Farmingdale PT West: Helping Aches and Pains

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By Lauren Fucci

My name is Lauren Fucci and I’m a cheerleader at Mepham High School where I am a base on the varsity cheerleading team. I have been cheering for the past 5 years with my team where I have accomplished regional championships 2 years in a row and 17th in our division at nationals in Florida. About 2 years ago I became a patient at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West when I obtained an injury to my neck. One of my teammates fell on me and caused me to have a concussion, herniated discs and a pinched nerve. This injury held me back from improving my basing skills and performing at nationals during my first year on varsity. Many peers, teammates and coaches doubted I’d be able to come back from this injury. Thanks to my Physical Therapists at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West for helping me strengthen myself and return to my team. I was able to move on and cheer in college. Without their intelligence and dedication for my well- being, I would have never been able to continue my cheering journey.

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