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April 2020

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The Ultimate Adventure

How to Love Reading

Text From a young age, I have loved to read. It wasn’t anything my parents had to push me toward; reading just came naturally for me. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of when my parents would take me out to get a new book. I loved “The Baby- Sitters Club” and “Little House on the Prairie” series and everything by Beverly Cleary. I loved opening a book and going on an adventure. That’s something I want to instill in my sons. It can be a struggle for younger kids, especially little boys, to sit still and read. I’ve been working with my oldest, Duncan, on his reading. Duncan is a very active kid, and books are competing against TV and video games. Recently I told Duncan that when I was a kid, we only had one channel on TV, and it didn’t always play cartoons. This news was very shocking to him. I went on to explain that when I was a little girl, reading a book was like getting to go on an adventure and explore someplace I never would have gotten to go otherwise. When it comes to getting kids to read, it’s important to find books that they’re going to love. I’ve tried to read a few of the books I enjoyed as a kid to Duncan, but it’s clear that he has very different interests. Luckily, there are so many kids’ books to choose from these days. Duncan loves zombies, so we found an age-appropriate series for him to read called “The Last Kids on Earth,” which is about a group of kids fighting through a zombie apocalypse. He really enjoyed those books. Right now Duncan is reading the “Ben Braver” books, a series about a boy who goes to a school for kids with superpowers. Logan, my youngest, is in first grade. He’s just learning how to read, and I want to get him into reading, too. My husband and I get Duncan and Logan to read to us a few nights a week, and we try to make time to read to them before bed as well. Right now we’re reading a condensed version of Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild.” Sharing stories as a family is a really great way

to build those reading habits and show that books can be fun. As I’ve been helping my sons learn to love books, I’ve rediscovered my love of reading. My reading habit really dropped off when I got into college. I had to study so much that whenever I tried to read a book for fun, I felt guilty, and my conscience would say, “Well, if you have time to read a book, then you have time to study.” But reading is such a good outlet to relax and relieve stress. My husband and I have both gotten back into reading recently. We like to read spiritual books, self-help books, and fiction books that are just for fun. One of the best books I read recently was “Get Your Life Back: Everyday Practices for a World Gone Mad” by John Eldredge. It’s a great book about getting less caught up in technological distractions and being more involved with things that are real and tangible. Meanwhile, one of my favorite books is Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” This is a book I love to revisit every few years because it’s just so good. There’s so much science behind why reading is so good for you. I’ve heard that it helps improve vocabulary, concentration, and problem-solving. Plus, when children love reading, it unleashes their ability to go so much further in life. If you can read well, you can study, figure out how to put things together, and seek out opportunities to really grow in life. Reading opens so many doors. Most importantly, it’s just fun. Reading is an adventure that can never be replaced by video games or YouTube. –Dr. Valerie Sperry Sabal General Dentistry • 361-729-1333 • 1

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