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May 2019

Building Relationships and Finding Solutions for Real People

When I first started Landmark Tax Group, I told my wife

confidence in me at the time and as I moved throughout the early years of my practice.

Hanna that I was going to break into a celebratory dance when I landed my first client. True to my word, promptly after hanging up the first call with my first client, I got up from my desk, closed the door to my office, and proceeded to dance. Even in this stressful industry, you have to find ways to have a little fun on a daily basis. Plus, my work with this first client was more significant than just signaling the official start of my back-tax resolution business. When I worked for the IRS, I actually collaborated with what would end up being my very first client, “John”, and his tax representative for about a year to find a compromise that was fair to both him and the U.S. government. Then in 2012, after eight years with the IRS, I began Landmark Tax Group and put the word out that I had changed sides of the table, so to speak. I reached out to the tax representatives and professionals I had worked with while at the IRS, including John’s representative. The representative and I had developed a good rapport over the years I spent working with him on a variety of taxpayers’ cases while I was at the IRS. He, and many other tax representatives, were very receptive to my switch. That same spring, I received a call from John, who had been recommended to me by his representative. He was facing an issue separate from the case I worked on previously, but I was encouraged to know that we had developed the kind of relationship that made him trust me once again with a distressing tax problem. John had such a positive experience with me as an IRS agent that when the time came to find a professional to help him resolve another IRS issue, he was insisting to work with me again. This instilled a lot of

The biggest thing I learned from that phone call, and subsequently helping John’s tax debt get cut in half, is that there is power in relationships, even when it comes to taxes. I’ve since had other taxpayers I knew from my time with the IRS express their gratitude, and after resolving thousands of cases, it’s always heartening to hear that I’ve helped someone. This feedback makes me proud to continue the work I do every day at Landmark Tax Group. Whenever anyone deals with the IRS, they are terrified, and they often get to the point where they procrastinate finding a solution because they are too scared to act. Even as an IRS agent, I always tried to put myself in the taxpayer’s shoes to develop some level of understanding of the overwhelming situation they were in. The only real difference between working for the IRS and running Landmark Tax Group is that, for eight years at the IRS, my client was the federal government. Even when I was able to find that understanding with taxpayers and their tax representatives, I still had to make sure I was doing right by the IRS. But as a tax resolution expert with my own firm, my focus is solely on the taxpayer I’m helping. I can pull from my eight years with the IRS to educate clients about the tax code and how the IRS works, but at the end of the day, my main focus is on their well-being. I’m just glad to say that from the outset of my business venture, John saw that dedication in me and gave me an opportunity to break into my very first happy dance. Fortunately, there have been many happy dances since.

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–Michael Raanan, MBA, EA, Former IRS Agent


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