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Important Information

Physical therapy may cost you nothing through the end of the year! As we move into the final months of the year, many people have met most or all of their deductible. This means that you may only owe a co-pay or co-insurance (if you have one) for your physical therapy visits until the end of the year. Cash in on this period of high coverage by getting yourself into physical therapy now and use your visits before the end of the year. Call your insurance company to check on your coverage, then call us to get scheduled!

A Letter From The Clinic

We here at RFPT work hard to ensure we are giving you the most accurate information about your insurance coverage, but we also stress to our patients that you should also understand the benefits for which you are paying. Before starting treatment here or at another medical practice, we suggest you give your insurance company a call and ask if you’re covered for such treatment, if the facility is contracted with them, and what your benefit limits are. These include co- pays, deductibles, and visit limits. We understand insurance companies can be difficult, especially when they place you on hold for a seemingly endless amount of time. But we care about you and don’t want there to be any surprises during your time with us or anywhere else. So make sure to give your insurance company a call beforehand and we will continue to strive to provide to you the most up to date information. Nick Office Manager

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