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From Comfort, to Cost, to Safety

wonders to keep a roof from getting too warm, which prevents the thaw/freeze cycle that can lead to serious damage from newly formed ice. In warmer climates, the effects can be just as dramatic. While leaking from ice dams can cause mold to form in hard-to-reach places, mold can also come from excess condensation on your air ducts during the warmer months. Better venting means more moisture being expertly removed from the home to keep these problems from starting. Not only will you avoid costly and time- consuming mold removal, but the cooling costs will dramatically decrease because vents will not be working as hard to fill the entire house with cool air.

Spring is here, or at least around the corner. Spring is always a great time of the year and a perfect time to talk about ventilation. When it comes to roof ventilation, there are several different schools of thought. While some claim it’s only important in warmer climates, others say your house is only properly and wholly ventilated once you’ve installed

Whether it’s a matter of comfort, cost, or safety, there are many reasons to take the time to do a ventilation job right. If you needed another reason to give your ventilation practices a second look, proper venting also extends the life of the roof as it reduces exposure to the elements. This simple system of intake and exhaust can have a major effect on

a few vents in your gables, regardless of climate. Because of this disagreement, the importance of proper ventilation can get lost. You must consider your venting system’s design and how it is constructed to fit the structure at hand. Ignoring these pillars of proper roof ventilation can quickly escalate into inconvenient and costly damages to the structure. The importance of roof ventilation systems varies by climate. Your main concern in colder climates should be the prevention of ice dams. Any experienced contractor will have seen the damage an ice dam can do to a roof and home. The dramatic effects of leaking can leave both your structural integrity and your wallet in a real lurch. Taking the time to plan out and execute a proper installation job will protect you from ice dams. Proper ventilation does

homeowners, whether they realize it or not, and they’ll surely thank you later for taking the time to do the job right. Here at Central Michigan Roofing, we offer the full line of Snap-Z Standing Seam Ridge Vents. For more information, give us a call.

– Emanuel Herschberger

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