GIOVANNI LEONE PTA QUALIFICATIONS DIRECTOR Giovanni graduated from Gateway Community College in 2012 where he earned his Associate’s degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. He has also earned his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Health Administration, and has the goal of attending Physical Therapy school in the future to receive his DPT degree. Giovanni enjoys working in an outpatient orthopedic setting because of the variety of patient

I can fully use my left knee!

“I can fully use my left knee, includingswingingagolfclub. Ican also move and use my left arthritic hip with a lot less pain.” - Scott T.

“Now I can get out of bed without having to roll out. I can look to the right and my headaches are almost gone. I have more feeling in my hand and arm.” - Brenda G. I have more feeling in my hand and arm!

population and diagnoses he encounters on a daily basis, as well as the opportunity to be creative with his treatments. Giovanni pursues new continuing education courses to develop his manual therapy skills to better serve his patients in the clinic with new up to date evidence based treatments. On a personal note, Giovanni is originally from Los Angeles, California, and enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends with activities including going to the movies, traveling, and playing various sports including basketball or football.

Kinect To Communities

Our Kinect family kinected to the community by volunteering at the Maricopa Animal Care Shelter. At Kinect Physical Therapy we know how important daily exercise is. Not only is it important for us humans but our furry friends need daily exercise too. Thanks to our very own Katie Rapkoch, PTA in Chandler whom has been a long time volunteer at the shelter we were all inspired to help out. Our Kinect family volunteered to walk dogs at the Maricopa Animal Care Shelter. We all had a great time playing with the dogs and the staff at the shelter were great to work with. Each years thousands of dogs and cats make their way to MC Animal Care Shelters. Consider adopting a shelter pet – you never know what you’ll find!

Finding The Source To Pain Caused By The Spine

Most of us will experience back or neck pain at some point in our lives. It is the price we pay for walking on two legs. If you suffer from the occasional ache or have chronic low back or neck pain, the goal is to relieve the pain, without the need for surgery. In fact, recent studies point to the fact that patients who underwent a common fusion procedure for the spine, were more likely to have a second surgery within 2 years*. The best way to avoid the need for spine surgery, is to improve the health of your spine, and physical therapy plays a key role in making that happen. WHY DOES YOUR NECK OR BACK HURT? One thing to understand about neck and back pain is that it is mechanical. Just like a car can have problems with moving parts, so can your spine. The daily barrage of strain on our backs with sitting, lifting improperly and poor nutrition can wreck havoc on our spines.

Most spine pain comes from the following 4 trouble areas: 1. Poor posture and alignment 2. Lack of knowledge on how to bend, lift, sit, sleep 3. Lack of muscle strength 4. Poor flexibility and muscle coordination

The good news, is that your body is adaptable and you can always improve what you have. With the right treatment and training, your back or neck can usually make a full recovery. Physical therapists are the mechanics of the body, and coming to a physical therapist first can often avoid expensive testing or medical procedures.

Kinect PT Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Spine, Naturally! *AnandVeeravagu,TylerCole,BowenJiang,JohnK.RatliffTheSpineJournal,Vol.14, Issue 7, p1125–1131 Published online: October 14 2013

Why You Need To Come In For A FREE Check-Up: � Move without pain Think Kinect FIRST: Giving The Gift Of Health

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REVEALED: HERNIATED DISCS ARE A TOP CAUSE OF LOWER BACK PAIN The Top 3 Causes of Lower Back Pain are: 1. Arthritis, Stenosis, Disc Degeneration 2. Herniated Disc 3. Sciatica Here, we’re going to focus on a Herniated Disc… Herniated Disc The progression of a disc problem from good to bad is as follows:

• Healthy disc • Bulging disc • Herniated disc • Ruptured disc So What Is It?

As a disc bulges, herniates and ruptures, it puts an increasing amount of pressure on the nerves in the spine. This leads to pain and can eventually cause numbness, tingling and pain down into the legs. This is commonly called “SCIATICA” (pronounced SI-ATTIC-A) or a pinched nerve. How It Works. There is a space between the bones in your back. In this space there is a disc. The disc acts as a shock absorber to help with forces in your spine. The disc is surrounded by a gel like substance. This is held together by a wall of fibers. Sometimes the fibers can break down and allow some of the disc and gel to push out and put pressure on the nerves in the lower back. Common Symptoms. Most people suffering from lower back pain and sciatica from a herniated disc have pain bending forward, lifting, coughing, twisting and sitting. The pain is usually relieved with bending backwards or standing. Can you heal a herniated disc? MRIs. If you took an MRI of 100 people without pain, how many would have a herniated disc or other disc problem? The answer may surprise you…it’s 80.

Some people have suffered fromsevere back pain and sciatica AND had a positive MRI for a herniated disc. Several were experiencing weakness in their legs. One specific instance involved a man in his thirties who had foot drop (he could not pull his foot up). He had a herniated disc on an MRI. After 4 weeks of PT, he regained the strength in his leg and was able to run 3 miles without problems. Did he go back and get another MRI to see if the disc had healed? Of course not! It is doubtful that insurance companies want to pay for an MRI on a person who is now healthy and healed. If you are experiencing a herniated disc, low back pain or sciatica, contact the clinic near you to gain pain relief!

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“Start An Active Lifestyle By Relieving Back Pain! ” TOP 3 EXERCISES FOR A HERNIATED DISC

QUADRUPED ALTERNATIVE ARM & LEG Quadruped opposite arm and leg lifts primarily target the erector spinae muscles, which run along your spine and are responsible for extending your torso. Quadruped opposite arm and leg lifts are beneficial for those looking to develop strength in their lower back to reduce their risk of injury due to muscular weakness. It’s also included in physical therapy programs of those recovering from spinal stenosis and sciatica. A common training volume assigned by therapists for strengthening is to perform three sets of 10 repetitions on each side. How it’s done: While in a crawling position, slowly draw your leg and opposite arm upwards. Your arm and leg should be straight and fully out-stretched. Hold for 30 seconds. Alternate legs and repeat 5 times. LOWER TRUNK ROTATIONS To prevent back injury and keep your lower back muscles flexible, put a new twist into your stretching routine. This loosens up the muscles and takes away tension around the spinal column, hamstrings and glutes, making them stronger and more flexible. How it’s done: Lying on your back with your knees bent, gently rock your knees side-to-side. Perform this 10-15 times in each direction. WALL HAMSTRING STRETCH This stretch is ideal for those with limited mobility or exceptionally tight hamstrings. How it’s done: Lie on the floor near the corner of a wall or a door jam. Leaving one leg straight on the ground, place the other against the wall, bent at the knee. Slowly straighten the leg against the wall while keeping your hips on the floor. Hold your leg stretched against the wall for about 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 3 times for each leg.


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